Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 13)


Hey guys sarah back here so i have finally decided to post eps everyday bcz i have free time now actually extra free time?? so yeah sit relax and enjoy….. Lets get started.location:asya house asad: idk what is sanam saying. Zoya is crying : me too mr kahn. Asad’ s phone rings asad: hello who’s this? Unknown person: iam your boss’s friend pls come to thailand mr asad. Asad: what? Yes sure. Unknown person: pls bring your wife too! Asad: sorry? Unknown person: haha don’t worry mr tahir aka asad’s boss have a dinner invitation for both of you . Asad: a ok. He cancels the call. Zoya: who was it? Asad: my boss’s friend. He explain everything. Zoya:what we can’t go there in this situation. Asad: we have to? Asad: lets see what we can do. Seher hears all. Ammi abbu sanam divorced ahil bhai? Asya: yes. Rehaan: what but why would sanam do that . Seher we gotta go.. Scene2location ahil’s mansion ahil: nusz lets get to work. Nusz eating pizza funny tune plays. She makes big mess on ahil’s bed. Nusz iam eating na?

Ahil: what o god my bed stinks from the smell of ketchup. Nusz: laugh sorry funnytune. Nusz:ahil bhai kia bat hai? You are so eagerly waiting to get bhabhi back? Ahil:shutup? Nusz: ok lets go. In ahil’s garden sanam is giving water to trees. Ahil and nusz comes there and starts a drama. Nusz: in low voice ahil may i call you ahil for some while?. Ahil: yeah sure. Nusz:3 ahil:2 nusz:1 ahil:0 lets go. Sanam sees them and starts to hide behind a tree.nusz starts laghing there. Ahil: whats so funny.nusz: bhabhi ko yahi jaga mili thi chup nai ka liye?funny tune. She was not able to control her laugh. Ahil?. Nusz: ok ok. Now tales my hands in yours. Ahil: what no. Nusz: ahil bhai its a drama. Ahil: ok he takes his hands in her. Snam is stunned funny tune. Ahil:now what . Nusz:talk loudly and say o dear nusz i love you? Ahil: what on earth are you funny. Nusz:shutup and do what i said. Ahil? O dear nusz i love you? Sanm is damn shocked.sanam:allah miya paigya panga this jillat jin is a cheater chee. Ahil: now what ? Nusz. Hold me and start to come near me. Ahil : o sh*t hell no??funnytune . Nusz:stop it you don’t have to kiss me but trust that how our plans gonna work. Ahil:? He gets near her. Sanam? She leaves funny tune. Nusz :see my plan works not ones always??. Ahil:tum nai meri jaan nikaldi ab ghar kai undar gao ga to jutai padai gain ??funny tune nusz: nope. Sehaan sees all and comes there laughing. seher:hey Nusz they share a hug nusz: hey Seher ahil:wait you know each other.seher:of course ahil bhai she’s my friend. Ahil:o ok. Seher laughs.

Ahil:what . Seher: nusz great work ahil bhai ki jaan nikaldi tum nai. Ahil:enough? Rehaan: ahil bhai we will help you . Nusz: alright then i will be the manager seher you will be my assistant and rehaan bhai you will be my boss. And ahil bhai will be the new student. Funny tune. Ahil:wait we are not playing game here. Seher: alright team work ai ai ai. Say with me. Everysays: ai ai captain. Ahil:ai ai captain? Funny tune. Sehaan high fives. Inside the house sanam: uff this cheap jillat jin he was about too ki… Uff funny tune. .. Scene3 shaad in his room he was going out but then shazia was about to fall shaad catches her guys also suggest me a tune i am using meherban song as tune from bang bang. They share a eyelock meherban plays… Shazia breaked the eyelock. Shazia? Hey . Shaad: hello. Shazia: bye. Shaad:wait what.? Scene seher enters the house. Seher:sanam sanam! Sanam comes there she hugs her sanam and seher’s tune plays. Sanam: hey my teddy bear. Sher: hey. Sanam: explains everyting and tells that tanveer killed najma and others.. Guys iam sorry in prev precap i mistaked mom and dad its actually its phupi and others. Seher shocked. Snam asks do not tell anyone. Seher:ok seher:but ahil does not did anything so why divorce him.?. Sanam: bcz i can’t tell. Sher:whatever. Sher:he loves you more than anything junoon plays. If you sleep he sleeps junoonplays till the end of this talk. If you cry he cries if you eat he eats. If you’re happy he’s happy. If you’re sick he’s sick. . Sanam cries o really ik but main majboor hun iam forced. Seher:what do you mean. Sanam tells her. Guys this is a big shock. ******FLASH BACK******

sanam hears everything that tanveer said. From behind someone points gun towards her head. Snam:wh..o is it.person don’t move just do what i said. The person was wearing a black mask. Tanveer comes from inside. Laughs evily: hahaha cat meow plays sanam you think that you are so smart but no. Listen alright lets come to the point. Divorce ahil3x sanam: what no i love ahil begum sahiba what are saying. Tanveer:exactly what you heard. Now listen if you don’t divorce ahil your mom and dad bith will be killed like your phupi and others. Sanm:leave me. If you leave from here. Ahil asad zoya trio will die. Now go and do what i said. Sanam:how cheap you want to kill your own son cries… Tanveee its not your mattee just do what i said. Tanveer asks the person to take her away. Sanam goes to ahil’s room she sees the person from a distance carrying a gun point towards ahil. Then everything happend divorce slap. She goes away. Cries. Person:v.good now also sign on the papers. *****flashbackends**** seher:cries sanam why you did not tell me. Sanam: bcz i was not able to. Sanam: just don’t tell anyone. Ep ends. I hope you enjoyed guys pls give it a big thumbs up and guess who was the person. And plsdo read the ff’s that i suggested.

Precap: shaziad becomes friends and sanam hugs ahil asya is in a problem in thailand. Sehaan thinks about marrying.

Bye guys love ya alll:)

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. I hope you enjoyed and bye love ya all

  2. Priya tripathi

    Awesome n the new person is new sanam

    1. Thanks love you loads but wait you. Can’t say anything can you???

  3. Awsm epi u nailed it….

    1. Hey thanks keiya love you loads actually your comment nailed it? Anywys thnks

  4. Sarahhhhhhhh it’s awesome well I was not in mood to study now will study later 😛 as the topic for my studies today was too easy today 😛 and so I read ur ff as I saw in te comment box ur comment don’t he disheartend believe me I didn’t comment much last week I only read some of the on air shows ff yesterday and rest u can know from my comment in nusz ff 😛

    1. So you are a ipl fan like me but my national cricket team is pakistan bcz iam from pakitan but i was born in ksa saudia arabia and raised there too!now i live in ksa sa in vacations i go always travel pakistan to meet my whole family like my grand father mother But iam a muslim nice to meet ya Anyways thanks bye(:

      1. I am from singapore and I m living there since childhood I was born in Bangladesh n I love cricket be it IPL, BPL or PSL I watch all nice to meet I m a Muslim too 🙂

      2. I also visit my homeland often like during my semester breaks 🙂

      3. Oh thats nice my friend you are singapore i like it anyways nice meet ya o have psl o thats nice love you my friend and ya i know taht country or religion does not matter we are friends we have a hindu sis? Sun she’s my bestie anyways bye

    2. Yes Sarah I agree with you 🙂

  5. Love asya Sahil n sehaan awesome trio pair 🙂 nice precap but was so sad while I was reading today’s episode I felt so bad for sahil

  6. I have a good news for asya fans well not really good but I m gonna add Qubool hain asya pair in my ff one more chance once again there Bi, PKHJD, MATSH, MMZ are the shows n 5th show will be QH and asya will make a great entry will start asya track there at the end of may onwards will publish the promo on 3rd week of May and even asya will be given equal importance

  7. Heyy sarahhh!!! Sooo sooryyy yaaar i cudnt comment in last episode ??i wuz reaally in a bad mood??n even now…but i wuz missing the ff 4 loong time,so i juz opened it?fab since seher noes abt wat happ…im sure sehaan n ahil nusz will figure ot smthing??oouuchh asya in prob??i hope dey find a way out sooon

    1. O thanks sanju no problem i hope your mode is good now after reading this funny ep? Anyways pls stay happy and love you bye and thanks

  8. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    My cake you’re such a sweetheart I loved this episode so much, muahhh love you my doll~Nusz

    1. Thanks nusz love you loads muaa tooo and ya always you are my bestie?

  9. Bae you rock..

    1. Hey thanks mili love ya hey have you seen your role in my promo?

  10. pst next epiosde… plzzz…. if you can pst two… idk y but i love this epi….

    1. Hey thank you so so mush sania can i call you san? Anyways i have fulfil your wish 3 hours ago now it will be posted sooon!??

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