Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 12)

Hey guys idk if you liked the prev ep bcz there’s a person he/she’s name is fan and he/she’s saying that its all disgusting anyways guys pls try not to hate my ff i you want me to end it i will…… Lets get started…..

Location:thailand. Tanveer: hey you 2 you can’t even pick my luggage idiots .khala : begum sahiba we are ….. You know when you are that wants to eat alot of food.. Khalu: hungry? Khala: ya hungry we so hungry???.. Tanveer: shutup only have a hour ago you just eated now you are hungry!? Khalu:begum sahiba we are always hungry every single time for food for money?Funnytune Tanveer picks khala’s hair and says: ay lets get to work…cat meow plays. Khala:ok ok begum sahiba.?Scene2 ahil’s mansion. Ahil: idk what to do what if shaad falls for sanam bcz sanam said she’s nothing to me but to me she’s my life cries sad junoon. Ahil: i think i have to find out whats going on. I mean why did sanam ddivorce me. Sanam: sees all.thinks ahil is her son and he’s a murderer’s son. I can’t marry a murderer’s son.. Shaad comes from behind. : you alright. Sanam: yeah i am im.?? ahil sees them and mistakes all. And starts to drinking alcoh*l. Sanam stops him and says why are you doing this. Ahil: just leave what do you care. Shaad: mr ahil i think you should not be drinking. Door bell rings. Shaad goes to open. Its shazia. He falls for her in first side and keeps looking at her. Shazia:who are you mr. Shaad: iam mr ahil’s buisness man shaad. Shazia: my name is shazia iam ahil bro jans sis. Shaad: a ok. Ahil comes: arey shazia. He hugs her my cutiepie you are finally home sanam: hey salam wa alaikum. Shazia salam who are you:? Sanam: iam sanam actually iam your brother’s relative. Shazia: o iam shazia nice to meet you. Sanam: mee to. Ahil: sister go in and change. Iam cooking food. Shazia: aww drops shopping bags funny tune. Bhaijan ap khana banai gai!? Ahil: shazia? Shazia: iam joking were’s bgst?. Ahil: she’s not home yesterday she leaved for thaliand idk. Shazia: ok let me in bhaijan pls its 40 degrees outside?. Ahil:? Sanam: mr ahil raza ibrahim. Sad junoon plays. Ahil: yes. Sanam: let me annouce something i like mr shaad 3x. Everyone is shocked. Shaad: mam what are you saying? Sanam: yes i love you. Mr shaad its a only way to leave this house.

Shazia: what do you mean? Sanam: explains everything that she wants a divorce. Shazia: is stunned. ShaD: look iam sorry but i can’t marry you. Sanam: you have to. Ahil: is breaked from inside. And leaves. In his room.: i want to kill myself. He leaves from the house leaving sanam embarrassed. Scene3 ahil is at a friend’s house its nusz. Ahil explains everything. Nusz she is ahil’s close friend she is same as zoya eat pizza love shopping love to wear western clothing. . Nusz:ahil bhai don’t cry i have a idea but it does not suits you are gonna get mad at me. Ahil: no i won’t. Nusz:iam may your sis but lets make your wife a little jealous then she gonna come closer to you. AhiL: ok but you are like my sis. Nusz: i know ahil bhai. Ahil: is there’s a boy in your life? Hun. Nusz: actually i like a boy his name is shabaz aka(ravi dubey). Ahil: o? Nusz hits ahil blusingly . Ahil:omg shabaz. He teases nusz. Nusz:ahil bhai?? ep ends i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up bye (:

Precap: nusz and ahil works on there plan and success in it asya comes to thailand. Sehaan too gets involved in ahil’ and nusz’s plan. And tells sanam that how much ahil loves her. Shaziad moments.

Credit to: Sarah


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Firstly I want to say you’re a star, secondly Ignore those fools, you’re amazing and I love every part of your ff. You’re my best friend aha. So don’t be sad!!! Because we’re here sunehri.zuha and I are always here for you aha. But coming to this episode it as cute hehe Ravi dubey!!!! I can’t wait till our love story starts jokes and also I will change your guy to varun tookey aha, love you~Nusz

  2. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sarah n ya ignore that fool what he/she said we r always with u we engoy ur ff don’t take that fool’s statment serieosly ok keep writing ok n nusz sunehri plz update ur ff

  3. guess. who am I?

    Nice episode Sarah.. And don’t think or care about what other says, you are an amazing writer so listen to what your heart says… Haters gonna hate.

  4. Kriya

    Awsm epi sarah….dont even think to end it yr….bcoz of some haters dont do this… u sissy….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.