Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 11)


Hey guys sarah back here we have reached 11 eps and btw i will be entring some new characters from now on.. Lets get started……… Location ahilmansion ahil is cooking food by himself sanam watches him by side and hide. Ahil accidently burns his finger sanam comes there kisses his finger and blows air on it? Junoonplays.. Ahil hold her is about kiss her but then she slaps him and says iam your nothing.. Ahil: but you came in and heel my fin… Snam: shutup just shutup.. Doorbell rings ahil opens the door its a boy a charming handsome boy wearing black aviator ahil: arey mr shaad you are finally here shaad bg tune plays. Shaad :mr Ahil we get the property from sharma’s and share a hug.. Snam from a distance watches him he cute o what am i saying she leaves .. Ahil: go mr shaad aftab on upstairs to left there your room. Shaad ok thanks.. He leaves while going there sanam comes there and was about to fall shaad catches her shannat tune plays.. Shaad: mutarma who are you. Sanam: iam sanam ahi… Asad ahmad kahn.. Shaad o iam shaad aftab sheikh. Nice to meet you.. Sanam mee too. Ahil watches all and gets sad junoon plays..shaad why are you here?? Mrs sanam. Ahil: let me tell she’s my wi…. Snam:iam relative.. Saddest junoonplays ahil leaves.. Shaad leaves sanam too on her she drinks water and chokes on it accidentally ahil rushes to give her a hug and make her breath and give water but shaaf did it before him.. Ahil leaves… Sanam: thanks. She sees ahil crying in his room he then sleeps. Sanam goes in to give him a blanket but ahil wakes sanam falls on him they share a eyelock. Sanam leaves.. Scene2 asya home.. Phone rings its sanam: asya put the phone on speaker.. Yes sanam: sanam: i divorced ahil. She then cancels the call leaving asya damn worried. On other hand sehaan romanses and kises.. Scene3 thailand tanveer bewakoofon. Hurryup.. Persons ok ok funny tune its khala and khalu carrying tanveer’s luggage eps ends i hope you don’t mind today’s ep but i will soon unite them………..precap: sanam falls for shad and asya worried and seher finds out who killed her mom and dad ahil wants to killhimself his friends enters . Bye stay tuned for more bye? Also guys read the ff’s that i suggests’ in my prev promo and bye…..

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Muah my girl rocks her ff always!!! Waiting for the next one, love you~Nusz

    1. Thanks nusz love you too??? maybe you know i thought i have done alots of romantics scenes in this ff why not shocking ones but these love birds will unite i promise

  2. what’s happening

    1. Listen alright i don’t know who are who but there’s nothing disgusting if you think that don’t read it now tell me what so disgusting in it ?? If it was disgusting why would telly updates post it . Ima really sorry to say but your mind is disgusting ? Pls if you don’t like it pls don’t read it i request you just try not to click on the read button? I always make eps only for my friends and my besties and silent readers not haters if you had a complain you just had to say i have complain ok now pls don’t read it

    2. Look if you think that it is disgusting so do not read it nor comment….I am also disliking the divorce track but there is a word which is HOPE…..Maybe the writer has a different POV which we are not able to see right now……Try not to hurt people because life is very small…..Sarah do not take such comments seriously and I know my sister won’t as she is very strong….Love you Sarah…Keep writing!!

      1. Thanks zuha you are such an awesome person i swear the god i don’t take the comment seriously but you know that that there is nothing disgusting bcz you know that telly updates always check the article by themselves then post it if it was disgusting wjy would they post it? Amd talking about the divorce you will see big twist then you might believe me . Anyways love you zuha bestie you are awesome thanks for saving me??

  3. Awsm promo…

  4. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sad for Aahil i think sanam should tell whole true to Aahil but she didn’t do plz unit sahil n plz don’t make shannat

    1. Thanks you so mush priya after some eps there will be a big twist you wont believe. Anyways love ya i am not making shannat but guess its shaziad who are is it guess now? ?

      1. Sanjana (Sanju)

        Shaad n Shazia????

      2. You lier again you read the next ep and you are lying to me???? hahahahaha you lier

  5. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Wowww reaallyy niice….n i noe dat dis divorce track will finish soooonn sahil will reunite???n no needof takin dat comment seriiusly sarah??god noes who iz dat!!??waiting 4 next epi??…

    1. Iam glad that you still have have hope and you should bcz iam gonna reunite them asap i promise and there will be a twist. Anyways thanks sanjana iam not taking that comment seriously just you know a little angry anyways bye love ya?

  6. My sis Sarah it’s fantastic it’s a different concept and u don’t care about such stupid comments….. They don’t know how difficult it is to write a ff ….. And coming to u fan …. If u don’t like it .. Why r u reading it … And yeah if the article is disgusting see the submit the article page… It’s clearly written in bold letters that any bad articles won’t be accepted… And coming to the episode this one is very nice ….. Don’t know why when a person is thinking different why are they passing such stupid comments … And fan whatever is your name I’ve definitely ask u to write a ff and u will get to know how much hard it is to think and write …. Sarah dear u r doing a good job and I really loved it ….. Love u

    1. Idk sun how am i gonna thanks you guys all of you iam litterly crying that in this world there are still some good heart and good peoples are alive sun love you so so so so much thanks very i would definitely try to ignore fan .sun zu nusz sanju everyone who saved i would love to thank you all and god bless ya all. Sun thanks again iam so glad that you liked it ??????

    2. Yeah its really hard to write a ff

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