Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 9

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 8
@kunj private room in office
Twinkle is on bed as kunj placed her on bed n looking at her from top to bottom n twinkle feeling shy
T – kunj wt u doing???
K – wt did u said kunj huh I’m ur boss here no hubby
T – awww k sorry boss kunj moved his hand on her bare leg sensually
K – dress is too long na twinkle (taunting her as she wore too short dress)
T – oh common boss its fashion r u not updated??

K – oh updated huh?? do u know how every one looking at u n ur legs
T – so wt???? I’m beautiful so dey were staring at me like dat
K – u r talking to much dis days let me teach u lesson today
T – no n tried to get up from bed but kunj pushed her n kunj came on top of her twinkle breathing heavily
T – .k..k..kunjjjjj leave me its office

K – sshhh k wifey tell me who gave u dis plan to come here n spoil interview
T – who ll give me idea its my idea only
Kunj turned her around like her back is facing him n removed zip
K – be updated twinki u should not wear clothes in front of ur husband n started to give her wet kisses twinkle moaning his name n not in senses he turned her around n looked at her neck n Nuzzled his face der n bites her hard twinkle to moan kunj name loudly n he looked at her juicy lips within no time he connected his hard lips on her soft pinky lips n kissed her passionately dey broke kiss after 15 min both breathing heavily n twinkle dress was on floor she was sitting in her inners she look at herself n got shocked kunj smirked at her
T – u idiot
K – wt idiot u r telling ur boss as idiot I’ll give u punishment now

T – oh wt is dat now
K – remove my dress den ur dress I mean vch r left over dos
T – kunjjjjj???
K – ur time starts now n I’m boss here u should obey my order my darling PA twinkle was removing kunj shirt button n kunj held her by her waist tightly he pulled her more into himself n kissed her cheeks
T – boss innocently

K – wt happened siyappa queen?
T – I’m sorry n holding her ears making puppy face
K – ha k twinkle became happy thinking he ll not do romance wid her now
K – I’ll remove rest clothes ??? n winked at her wid naughty smirk
T – no
K – yes twinkle moving back words n kunj moving towards her she got stopped by table kunj covered her way n he cleared table n he made her to sit on table by lifting her from her waist
K – so where v stopped
T – no plz boss ur meeting time

K – already I’m attending meeting pa let me finish dis first n he sensually moved his hands on her body
K – twinkle
T – not in senses hmm

K – I love u ?????
T – I love u too ??
K – who gave u dis idea

T – adithi
K – wt first dis UV den his wife she is spoiling my innocent wifey
K – k wt she told
T – vo vo haan she told me husbands ll have very good friendship wid der PA n PA if she is young she ll take our husband attension so she said me to send old women to do a job as PA ☺☺☺ nice na
K – oh ha ha very good??? den wt she told
T – she told me to take full control over you like if I say right u should go right left means left totally I’ll take ur left right
K – shortly tera isharo pe mey nachuu

T – yes exactly☺☺☺??? kunj pinched his waist she came back to her senses only to get angry naughty glare of kunj she remembered she said kunj everything
K – so ma’am u want to control me ryt?
T – no boss making cute pout
K – my cutie pie don’t act much n y u making cute faces now i can’t control my self n later u know wt ll happen

T – awww n made cute pout again looking more cute kunj wrapped her legs around his waist pulled her close to him n connected his lips wid her n kept on going till bed not disturbing d kiss d kiss is going too wild n dominating after good 20 min dey broke kiss breathing heavily
Kunj looked at her wid desire filled in his eyes both looking at each other lovingly totally forgot where dey r kunj made her to lye on bed n came on top of her n started wid his sweet torture n his phone beeped he got irritated n received d call
C – sir meeting
K – cancel it
C – what???

K – oh yeah meeting I’ll come k make everything ready
T – ☺☺☺☺ u go for meeting n I’m going shopping?☺☺☺
K – y u smiling ull not get escaped siyappa queen bcoz of u I forgot abt meeting
T – ???? y u blaming me wt I did?

K – wt u did huh n no shopping u r my PA na u have to be wid me n made her to wear dress
K – make me wear shirt now she did as instructed
K – follow me PA
Kunj sat on his chair n checking files for meeting n looked at new PA who is sitting der making pout
K – twinkle
T – haan kunj ,kunj did his one eyebrow style twinkle understood
T – sorry boss

K – come here ,twinkle went n stood beside him
K – take ur seat n study dis file handling her some files twinkle sitting on chair
K – not der
T – den where kunj sirrrrrr…..
Kunj pulled her n made her to sit on his lap n cuddled wid her
T – ??? leave me

K – no
K – u do ur work vch I gave u
T – I’ll do first leave me
K – no its my order PA u should work sitting here only twinkle having no option started to read file kunj phone beeped again
K – give me phone darling twinkle took phone n placed on his ear
K – its meeting time I’ll come in while until den u study dis k if u have doubts I’ll clear it later
T – k ?? all d best for ur meeting

K – wish me by giving kiss now
T – dome one ll come kunj
K – no one ll come twinkle do fast
T – k kissed on his cheeks n wished luck
K – only here huh I want here too pointing to lips
T – not now ull get late now go
K – twinkle complaining…
T – no kunj go n pushed him

K – k bye ?????
T – uffff dis sadu na I have to study dis file now its boring how I’ll read dis much n sadu said me to make points on it ufff start twinkle otherwise boss ll scold u n started to read file n made some points n employee knocked d door
T – yes come in
The new employee got mesmerized by twinkle beauty he wasn’t knowing dat she is kunj wife
E – hi I’m abhishek abhishek baradwaz
Twinkle shakes hands wid him but he wasn’t ready to leave her hands
T – my self twinkle kunj sarna he was busy in admiring her didn’t heard kunj only thot twinkle sarna

T – any work?
A – thought to meet new PA may be u r bored its new place
T – ha yes bit bored
A – so u r sister of kunj sarna twinkle started to cough
A – oh have some water
T – POV ye kya mujko meri pathi ki been bana liya but maza aa raha hey soch rahi hu isse mera kaam niptalu
T – can u help me
A – y not ??? its my pleasure

T – tell something u know abt it showing file
A – k give me n he read it for some time n explained twinkle everything nicely twinkle made points n got to know in and out of it
T – thank u so much yar
A – welcome ???

T – don’t tell ur boss u helped me in dis k
A – oh k dear n u r beautiful
T – thank u
A – n in dis outfit u r looking very cute

T – pov ye kya flirt kar raha hey mere sath
A – can v go for coffee
T – no I can’t come
A – y come na
T – no dis is work time ryt kunj gave me some work I have to complete it otherwise u know na ur boss is very strict if he gets to know v r wasting time he ll scold us.
A – oh okay boss is strict wid us i know dat but boss is ur brother na he is strict wid u also
T – no my husband is so sweet wid me

A – oh k. …wt husband?
T – yes kunj is my husband not brother as u thinking u r too busy in ur own world so u heard my name wrongly
A – so u r twinkle
T – twinkle kunj sarna

A – w..what so …sorry ma’am
T – ???? its k n wt u told me I’m beautiful den wt
A – ma’am sorry sorry plz don’t tell boss abt it he ll kick me out plz ma’am
T – okay but u have to help me in my work otherwise
A – k k I’ll help u plz but don’t tell sir

T – k u also don’t tell dat u explained me dis project now go
A – k ma’am bye
T – ufff sadu work is finished really I wasn’t in mood to complete dis big file now
T – omg my nail polish not looking good I’ll apply it now n started to apply nail paint
Kunj comes in cabin

Kunj POV ( I’m sure siyappa queen haven’t completed file yet she must be reading till its chance I’ll scold her like boss now bahuth hey udathi hena gar pay bebe support hey isliye now who ll save u siyappa queen now I’ll complete my romance by giving naughty punishment to u)
K – shocked ????? looking at twinkle who is busy in applying nail paint
K – twinkle
T – hi boss????
K – wt u doing
T – applying nail paint boss

K – I can see dat
T – den y u asking me sadu
K – kya sadu I’m ur boss here twinkle at least give respect here???
T – oh plz don’t disturb me now n started wid her touch up
K – how dare u give me dat is it parlour n took her make up kit
K – wait I’ll throw it outside
T – no kunj
K – yes twinkle I’ll
T – I’ll tell bebe bcoz bebe gifted me dat

K – meri maa le isko idhar nahi ghar pe karo make up
T – k sir
K – give me file vch I gave u to study n also notes u made n smirks thinking she didn’t completed

T – vo vo kunj sir vo na
K – wt not yet completed huh??? n u came here to time pass ryt stand up on table ryt now
T – no
K – wt y its punishment yar

T – y punishment sir I completed ur work
K – what no highly impossible

T – y so
K – its big file n complicated one so only I gave it to u to complete it in short time so ull not finish it n I’ll give u naughty punishment
T – ???? awww so u done it purposefully wait I’ll complain bebe
K – u complain later now explain me abt file take it n come to me here
Twinkle sat on chair near kunj

T – u only get it na c its der on my table
K – I’m ur boss twinkle u r not my boss to order me hey babaji ye kya kar rahe hey aap
K – Fine I’ll get file if I found anything wrong in it den I’ll c u he checked notes all is correct he asked some question twinkle answered correctly
K – ???? how u did it
T – I’m twinkle ??? I can do anything kunj pulled her close to him n she was sitting on his lap
K -baby tell me d truth na n sensually moved his finger on her face n neck
T – hmm kunj
K – tell me baby who helped u
T – told everything every bit of it kunj got angry on abhishek for flirting wid his twinkle
K – stand up
T – sorry kunj

K – from tomo don’t dare to come near office
T – sorry Kunj
K – I’m not angry on u twinkle
T – den y u told me not to come
K – come as my wife sweetheart not as PA c dat job is difficult k n tell me do u trust me
T – haan kunj I trust u

K – den y u care if any girl come as my PA u r feeling insecure ryt keep dis thing in ur mind I’ll not look at other girl only u r my love in my life
T – I know kunj
K – den don’t worry k

T – k I’m sorry but plz let me help u na not as ur PA but as wife I’ll help u here too from few days ull be in office n I miss u n I’ll be alone at home so allow me to come here I promise I won’t do any siyappa
K – oh my darling missing me n pulled her in tight hug
K – k come whenever u want but inform me b4 k
T – k ☺☺☺☺

Sarna mansion
Twinj came n kunj was parking care twinkle to go inside
usha looking at twinkle angrily
U – stop twinkle where r u ?
T – vo mummy g I was wid kunj

U – y u went der huh?? ghar ki kaam kya their maa karegi
T – mummy g I have done all work den only I went outside
U – ull talk back to me how dare u twinkle n slapped her hard twinkle got hit by wall n forehead started bleeding. Kunj saw dis n got angry on usha
K – maaa wt d hell is dis is it d way to behave twinkle get up show me is it paining
T – ahha Kunj no mummy g didn’t do anything I fell down dats it

K – shut up twinkle don’t take mom side I saw whatever happen here
U – clapping sabhash twinkle u completely took my son away from me ryt
K – maa loudly plz shut ur mouth

U – dekha twinkle he is talking me wid dis loud tone bcoz of u ???? u changed him
K – u r changed maa not me n twinkle u come wid me n took her to room in bridal style
U – I have to do something to this twinkle

Twinj room
K – I’m sorry on behalf of maa twinkle I don’t know y she is behaving like dis
T – leave it kunj y r u asking sorry n she is not wrong kunj she is angry on me na let her do anything plz h don’t scold her
K – chup k u haven’t done anything wrong to be angry on u k
T – ahha kunj no don’t apply it

K – Rhoda jalega plz twinkle let me apply it
T – k kunj done her dressing done
K – now take rest for sometime
T – no I’m okay kunj

K – dont argue twinkle I said na sleep for sometime
T – k sadu sarna n slept kunj covered her wid blanket n kissed her forehead n made her to sleep
2 months later
@ night twinj room
K – where is dis siyappa queen
Twinkle fame wid tray

K – wt is dis
T – milk for us der is different glow on her face
K – today u seem so happy
T – hmm very much
K – got new make up kit?
T – kunj ???

K – ????
T – leave it look at dis tray
K – wt it has milk glasses
T – dat only c carefully
K – mad wt to c in dat
T – bhuddu samzona

K – sanzavo na
T – how many glass it has
K – 3 I mean 2 n half
T – hmm shying kunj got confused
K – so wt twinkle I’ll not drink from dat chota glass u only drink
T – kunj stupid idiot dat is not for us 1 for u n other for me n who ll drink from small glass fully shying
Kunj thinking who ll drink

K – don’t confuse me u drink otherwise I’ll drink yaar wait chota glass for twinkle dat means for baby means u r ☺☺☺☺
Twinkle shyly nodes in yes
T – hmm I’m 2 months pregnent I got to know abt it yesterday

K – wt twinkle I love u n lifted her up n started dancing
T – kunj put me down
K – no
T – kunj my head is spinning kunj stopped n made her to sit on bed
K – sorry yar r u k?
T – hmm be careful Mr .sarna
K – twinkle I’m so happy yar its biggest gift for me tank u siyappa queen
T – thanks to u also ???

K – did u told everyone
T – no
K – k morning ll tell dem k n baby I love ur papa love u so much come soon in my arms k n kissed her stomach
K – twinkle from now u ll take rest completely no work at all got it
T – k boss☺☺☺

To be continued….

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