Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 8

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 8
Night at twinj room
Kunj was crying looking at something twinkle came in room n saw kunj crying got shocked n went to him
T – kunj y r u crying?
K – vo twinkle n wiped tears nothing simply n was abt to switch off TV twinkle saw TV n her eyes also became wet looking at d video playing on TV it was video of twinj baby when it is playing inside her womb a scanning video
T – vo I’m sorry isko nahi rakhna tha yaha n wiped her tear n took d CD out
K – I’m so sorry twinkle I reminded u again I wasn’t knowing vch CD it was
T – y u r asking sorry kunj I’m sorry I couldn’t give birth to our love symbol
K – no twinkle y u r asking sorry mistake is mine if I was with u dat time den at dis time our baby ll be playing wid us
T – uffo kunj now stop dis sorry game I got bored baby
Kunj went to balcony n stood der silently looking at sky
T – babaji how I should convence kunj now she went to kunj n back hugged him
T – kunj plz don’t be sad kunj turned to her
K – twinkle tu itni achi kyu hey?
T – abb kunj ki biwi hun tho achi tho hogi na
K – twinkle I did v.wrong wid u but u forgave me n dis people still dey taunt u its all bcoz of me twinkle I’m so bad

Twinkle hugged him tight
T – plz kunj don’t talk like dat I don’t care abt other people words dey r nothing to me n u r my life without u my life ll be incomplete kunj I love u so much no one can take ur place in my life n dare to say my kunj as bad
K – I love u too twinkle I promise u I’ll not leave u never ever whatever situation is I’ll believe u..
T – chalo abb sone chale tomo v have to go for UV marriage
K – yes come its my work out time ryt n winked at her
T – awww???? wt workout now
K – vch I’ll do daily at dis time wid u
T – no n she ran from der kunj behind her n catches her
K – kaha bhagegi bacha kunj back hugged her n started to give wet kisses
K – u were looking very hot today
T – u r also not less Mr sarna
K – acha ji
T – kunj vo pallavi
K – now y u taking her name twinkle u spoiled my mood only
Twinkle POV (shall I tell kunj abt pallavi now)
K – now where r u lost Mrs.sarna
T – vo vo nothing stammeringly
K – twinkle tell me wt u thinking u were telling pallavi something abt her ryt continue
T – vo abhi nahi kunj
K – tell me now it self damn it sternly
T – vo kunj I have doubt on pallavi vo but I’m not sure vo no vo
K – tell fast twinkle don’t check my patience don’t make me angry again
T – vo kunj I think pallavi was knowing abt my pregnancy but also she didn’t told u anything
K – wt huh??? she hided from me I’ll not leave her twinkle held kunj hand
T – not now kunj first vll find everything n kunj I think der is some plan behind my abortion too wid teary eyes
K – wt n made her to sit on bed now tell me everything
T – our baby was fine in my womb kunj till 6 n half months after dat I went checkup too report was fine n next day UV went meeting he doesn’t wanted to go leaving me but I sent him bcoz its very important n later v got to know d meeting was prank call n dat day I fell unwell suddenly by eating something bebe n maa took me to hospital n still I was feeling baby moments inside me n later dey made me unconscious n when I woke up my baby wasn’t with me n started to cry holding her stomach

Kunj hugged her tightly
K – I’ll find out who is it n I promise u twinkle I won’t leave dem v should be careful now dey should not get dat v r finding dem k be strong now ur kunj is wid u na I’ll not let anyone to harm u now. N kunj made her to sleep n slept wid her cuddling her
(UV is marrying wid adithi (avni in naamkaran seriously zain ll look good wid twinkle or adithi n no one else as far now n twinkle is for kunj so I took adithi for UV ) she is twinkle friend very kind n nice girl UV n adithi both fell in love aid each other n twinkle made UV realize dat he loves adithi Anitha did many plan to break marriage bcoz she was not rich n talks back to her but UV didn’t left adithi hand)
Kunj got ready in black n red combination sherwani looking hot always
K – kya hot dikh raha hun yar aaj tho siyappa queen mujhe kaa jayegi .mujhe kamre se bahar nikali hey subh subh siyappa queen n wts d reason she says is I’ll disturb her n I’ll increase her work huh??? now she ll leave all her work looking at me n he goes to his room door is locked
K – twinkle twinkle open door
T – wait na
K – no I can’t open it now u r getting ready from 5 hrs yar it’s not our marriage yar
T – shut up kunj u wait for me at downstairs na I’ll come
K – twinkle open door n look at me n say me how I’m looking
T – I know ull be looking hot n handsome only now go
K – no
T – den wait der itself I’m not going to open door
K – how dare u twinkle ull not allow me to come in my room only c I’ll give u punishment for dis to u for sure n blah blah he was talking continuously showing his back to door

Twinkle opened door n smiled st him n kept hand on his shoulder kunj looked at her n got mesmerized by her beauty
Twinkle wear red netted saari wid red lipstick her hair left open she wear matching jewellery her saari blouse have deep back neck showing her milky body she was looking gorgeous
T – ??? chale kunj
K – wts so hurry baby
T – u were d one telling vll get late na?
K – ha but…
Bebe was coming to twinj room
B – wru kunj n twinkle? Tayar ho gaye hey na
Kunj dragged twinkle in room n locked door n pinned twinkle to door
T – kunj y u dragged me here n bebe is calling us let’s go
K – shh don’t talk .
B – puttar bahar aavo aap dono thayar hona?
T – g be…interrupted by kunj who covered her mouth from his hands preventing her to speak
K – no bebe I have to get ready v ll take time u people go na bebe vll come after some time
B – ha k cheti cheti karke aavo
Twinkle speaking through eyes n telling kunj to remove his hands kunj removed it after some time
T – kunj u….??? bcoz of u my all lipstick has gone I have to apply it once again now n was going to mirror but kunj pulled her back n pinned to door
K – y so hurry darling if u apply lipstick now also it is of no use bcoz I’ll spoil it again n winked at her?
T – awww???? shameless sadu
K – pulled her by waist not only lipstick u have to wear saari also once again
T – wt n she pushed him n was running to balcony but she couldn’t bcoz kunj held her pallu n pulled her slowly to him n twinkle was nodding in no wid shy kunj removed pin from pallu n removed saari completely twinkle was standing der wid blouse n petticoat
T – kunj st u doing give me saari back .
K – no ways darling
T – kunj plz .
K – I’ll give u punishment now
T – aww? for wt
K – for wt huh?? from last week u r spending time wid ur frnd adithi more Dan me n when I’ll be at office I miss u so I call but der also ull be busy ull be talking wid her every time n always ull go out wid her n not wid me n today u kicked me out of room by cheating n u said I’ll increase ur work
T – kunj ll get late plz give me saari plz n she is my friend n marring my best friend n v were talking abt wedding preparation kunj n yes ull inc my work c now wt u doing
K – still I haven’t started baby n throwed saari aside n moved close to twinkle n twinkle moving backwards she got stopped by bed n kunj pushed her twinkle fell on bed kunj sits beside twinkle n traced his finger on her body n tracing her figure twinkle shivered feeling his touch kunj came top of twinkle n captured her lips n he held her both hands above her head n locked it did his hands so she can’t move her hands twinkle didn’t opened mouth n smirked at him kunj pinched her waist twinkle opened mouth taking dis chance kunj entered her mouth n dey started tongue fight n kissing each other widely dey broke kiss after good 20 min breathing heavily but kunj didn’t left her hand still n looked at her hot figure kunj left her hand n stood up looking at her hot figure twinkle taking her hands back but
K – dare u to take ur hands it should above ur head only n looked at her figure again twinkle was shy kunj started kiss her all over her body no leaving any place n he was above to remove knot of petticoat twinkle kept her hands on it n nodded in no
K – I said u na ur hands should be above ur head what is dis doing her take it back like good girl
T – kunjjjj vll get late now plz do ur romance afterwards
K – oh twinkle if v don’t go also dey both vll get married vll go at lunch time na finishing our work
T – besharam kahi ka kunj plz leave me
K – okay den promise me dat ull never ignore me n I’ll continue ur punishment at night u can’t escape
T – I don’t want to get escaped punishment kunj smiled at her n made her to wear saari n dey both got ready n went to attend wedding
(I can’t describe wedding function sorry guys)
UV tied knot to adithi n foiled her hair line wid vermilion n dey both declared as husband n wife all blessed der twinj congradulated dem n dey all took selfie

Later at night
UV n adithi sent for first night at hotel twinj also went to same hotel
Adithi collided wid kunj
K – can’t u see n walk adithi
A – same applies to u Mr.sarna dhyan kidhar hey tera n wt u doing here
K – is dis hotel is ur home to ask me y I’m here
Receptionist – kunj sir ur room is here u have booked honey moon suit right?
K – yes tq n took keys
UV – saale hamara tho first night hey aap dono yaha kya kar rahe hey?
K – romance karne ayye hey any problem sale I’m warning u take ur wife from here she ll not let me some time wid my darling wifey
A – by d way twinki u looking cute today
K – I know dat .
A – I didn’t said u
T – tq adithi?? n u were looking gorgeous n u know n dey started girls gossip abt some random serial adithi forgotten dat she came here for first night n twinkle forgot completely abt kunj presence der
UV – wt is going on here
K – c ur wife is spoiling my wife
UV – shut up u both came here to spoil my first night c ur wife took my wife from me n dey discussing abt some stupid serial
K – haan yaar both girls r mad is dis is time to discuss abt serials I’ll not leave dis twinkle
UV – same here
K – wt?? I’ll kill u if u come near my twinkle
UV – arey yar I mean I’ll not leave adithi
K – ha den k kunj cleared his throat to gain attention from ladies but no use UV went near to dem n coughted but also no use
T – yes adithi n ahha y I’m in air now
A – same I’m also feeling like I’m in air n dey both looked at der husband who were lifting dem in bridal style wid angry look
UV – oye u came here to celebrate first night wid me or wid twinkle
A – oh ho I totally forgotten today is our first night .
K – n u siyappa queen gritting his teeth u promises some time b4 ull not ignore me n wt u doing now
T – vo sorry na making puppy face
K – I’ll show u today n took her to room n locked d room giving angry glare to adithi same happened wid UV n adithi

@twinj hotel room
K – so baby where v stopped at morning
T – kunj????
Kunj made her stand twinkle looked around
T – waw kunj dis room is decorated v.beautifully like first night arrangement I loved it kunj looked around n thot he didn’t told to decorate it in dat way but dey did anyways twinkle liked it wt else he wants
K – n I love u
Twinkle locked her hands around his neck n said I love u too kunj
K – so where v stopped n removed pallu again singing saari ka fall sa n he throwed it to a side n he back hugged twinkle n placed her hair to one side n started giving wet kisses on her bare back n his hands on twinkle bare waist twinkle was moaning kunj name
Knck knock
K – WTH who is dat?
A – me adithi luthra
K – y u came here huh?? don’t disturb us go from here
UV – oye u n twinkle should go open d door now only
T – why v have to go
K – u don’t worry darling I’ll talk to him oye u both go from here
A – u both r in our room its our first night set up room n v r in ur room got it in ur hurry u took twinkle to our room
Twinkle break d hug n glared at kunj once kunj pulled her by waist
K – vo..vo so only I was thinking y my room decorated like dis n ha wt yar v don’t have any problem now v r k here
A – ull be k only na Mr.kunj sarna but v r not k now only come outside
UV – wt I’m telling let dem be here only vll romance in dat room only room much bi ho karna tho ek hi hena darling
A – just shut up I want dis room only its ours dis monkey kunj took it
K – sorry v r in mood now n can’t open door now
Twinkle pinched kunj for talking like dat
K – ouch twinkle n sale UV dis is punishment for u now many times u ruined our honeymoon now unintentionally ur honeymoon got spoiled by us I’m sorry but can’t come out now
Adithi started banging door
K – take ur pagal biwi wid u
T – shh kunj don’t talk to my friend like dat I’ll talk to her …adithi dear plz ma understand v can’t come like dis can u plz adjust der only plz
A – k twinki no problem c how politely u talk dats y I love u n ur idiotic husband he don’t have manners he is idiot,stupid,monkey
K – u donkey go from here
UV – k come ll go now wifey n he was walking to room got pulled by adithi
UV – wt?
A – I can’t walk lift me up n take inside UV took her back to room n locked room
Twinj room
K – now no distirbence v can continue n took twinkle to bed n made her to lye on bed n he looked at fmd fruits vch kept over der he took grape n placed it on her navel n placed his lips over der to eat it
T – k..k..kunj?? moaning
Kunj connected his lips wid her lips n dey were kissing passionately twinkle hand on his hair ruffling it kunj broke d kiss
K – hands above ur head twinkle ,twinkle kept her hands above head n kunj held it tightly so she can’t move n started to give wet kisses everywhere N he made her completely naked twinkle was in all shy mode N dey made love all night room is filled wid full love n loud moans
After 1 month twinj n UV n adithi leaving happily adithi was like support to twinkle for all her siyappa too
At night twinj room (sorry for boring parts guys from now twinkle siyappas)
Twinj were sitting on bed kunj looking at twinkle n twinkle looking at TV kunj heard baby cry in TV n saw dey r shoeing baby scenes he was imagining how twinkle will take care of his babies n how she ll look ven she is pregnent he thot to ask her abt baby plan but didn’t got how to ask so he looked at TV n thot of some plan in TV dey were showing baby scenes
K – twinkle ,twinkle looked at kunj
T – haan kunj bolo☺
K – vo…vo wt I’m thinking is I’m planning to bring it here pointing to baby in TV twinkle saw TV to see wt Kunj wants n she saw baby mother (heroine of serial) she thot kunj want her
T – u r joking na kunj how u can bring it here????
K – no baby I’m damn serious n I want ur support to bring it here n vll take care of it k
T – have u gone mad Kunj u want me to support u in dis stupid thing
K – arey yes I want ur support only twinkle its too late na baby vll bring it here n it ll sleep in middle of us I just can’t wait to hug n kiss it
T – ?????? n she thinks in my mind heroine is sleeping middle of dem n kunj cuddling her she Shout’s no
K – yes I want it plz na twinkle bring it in our life
T – halkat aadmi kahi ka u want me to support u in dis dirty things wait I’ll come just now
Twinkle came back wid stick kunj hot shocked
K – y u brought stick twinkle ,twinkle started to hit him saying how dare u to think like dat
K – ahha ahha stop it twinkle wt wrong I said yar n I should talk to it u only ,only wid ur support I can bring it na
T – u… N started hit kunj ran out of room to bebe room
B – wt happened kunj puttar y u r running like dis?
K – twinkle is hitting me bebe plz save me n hided behind her
Twinkle came in room
T – I know ull be here only Mr.kunj cone outside bebe plz send him to me
B – puttar kya huva? Isne kya kiya tell me something
Twinkle narrated everything kunj was shocked bebe took stick from twinkle n started to hit kunj
K – ahha bebe
B – shut up how dare u to ask twinkle permission to bring southan for her kunj held bebe hand n throwed stick away n glared twinkle angrily yet cutely for her siyappa
K – arey bebe I was pointing to baby in serial but she saw may be her mother character iski galathfemili bebe
B -????? twinkle puttar thu bhi na
T – oh like dat ha I’m sorry kunj I mistaken u
K -wait I’ll tell u n he ran behind her twinkle was running everywhere screaming bachavo
T – save me save me from kunj
K – no one ll save u siyappa queen gritting his teeth n finally he cstched her by pulling her waist like he was back hugging her n twirled her
K – siyappa queen kahi Ki??
T – sorry baby plz forgive me n kissed his cheeks making him smile
K ,- k so darling say me when ll bring baby
T – when u want at dat time only n winked at him
K – lifted her in bridal style twinkle coverer her face in his chest to hide shyness kunj walked to der room n locked it n dey started mission baby lavo

Next scene adithi n twinkle in shopping mall later dey went to have pizza
A – so how life IG going on twinki?
T – I’ll get bore at home u know wt kunj is very busy from past one week he ll go office early n comes home late but he ll give me time but in home also he ll be busy in office calls his pa ll call him every time
A -??? its dangerous twinki u should take action
T – wt? Wt u telling adithi
A – c kunj spends more time in office wid his pa n obviously its girl na
T -arey usse kya I believe my Kunj
A – yes but do u believe his pa v saw her na she ll wear short dress n she walks n talks wid kunj ryt kahi vo tere kunj nu utaake rape tho nahi kare
T ,- u r ryt adithi
@kunj office
Kunj is very very strict at office everyone is scared of him
Let’s name pa piya
Kunj cabin .
K – shouts piya
P – yes. . yes sir stammering
K – what yes huh??? bcoz of u v lost one project vch is very benefitial to our company
P – sorry sir slowly bowing her head down
K – I know u have cheated in my company to help opposite company huh??
P – sir its wrong I didn’t do d…before she completes she got hard slap from kunj
K – u were my friend in clg so thot to help u by giving job but u cheated me huh get d hell out from my office
P – plz kunj I’m sorry for dat I did it for money plz forgive me
K – no
P – hahaha k do whatever u want to do but c I have details of ur company I’ll use it to destroy u n ur company like I destroyed ur one project now
K – hahahaha wt u thot I lost dat project no my dear so called friend I got dat deal I was having doubt on u so I kept eye on ur work to make it confirm I talked to u in dis way
P – vo..vo..
K – just shut up n slapped her again n he kicked her out of d office
Kunj to one of worker
K – call for interview of pa
@sarna mansion at night @twinj room
Twinkle is sitting on bed wid angry pout she is wearing kunj shirt its her night dress now kunj entered room n saw her like dat
K – oh shit I forgotten dat I promised her dat I’ll take her out for movie
K – sweetie twinkle saw him n turned her face
K – baby angry hey mujse sorry darling I have lot of work today so n today I kicked my pa piya out if office u were right abt her she is not good
Twinkle jumped on him n kissed his cheek kunj was abt to fall from her sudden action but composed himself n pulled twinkle by waist
T – my hot baby I love u n kissed his other cheek
K – my baby seems v happy listening to news but only kiss on cheeks I’m not kid to kiss me on cheeks kiss MD here showing his lips
T – k come down bit to my height
Kunj placed her on table n told her to kiss now twinkle placed her soft lips on his rough lips n dey both kissed for 15 min n dey broke kiss breathing heavily twinkle find herself naked n looked down her shirt was thrown somewhere n kunj naughtyly smirked at her
T – kunj thum bhi na give me dat
K – no way forgotten ur punishment baby I said u na from now u should sleep top less only 2 pieces should be on u not any other
T – awww??? wt punishment always I’ll wear it
K – k think abt it once again if u wear it den ur punishment is u should sleep nsked always
T – sadu I feel cold na
K – I’m der na I’ll be ur blanket now I’ll get freshen up n come go n sleep
T – hmm k .
Twinj were sleeping cuddling
K – tomo I have to go early twinkle I have called for interview for pa post
T – oh k at wt time
Kunj raised his one eye brow up n asked y u want to know dat
T – vo I have to get ready na so
K – y ull get ready .
T – arey bcoz I’m coming to attend interview I’ll be ur personal secretary cool na
K – not cool ,no need to come I’ll reject u if u come
T – y kunj???
K – its not easy work k think u have joined n u do any mistake den I’ll shout on u ,ull be my employee der not my darling wife n wt ull do ull cry n complain bebe n dis work gives u stress so don’t want
T – plz na kunj I promise I’ll not complaint
K – okay I’ll tell u example if my employee didnt complete der work properly especially my personal secretary if any mistake happen I’ll slap her den wt ull do
T – oh if u slap me I’ll cry obviously n den ven v return home I’ll slap u
K – dats y be here only
T – k I’ll not slap n ull also not slap me bcoz I’ll work correctly plz kunj take me na
K – I said no???
T – plz kunj…
K – no means no can’t u get at once in louder tone
T – kunj vo
K – don’t argue wid me now first only I’m frustrated louder tone
T – k I’ll not come but tell me timings na I’ll ask my friends
K – hmm sharp at 8.30
K – planning some siyappa huh???
T – no baba no siyappa n me no chance baby u sleep noe tomo u should go early na n hided her face in his chest n slept der n kunj also slept thinking wt siyappa can she do tomo
Morning @kunj cabin
K – sorry u r rejected go out
K – next
Kunj stood up looking at other person
K – g aunty g much kaam tha (lady was above 40 years)
Aunty – namasthe beta I cams here to give interview
K – wt ? But how can u do dis work
Aunty – I have experience sir
K – plz don’t call me sir n may I know who said u abt job
Aunty – twinkle puttar sent me here beta
Kunj mumurred siyappa queen said she ll send her friend but she sent aunty
K – sorry aunty I can’t give job to u
A – it’s k n she went out
K – next
Same 3 more aunty came kunj sent dem back n goes outside n wt he saw made him shocked 5 more aunty r der n behind dem girls dat to twinkle giving dem other jobs by interviewing dem n d girls got happy by twinkle job as she giving wedding planning jobs n took dem as assistant promising she ll give dem more salary
Twinkle was wearing a short back dress vch is above her knees n her milky s*xy legs r visible her back neck is very deep all office boys r staring her like der is no Tomorrow dey left der work n was busy in looking at twinkle dis made kunj blood boil in jealousy
K – twinkle
Twinkle looked at kunj n gulfed in fear looking at his angry expression only twinkle fan understand he is angry
Worker – who is dis hot girl
Kunj went close to twinkle n pulled her by waist
K – she is Mrs.Kunj sarna my wife n from now my personal secretary u all go n do ur works n don’t disturb us vll be discussing abt project don’t dare to come in my cabin n don’t disturb me
All – yes sir
K – so twinkle follow me I’ll take ur interview now ???
T – no I don’t want dis job I’ll send girls to interview
K – I’m boss here not u ,u r my pa ryt follow me to cabin now ??
T – no na ☺☺ its k I’ll go to home
K – ll u come by yourself or should I drag u forcefully ????
T – ?????? no I’ll come n she followed kunj quitely like kid
Kunj opened door n went inside 5 min gone no clue of twinkle twinkle opened door slightly n peeped inside cabin kunj glaring her angrily
K – come fast??? get inside
T – k n came to him wid scared expression
K – stand up on chair
Twinkle sat on chair
K – didn’t u heard me I said u to stand up on chair not to sit on chair
T – kunj
K – wt ??? wt u said
T – sorry boss n tried to stand on chair but couldn’t n she fell down on kunj ,twinkle on kunj lap both share romantic eye lock broken by Kunj
K – stupid girl get up from me et I said u to do
T – sorry boss but can’t stand on chair kunj pointed to table vch is on his right side n said her to stand on dat twinkle stood on table wid puppy face
T – sorry na plz
K – hold ur ears twinkle did n kunj was busy in his work its been 30 min twinkle standing der wid puppy face
T – boss can I sit plz my legs r paining n my hands too
K – no stand straight dare to leave hands n he stood up from his place went near to twinkle table n was taking round of it looking at twinkle from top to bottom
K – d dress is too lengthy na baby
T – sorry kunj oh no sorry boss
Kunj moved his hand sensually on her legs twinkle was leaving her hands from ears
K – dare to take hands now it should be above ur head twinkle did as he said thinking she did wrong by listening to adithi idea
Kunj lifted her n placed her on bed in his private room p
T – boss wt u doing?.
K – shhh teaching u lesson

To be continued

(Sorry for boring episode guys from next I’ll try to reach ur expectations sorry for dis boring episode)

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