Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 7

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 7
Karva chauth special

Twinkle is v happy that tomorrow is karva chauth n dis time she can celebrate wid it real kunj not wid his photo but she thot from 5 years she kept karva chauth only for kunj Ben she was knowing dat he is not der but also she did n DAT paid off she got her kunj back
K – oye siyappa queen wru lost??
T – nothing kunj tomo is karva chauth so just thinking abt it I’m happy DAT I got u back n I’ll celebrate it wid u
Kunj hugs her tight n appoliges her again for his stupid mistake n promises her dat he ll never leave her now
Kunj gifts twinkle new gown chudi n bangles
T – wow kunj ye mere liye hey?
K – no for aliya that den Wt twinkle I’ll bring everything only for u
Twinkle kisses on kunj cheeks n about to go kunj pulls her
K – only dis kiss is not enough I want more
T – awww? leave me kunj ppz I have work
K – kiss me here den I’ll leave u pointing to his lips
T – k but peck not kiss k kunj nodes in yes innocently n she was giving peck but kunj pulls her n captures her lips in wild kiss pulling her more into him without breaking kiss he places her on bed lifting her n dey broke kiss after 15 min twinkle became shy kunj winks at her n twinkle got shocked to see herself she was half naked already in kissing process kunj removed her top
T – awww naughty kunj now leave
K – now its impossible to control jaan
T – kunj its morning time kya thum subh subh n tries to get up kunj pushes her back on bed
K – Wt morning morning I have read some wear morning s*x is good for health n now its 6 ryt I’ll leave u at 9 pakka n removes his shirt twinkle looks at his body n shyes as she know what’s going to happen next kunj makes twinkle to lye on bed n comes on top of her starts kiss everywhere n bites her ear lobe twinkle moans kunj name n digs her nails in kunj back marking her kunj looks at her neck n bites her hard twinkle moans his name louder he sucks DAT place to lessen pain n starts taste her boobs cupping it by hand n twinkle is turned on
T – kunj I want u badly now plz
Kunj removed his pant n dey became one again

Next scene pallavi was angry listening to sounds coming from twinj room she goes to her room angrily n bangs door
P – I’ll not leave dis twinkle I have to do something to spoil her relation n she gets call she receives d call by listening to news she becomes happy
P – tomorrow u just wait n watch twinkle Wt I’ll do wid u

Next scene
Pallavi in dining area wid usha twinkle to come der
U – is dis is time to cum learn from pallavi something
T – I’m sorry I came late but I don’t want to learn anything from pallavi I don’t want to be like her
P – leave aunty some peotple all not be disciplined god know Wt she was doing in her room till 10
Usha goes from der
T – u asked Wt I did ryt wait I’ll tell Wt husband n wife that v did n my hubby loves me so much so he was showing me dat how much he loves me wts ur problem
Pallavi goes from der thinking now he is showing love once he gets to know wt u have done he ll hate u n kill u just wait n watch wt I’ll do wid u
Next day garva chouth day twinkle wakes up early in morning to have sargi n goes to usha
T – mummy g sargi
U – no Im not going to give u any sargi I don’t consider u as my bahu
T – mummy g wt I did??? wt happened to u y u behaving dis rude to me I’m same twinkle to whom u said like I’m not ur mother in low but mother
U – don’t say like dat u r no one to me u r cheap ,characterless girl I got to know everything abt ur plan n I’ll not allow u to go to kunj n goes from der
T – wt I did
Pallavi smirks n usha gave sargi to pallavi n not to twinkle n bebe saw dis so bebe gave sargi to twinkle
Twinkle have sargi n comes to room she was upset bcoz of usha behaviour

At night everyone comes to sarna mansion to celebrate karva chauth
Twinkle comes down wearing red selwar kamiz wid golden dupatta looking devilishly beautiful kunj gets mesmerized looking at her
Bebe to kunj
B – ur wife looking beautiful na
K – yes she is looking hot (not in senses) I just want to eat her now
Bebe and leela – wt??? ????
Kunj came back to senses
K – oh oh I mean chand aaya hey
Everyone looks at twinkle n praises her n some people taunts pallavi signs one aunty
Aunty 1 – twinkle puttar wid whom ull celebrate karva chauth dis time
Aunty 2 – ha wid 1st or 2nd
Aunty 1 – had kisi ka naseeb ye nahi hotha na do do pathi ke liye karo aisa n dey laughs
K – enough twinkle always kept karva chauth on my name only even I wasn’t wid her u people don’t have aukath to talk abt her like dis
All shuts der mouth
K ,- come let’s break fast now I’m hungry
T – u also kept fast kunj??? y
K – y u kept?
T – for ur wellness
K – same here??? ,come now my chandh
T – ???? chalo
K – I’m first

Kunj looks at moon den at twinkle smiling den twinkle breaks kunj fast
Twinkle looks at moon den was abt to c Kunj but someone pushes her she falls down n pallavi looks at moon den at kunj n tells him to break her fast
All becomes shocked kunj is hell shocked n angry
K – how dare u pallavi???? r u mad?
P – kunj I did ryt she don’t deserve u kunj she is cheating u
Kunj makes twinkle to stand giving angry glare to pallavi
T – wt u telling huh???
K – she has gone made do u know wt all u speaking?
P – yes I know wt I’m speaking n do u know twinkle lied u
K – wt? She won’t lie to me I believe my twinkle
P – my twinkle my twinkle bass bi karo I’m listening dis shit from 5 years can’t u see my love leave it n do u know she said u she lost ur baby vch made ur anger cool n u confronted u r kunj ryt n dat baby wasn’t urs its uvs she lied u giving him some file n she also involved in ur goa accident plan she did it dis b*t*h was having other man baby in her womb n dis b*t*h was having extra marital affair so killed u n dis b*t*h….interrupted By kunj by very hard slap pallavi fell on flor kunj grabbed her by hair n slapped harder again making her lip bleed n was abt to give another but usha stopped him
U – y r u slapping her slap dis girl n was abt to slap twinkle kunj holds her hand
K – dare u touch my twinkle ???
U – kunj? I’m ur mother
K – dats y I only warned u n slaps pallavi again
P – k…u…nnn.jjjj ???????? really twinkle
Kunj slapped her again
K – apni Gandhi jabhani say uska naam bhi math Lena u r b*t*h not my twinkle n how dare u to say her like dat n slaps again(bahuth hogaya kya thappad)
K – n do hell wid dis files how can u blame twinkle like dis pallavi dat baby mine n twinkle how dare u to talk abt it like dat n twinkle involving in my accident its big joke I know how is my twinkle dis fake proofs can’t do anything she is mine forever till 5 years she didn’t moved on in her life she didn’t gave my place to anyone she was mine ,she is mine n she ll be mine forever I’m not old kunj to believe u easily wtever u told dat time I believed u n my life became hell n I made twinkle n my family too live in hell…
P – kunj but dis proofs says
K – bhad mey gaya tera proofs dis r fake anyone can get it y won’t u get it being educated
P – Alisha gave me dis pointing to Alisha who is standing der wid fear looking at Kunj anger kunj goes to Alisha she moves back kunj pulls her n slaps her hard
K – u won’t change na..???? y u came here again n y u doing dis wid twinkle
T – kunj Alisha was flirting wid chinki would be hubby n making him her side but didn’t happen so she planned to harm chinki I saved her knowing her plan n on marriage day she went n sat on mandap locking chinki in room I got it n released chinki from der n complained police later Alisha got arrested she said she ll come to take revenge so may be she came here
K – oh so ma’am ko abhi bhi amir munda nahi mila kya
A – kunj?????
Kunj slaps her again n kicks her out of home n looks at pallavi
K – get out now???
P – kunj I’m sorry plz forgive me, mey Alisha key baatho mey aagayi
K – oh really den wt was dat karva chauth drama
B – I’ll tell u dat puttar usha didn’t gave sargi to twinkle but she gave to pallavi
K – wt??? y mom
U – bcoz of dis girl everything happens so I wanted to make pallavi as my bahu
K – yes bcoz of dis girl u got ur son back dis wt she did maa u all didn’t identified me but only twinkle knew it ,n when I wasn’t here she took my place n cared abt u all dis is wrong thing she have done ryt khud bejath hokey is ghar ko beta vapas dilaya dis is wrong she have done ryt?
U – whatever u say but I won’t accept her as my bahu u should marry pallavi she saved ur life
K – no never I know she saved my life I’m thankful to her but no I can’t marry her for dat she has done her duty being doctor n twinkle looking st her
T – yes kunj
K – u call maa as aunty from now she don’t deserve to be called as mummy g n don’t listen to her I’m wid u
T – kunj wt u saying ha
K – its my order u should follow n pallavi get out
Pallavi kunj ki paanv pakadliya n crying
P – plz forgive me Kunj plz give me one chance where I’ll go from here plz
Kunj jerks her
K – der r many hotels in Amritsar u can go der n stay I’ll break our friendship here itself
P – kunj plz forgive me mey fhera paanv padungi plz
K – k I can allow u to stay here for sometime only but I’ll give u punishment
P – k I’m ready
K – tho jao twinkle paanv chu ke maafi mango
Pallavi looks on
K – u can’t na get out
Pallavi twinkle paanv pakad ke maafi mango
T – its k now leave me
P – done kunj
K – u r not at all guilty pallavi apne gutno pe gir aur apni naak ragdo twinkle ki saamne
P – kunj , kunj turned his face
T – no kunj its k
K – just shut up did I asked u to speak .
Pallavi does as he said
K – twinkle now slap pallavi ,twinkle nodes in no
T – no kunj
K – if u don’t slap her den I’ll slap u
Twinkle slapped pallavi hard n looked at kunj he said to give another twinkle did as kunj said like innocent kid
K – come smdarling she wasted our time much now n from tomorrow don’t do any of her work she ll her work by herself n goes from der wid twinkle
Twinkle looked at moon n finally at kunj both smiles n kunj breaks twinkle fast both have der dinner n goes to room
Pallavi crying in room touching her cheeks vch has many marks now kunj’s hand impression was printed n above dat twinkles small hand impression
P – I won’t leave u. How u can do dis wid me kunj I helped u many times but u , I want u kunj plz

To be continued

Precap – twinkle siyappa mood on n kunj angry bird mod twinkle done some siyappa at kunj office n after dat v can c naughty twinkle getting punishes from naughty kunj is kunj way stay tuned to get to know wt happened n if u want me to stop here I’ll stop n for my other ff’s also I’m saying if u guys comment I’ll continue all otherwise I’ll stop it really v spend hours to write but no response means it hurts a lot for every writer who ever reads plz comment a word enough bad or good ur choice but plz do
N I love u all who commented it means a lot so made time to write it n post plz keep supporting me like dis only love u all bye

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