Mujhe mohabbat main sab qubool (a long episode 19)


Waz up guys sarah back here with another ep oh wow 19 eps iam so happy but anyways alots of you guys are requesting me to write a long ep bcz they enjoy it very i guess so yeah i will try to write a long ep and ……….LETS GET STARTED……location:ahil’s mansion. Sanam:ahil look at this dress shall i wear it? Ahil:of course my darling its your choice. Sanam:tell me that if its looking good on me! Ahil:ok i will but get ready quickly i can’t wait ! Sanam:but why i mean you are so happy !? Ahil:what is it funnytune i can’t even be happy? Sanam:no laughs ahil pls just choose a dress. Ahil:yeah yeah watever this one is great Sanam:a red dress? Funnytune who wears a red dress nowadays everyone wears different dresses! Ahil:mam if you think that pls choose it youslf. Sanam:whatever. Scene:2location:college. Ayesha was eating burger then a man tease hr. Man:o wow you are the beauty iam the beast. Ayesha takes a peper spray out of her bag. Ayesha:hmmm its peper spray girls nowadays have for there safety funnytune. Man:sorry mohatarma but i guess he pushes her towards the wall and tries to kiss her. Someone just throws a sandel at the man. Funnytune. Man:who did it? Tell me now. Nusz:i did it. She rushes towards him hits him with her karate techniques and then spreads ketchep all over him funnytune. Now will you tease my bestfriend agian. He was about to take out a dagger and point it towards ayesha. But someone grabs him by collar and beats him. Its imran(aka namish taneja) guys iam using gerua tune from dilwale. Ayesha’s heart skips a beat. Gerua plays. Imran look at ayesha. She starts to blush. . Ayesha:hi friend my name is ayesha? Imran:hey my name is imran.

Nusz starts to make a funny face. Nusz:so thats means she thinks that he helped ger more than me funnytune. Nusz:ayesha tell me one thing i protect you from that idiot and this simran having the credit funnytune. Imran:shahbaz bhai was right about you never speaks anyone’s name correctly. Quarrel tune plays. Imran :iamimran. Nusz:o really i don’t care if you are imran or sharukh wali kiran. Funnytune. Why did you took the credit from me? Imran:listen alright i was just trying to h… Nusz:what what now you are winning my bff’s heart! And saying help help. Help my foot funny tune. Imran:o really what happend to your foot.! Nusz:iam leaving she leaves. Ayesha:lets talk anyways. Imran:yeah sure so what is your point i mean . Ayesha:o no i get it i am biological student. Imran:haha it might be a little hard for you.funnytune. Ayesha:mr simran. Imran:not again its imran I_M_R_A_N. Ayesha:i get it but don’t think that a girl is weak. She is the most strongest powerfull girl. Imran:o well i did not said anything i guesss. Ayesha:haha i kinda like you? I mena geruaPlays guy do suggest me a tune for ayran. Imran:haha what do you mean? Ayesha:i mean as a friend. Scene:3 college. Nusz:i cannot belive my own bff did that to me! Someone comes from behind and says. Hi friend iam back wo don’t get scared iam not gonna eat you iam shabaz i mean in your language iam kabab anar haha laughs. Nusz laughs and hugs him hua hai plays. Nusz:will you be my friend shabaz3x. Shahbaz;yeah sure why not he blushes Nusz breaks the hug. Nusz.i kinda like you you know Shahbaz:what! O thats such a great thing anyways i gotta go bye they highfive. Heleaves Nusz:blushes a little bit. And thinks what is this! Why am i thinking that i should not idk o god whats that feeling. Scene4 location:ahil’s mansion. Asya: think tanveer is planing something idk tanveer is really evil she can do. Anything i think we should check and keep a eye on her. Asad:yeah i think we should. Zoya:probably bcz we know that she’s not good. Scene:5 tanveer:raziya bi where are you. Raziya:what do you want now? Tanveer:go and check what we can do. Raziya:yeah watever. Someone was hiding behind the bed listens alll. Raziya:who are you she points a gun towards her. Snam2:yeah who are you tell me now. Zuha:wait a second i can help you with the plan i have heard it alll do not kill me i will be usefull for you don’t know it we can shake hands.

Tanveer:no need to………
Sanam2 yes begum sahiba she will be usefull to us i can tell it evil tune plays.
zuha:seee she knows alll
Tanveer:how can you say that.she is usefull
Sanam2i think you just forget that iam a witch. I cam do watever i want she lifts up khala with her magic evil tune plays
Khala:pls let me down
Tanveer gets scared
Tanveer:ok ok
Razia:ab main bolun gi to bolon gai kai bolti hai. Arey bgst we should keep her
Zuha evily laughs
Tanveer:ok iam trusting you
Zuha:you can very well. They shake hands evilytuneplays
Scene:6shaad proposes shazia
Shazia:are you kidding me bcz we are not like each other.
ShaD:i know but from the day i have been looked at you iam gone insane in your love idk
Shazia hugs him and says i accept meherbanplays
Scene:7seher watches raziya and remebers that sanam saying she is a evil.
She rushes towards her and slaps her tightly
Raziya:are kidding me sanam
Seher:iam seher
Raziya is shocked
Raziya:you are alived
Sher:yes i am and the thing that i slaped you bcz of what you did to my nani and nana .
Seher:i will take the revenge
Raziya:shutup you are nothing just a twin.
Seher agains slaps her. And leaves.
Scene:8 ahil was changing shirt His body is shown.
Lateef comes there
Lateef:ya allah badan sai tarasha hai per mai bhi kuch kam nahi
Sanam comes infront of him funnytune.
Sanam:there are the dirty clothes.
Lateef tries to see ahil again.

Sanam:kab gao gi
Lateef :ga rhy hun. Allah main to huin chui mui
Ahil closes the door from the remote.
And romances sanam:ahil nop no he gets near her and kisses her. Junoonplays
Sanam:ahil thats enough she laughs.
Ahil:o really
He again gets near her.
Sanam:nawab sab itni batabi bhi theek nahi.
Scene:9 asad zoya in a room.
Asad:zoya i love and kises her. Mitwa plays
Zoya:mr khan leave
Zoya:thats it . Ep ends guys i hope you enjoyed pls give it a big thumbs up and pls do read the ff’s that i suggested. And also today i tried to make.A long ep but idk if its long or not but anyways thanks. See you guys tommorow:).

Precap:a new entry and sehaan goes to honey moon nusz and ayesha funny moments. Sahil nikaah finally asad flirts zoya. Seher pranks raziya and puts buble gum on her head and glue she cries.shaziad tells ahil about there decisions.

Bye guys love you all see you all tommorow and stay tuned for more also tell me in the comments who’s the new entry. Bye:)

Credit to: Sarah khan

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  1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    OMG… Suheri and Imran.. vry cute… mre scenes of them…. nusz and and shahbez are so cte… more scenes of them nxt epi…

    1. Oh thats good love you san imean tahts really nice that liked ayran oh wow you commented 6x times thank you soo you you know it means alot to me! Love you soo much and i will soon try to update???

  2. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Zuha, Rzaziyaa…. Sanam2 and tanveer are anyoing…

    1. O really ??? well i guess zuha will no longer bcz she’s gonna find her love????

  3. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Asya scnes…. and shehaan honeymoon… Hpe Sahil gets married… stupid nw sanam

    1. Well when i used to watched real qh and when ever i saw her i just always say the same but one thing is about her she is really beautiful woman if you look closely? Bcz you know that in the end she killed herself for armaan but i hated her for what she did to sahil

  4. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Pst nxt epi….. And I hpe you describle each romatic.. scne…

  5. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    you’re…. a best writer….

    1. O you think so but anyways love you ?it means alot to me??

  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    hpe you pst nxt epi soon…

  7. Awsm epi…..cant wait for new entry….

    1. Haha well i guess you are curious about knowing who’s the new person aren’t you? But abyways thank you love you?

  8. Hello frnds i wanna share smthng with u……i got a new phone…….

    1. O thats great i mean now you have a new phone so congrats??

      1. Yup…..thnku……

  9. Oh Sarah .. The episode was terrific sunehri Imran wow Just rock and nusz throws her chappal ?????? loved it loved it loved it INFINITY I’m gonna kill all the villains ???

    1. Haha idk what i was thinking while writing that i was thinking to make it funny?? hahah. I love you infinity thank you love ?? it means alot to me orvana!

  10. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sarah

  11. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Yipeeeeeeee!!!! I am finally free with my exams . hope to see a good result??Thanks 4r the support Sarah you!
    Awesome episode!! Yeah I can easily hide under a bed??Just kidding??
    Seriously Awesome episode???

    1. Haha well thats really nice you are a free bird now not angry bird? But anyways love you zu thanks for liking it

  12. Haha funny episode!! Lateef?seher slapping raziya??asya sahil romance❤❤vrryy gud episode?

    1. Haha lateef is you know like alot so funny. But anyways thanks for liking it sanju love you?

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Sarah it’s awesome loved it sorry for the late comment as I was working on my new FF and NOW I read episode 18 and 19 together it’s fab haha nice 🙂

    1. Oh really nice love yoy jo thanks for liking it? I mean the ep

  14. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    I’m dying of laughter after reading this… Imran and sunehri like so bae I swear to god… Zuha and Razia best friends haha and new sanam be like where’s my cake and tanveer me like Shutup you idiot aha… I was just acting with my skills!!!!! But sahil so cute and sehaan honeymoon!!! But me and sunehri next episode can’t wait!!!! Also shahbaz is a cutie!!!
    Anyways my doll you rocked it, waiting for the next one aha~Nusz

    1. Aww thank you nusz love you????? and i will post soon! And yeah nusz don’t throw sandals on the bus again????????? and yeah you will be finding love scenes between you and shabaz in your language anaar? ‘ kabab’ ahdaab’ janab??? i will make kissing scenes so so soon!

  15. Lol ?????????? I have commented in the previous Epi too … This is amazing omg .. I’m again and aging reading ur Epi to laugh ?? seriously … I’ve definitely try to be regular and now I got a new iPad Air so no problem in updating ???? love u


    Sunehri Mehta ❤️❤️

    1. Well i guess thats nice we have same things yo i have ipad air and i pad pro but i like to update with my i phone 6s? Welll our things are same and ages everything is same? And also congrats for the ipad! Well now you can update everyday i guess? And thank you so so so so so so so much to liking it love you a special kiss for my trio besties sunuszu??? i love you all and sun iam really glad that my ff is making you laugh you know? It means alot to me? Sun you are great?

  16. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    pst nxt epi plz…

    1. Love you san now seriously idk i mean you have requested me 7x times wow and iam so that you are enjoying my ff and love you sis so so much? For you i will update sooon as posible!

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