Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (episode 10)


Hey guys sarah back herw sorry for. Soooooo late again to upload a ep Iam now doing it iam so sorry that i do not upload a ep in weeks but i was not at home .. So yeah lets get started .. Location:ahil’s mansion ahil’s home : sanam actually begum begum.. Junoon plays.. Sanam: yes my husband you are finally home hugs him junoon plays.. Ahil holds sanam: sanam you are my life pls i request you to love me always like you do will. You? Sanam: i will…. Ahil: sanam whenever you are closes to me i feel like iam in heaven bcz iam so happy that… put his hands around sanam’s back make her come closer to him. sanam i love you so much.. Sanam: emotionally says ahil. Ahil: yes?. Sanam: you know what that romantic things or talks does not suit you funny tune plays she runs away and.. laugh ahil: o really madam pls anyways i have a gift for you . Sanam: leave it lets go i cooked your fav apple pie and french omelet.. Lets go and dinner.. Ahil: sanam take if you love me. Sanam opens it finds jewellry in it… Sanam:? Ahil i cant take it its so expensive and rare. Ahil:do you love me?. Sanam:yes i do but….

ahil places his hand on her lips.. And says shhhhhh.. And.take it.. Snam: ahil ok i will take but its so expensive. Ahil makes her wear the jewellry. Ahil: now it looks rare and beautiful junoon plays.. Sanam bluses and says ahil you are so naughty . Ahil: i want my gift. Sanam: tell me what i mean a watch or food or clothes or what. Ahil:sush i can take my gift junoon plays. Sanam: ahil. Ahil:suush. He kisses her. She then runs away…ahil: arey sanam and smiles. Scene 2 bgst’s room cat meow plays. Bgst: today might my attempt fail but i will kill sanam soon i guess i gotta call my 2 servants. She calls. Unknown person: hey we are on our way do you have enough food and money cause we wont work without that. Bgst:arey baiwakoofo atleast come here than i will give you what to want. Unknown person:ok ok bye. Scene:2 asya home its night so asya is playing scare me . If you guys don’t know the game its a person have to scare the other with his/her stories and have to close the door lights and only 2 persons can play.

Zoya: mmr kahn cccan we end this game. Asad: see you are so scared of ghost funny tune. Zoya: me no hell not. in there room there is a window the clock was on it and it falls down.. Zoya got scared and hugs asad out of fear mitwa.asad: mrs kahn you just breaked my shirt’s buttons.. Zoya: o iam sorry mr kahn. Asad: thats ok.. Zoya: you think that iam gonna say that funny+quarreltuneplays. Iam here is so damn scared and you are laughing and if your shirts button got breaked so whats the bigg matter? Asad: this was my fav shirt. Zoya was about to fight but asad kises her and then makes her laiy on the bed and says now shutup pls. She says you are so naughty mr kahn and laugh caress his hair and kisses him.. Mitwa plays. Scene3 location:seher’s room. Sehaan is playing tekken fighting game. Rehaan wins : its 5th time i win again.. Funny tune seher shutup rehan i don’t wanna talk you cheater. Rehan: hey iam not a cheater.actually you are a loser. Seher: hey whom you call a loser funny tune. I win thrice in sports i have earned 13 times a first position trophy. And….. Rehaan: lets just leave it. Seher: ok. Rehaan comes closer to seher and is about to kiss. Seher: rehaan sehaan tune plays. But then seher’s phone rings. She picks it.: hello yes sanam. What do you want. Sanam: you are the most cruelest sis in the world cant a sis call her sis just for no reason.

Seher: laughs iam just kidding how are you. Snam: iam fine how’s ammi abbu and badi ammi? Seher: mom and dad are sleeping and badi is at her friend’s home. Snam: ah ok and pls her that sanam asked about and also bye! Seher: bye love ya. Rehaan comes near her. Seher: no funny tune. Scene4 sanam in kitchen : today i have cooked bgst’s fav halwa. She goes to bgst’s room and is about to go inside but she hears bgst talking and listens to it. Bgst to herself: arey i have killed najma asad ahmad kahn so i can kill sanam too i hate the this whole family. Snam listen to this and is shocked. She cries thinking: she killed my phupi and i .. Cries alot. Sanm: leaves from. Sanam: i have decided what to do. She goes to ahil: ahil leave alone bcz i want a divorce 3x. Ahil: ssanm what are you saying why you want a divorce tearie eye. Sanam: i said give me a Divorce. Ahil: sanam stop it why you want a divorce. Sanam: bcz … I love you no more cries. Ahil: sanam she leaves. Sad junoon plays. Ahil thinking what happend why happend. Cries that guy said if i buy this jewellry my love for will be more but she wants a divorce a divorce for no reason. Scene5 the guys has arrived at ahil’s mansion. Bellrings. Sanam opens the door. Guy: i thing someone called me here that they want a divorce i have got the divorce paper. Sanam: yes i called you mr? Guy: shiekh nazi. Sanam:mr sheikh sab lets go inside . Shiekh: ok. He sits on the sofa mrs sanam where am mr ahil? Ahil: iam here sad junoon plays. Ahil: listen we don’t want any di… Sanam: yes we want a divorce. Sad junoonplays. Ahil get tearyeyed sanam looks at him. But she says pls give me the divorce papers. Sanam signs on it but still is shaking and crying. Sheikh: mr ahil pls sign on it. Ahil: sanam pls don’t do it cries why you want a divorce. Snam: i said sign on it already. Ahil cries and shakes but signs on it. Sheikh: o my god well mrs sanam ahi.. Iam sorry mrs sanam i don’t think you should divorce mr ahil. Sanam: pls mind your own buiness. Sheikh: mrs sanam you have 3 months you have to stay here for 3 months bcz after 3 months divorce will be final. Sanam: no pls i cant stay here is there anyway?

Shiekh : iam sorry but i can’t do anything. Sheikh leaves. Ahil: sanam is that your final decision? Sanam: yes. She leaves. Sad jnoon plays.. Bgst comes there. Ahil what happened? Ahil: ami wo nothing. She don’t know that sanam wants a divorce from ahil. Acha ahil iam leaving for thailand bcz i have some work so yeah bye. Ahil hugs and ask ami when you are gonna home? Bgst:1 month later. Ahil: ok ammi bye. Bgst : bye ahil also lateef gonna go with me so yeah bye ask sanam to take care of the house . She leaves. Ahil thinks there’s no 1 left in house accept me and sanam. I think that i should go and ask her to not leave. Sanam in her room. Ahil: sanam wo ami leaved today for thailand and lateef too so yeah there’s no one the house who will cook and also take care of the house. Sanam: so whatgo and do everything by yourself sad junoonplays. Ahil leaves he gets a call. Person: mr ahil iam coming to your house for the property of mr sharma we will get it. Ahil: ok sure bye. Ep ends i hope you guys enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and bye also guys do read the ff’s that i suggest in my promo also guess who’s person ahil was taking with tell me in the comments below and bye. And also guys the roles that i got i will upload a ep asap also guys after 3 more eps i will make a entry of the roles that i got of you guys. Okbye(:

Precap:new entry sehaan kiss asya finds about the sahil divorce sanam slaps ahil and sanam fall in love with another person .

Credit to: Sarah

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  1. What a shocking ptecap…..unite ahil n sanam soon….

    1. Kriya thanks love you so much my dear friend you know i am the biggest fan of sahil and in real qb they don’t unite them but i will asap kriya you know that without sadness without villian there is no love story so yeah but i will fulfil your wish asap ok bye??

    2. Sahil love ? (Real name sarah....!)

      Also pls keep reading my ff like always bye

  2. idk hw you knew my real name… is sania…. but thnk u…. youre aweme…

    1. O really well anyways thanks for watching

  3. wen psting nxt epi?

  4. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Hehe you’re such a cutie, love this epsiode too… Your the best bestie~Nusz

    1. Thanks nusz love you too bestie thanks for watching

  5. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Luvvddd da epi..n i noe widoutvillain luv story isnot a luv story?soo waiting 4 sahil 2 unite faast?

    1. Thanks sanjana love you and yeah there’ love story without villians. So yeah enjoy till you see a twist ?? haha love you i swear i will unite them iam not gul kahn aka the director of qubool hai who’s gonna kill them? I will unite them i promise ?

      1. Sanjana (Sanju)

        Haha Gul..omg…cuz of her where qh reached ??black magiv n all dose stuff

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