Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 14)

Whaz up my guys sarah here so yeah today’s ep will be a little good you know like sahil will be together in this ep. See how?. Ok yeah sit relax and enjoy.

Lets get started….. Location:Ahil’s mansion.
Seher:sanam thats what happened and you did not told me?
Sanam:i told you that cries i was forced and ahil is my jaan. Sad junoon. Seher: and that shaad thing was the part too!? Sanam:yes bgst told me too do it. But shukar allah shaad is a good person? He refused to marry me. Seher:ok. Sanam: i can’t ahil was with another girl jillat jin. Seherlaughs funny tune. She explains everything. Sanam: what ahil loved me that much . Sher:you know that if a person is very far from his love mate he comes more closer everyday. Snam: in sha allah everything will be ok. Main tune plays. Snam: allah will show tanveer one day. Sher: yes. Scene:2 outside the house. Nusz ok ahil bhai iam done and pls call me whenever you need me. Ahil:arey thanks you helped me my sis. Ahil hugs her. Ahil:allah tum hai tumhari sari khusiya dain. Nusz :thanks ahil bhai she leaves. On her way some goons chase her and starts to annoy her. Goon1 he picks her hand. Goon:2 where are you going. From behind a hand on goon 1’s shoulder. He beats the hell out of them. Its shabaz. Shabaz hugs nusz. Guys iam using hua hai aj pehli bar from sanam re music as tune for navi you guys pls suggest me. Nusz blushes. He breaks the hug. Shabaz:you are stupid. Funnytune. Nusz:what. Shabaz:yes madam look at your clothing everyone is gonna tease you if you wear clothes like these. Nusz:exuse me mr ahdab. Shabaz:shahbaz. Nusz: i don’t care if you are shabaz or haddi main kabab funnytune plays. Shabaz:exuse me. Nusz:what mr kabab. Shabaz:shabaz!??? funnytune. Nusz:i don’t care why did you saved me when you don’t have manners to talk to a girl. Shabaz:bcz i thought. Nusz:what thought that you will save me and become my hero 3x nusz relises what she said.hua hai aj plays. Shabaz:exuse me i don’t think that you think that it was my responsibility to save a girl. Nusz:you know what just leave it let me go. Shabaz:so who stop you go.funny tune+quarreltune plays. Nusz:yes ima leaving. Shabaz:wait i’ll drop you. Nusz:whatever . Scene:3 sehaan leaves snam:bye seher bye rehaan. Sehaan:bye. Sher hugs sanam.whenever you’ll need me i’ll be there.always.sanam and seher tune plays. Sehaan leaves. Ahil comes inside the house. He seees snam. Standing.sad junoon plays. Sudenly the whole electricity of ahil’s mansion is gone. Snam screams and hugs ahil out of fear. Junoon plays.ahil was taken back.sanm: thinks what is happening the load shetting sudenly?! I think its bgst’s plan i’d better be with ahil. Ahil:its ok sanam. Snam:pls don’t. Sanam don’t want to break the hug.junoon plays.. Ahil:sanam. Sanam:hmmm ahil:sanam. Sanam was so relaxed in ahils arms. Sanam:what. Ahil: cries i..lo he remembers the slap and breaks the hug. Sanam:ahil are you ok pls don’t iam scared. Ahil:i’ll see whats going on. Sanam picks ahil’s hand and hugs him. Junoon. Ahil:sanam are you that scared. Sanam:yes ahil. Ahil:cries then why did you divorced me?? sanam: i can’t tell iam forced ahil. Ahil:what. Sanam:i know i know but if tell you that you will never believe me. Ahil: i will. Sanam:you’re just saying. Ahil:sanam tell me whats the thing that is making us go far from eachother. Sanam tells ahil about tanveer. Ahil:what he breaks the hug and points her towards the wall. Ahil:sanam what are you saying this.? Sanam:see. Ahil: o realy if thats the true then show me a clue in 1 week if there is a clue i will believe you but if not you are nothing to me and you have to leave.. Ep ends

i hope you guys enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up see you guys tommorow!

Precap:sahil are doing nikaah again but something is stoping them some kind of power and sehaan thinks of marrying. Asya is trapped in tanveer’s trap. … Bye guys:)

Credit to: Sarah khan


  1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    I am srry… i lve…your…ff beause… of Sahil and evry couple…

  2. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Als… zuha…plz…pst…abhigya…and.QH huyaan and asya…
    suheri too… and nusz…

    • Zuha Fatima

      Sanam I will try posting as soon as possible , actually I am having exams Sanam aka Sania , that is why there is a delay , I will try posting ASAP???
      Dear , I am sorry I will be free after 3 days , as my papers are till Friday , 13th March , I will be posting a long 1 after I get time?

  3. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Sarah keep writing , you know how to mend up things and shape up the story , you are an awesome writer dear!!

    • Sahil love ? (Real name sarah....!)

      Thanks very mush zu love you and thanks for the love really sunuszurah rocks!! Love you and thanks for calling me a good writer and goodluck for the exams and pls upload soon hun when your exams end! Bye love you

  4. Fatarajo

    It’s awesome Sarah loved it hahaha and btw do u watch kuch rang Pyaar ka Eiss bhi or ek duje ke vaaste I m crazy about these two shows these days πŸ˜›

  5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Mauhhh I loved my part… I wish he wasn’t married waaaa… I love you so much my doll!!! You’re amazing
    The fight tho lol
    But story is Awesome like you Hun ~Nusz

  6. Sunehri

    Sarah u just rock !!!! And I’ve post ASAP dear as I’m gonna give a maya episode and I already wrote for 15000 words and I have to complete some more too ….. I’ve definitely post today night or midnight ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.