Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 6

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 6
Twinj were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace cuddling kunj got up n looked at his lady love beside him sleeping peacefully wid content smile kunj kissed her on forehead n got freshen up n ordered food for dem he made tray ready wid burgers n pizza n saw twinkle she was still sleeping
K – look at dis siyappa queen it is evening now still she is sleeping khumb karan kahi ki utatha hu abhi twinkle ,twinkle get up
T – don’t disturb me kunj
K – twinkle wake up na from 10 hrs u r sleeping n cuddled wid her twinkle opened her eyes n cuddled more wid kunj n told him also to sleep kunj made her to sit n brought tray of food n kept on bed
T – hyee burger n pizza???? I love it
K – n I love u??? n kissed her on cheek
T – love u too kunj n kissed him on cheeks
K – k have it my sherni I know u have wasted much energy in wash room
T – kunjjjj?? chup
Kunj took pizza n kept in her mouth
K – don’t speak eat now u need energy for night also baby
Twinkle mouth formed in o listening it????
K – I’m feeding u food u also feed me
T – okay take it took burger n moves her hand towards kunj mouth ven he was abt to bite she kept it in her mouth
K – so mean twinkle huh??? I’ll not talk to u n turned his face showing fake anger
T – acha lo na kunj dis time I’ll not cheat look at me na
K – huh??? no
T – holding ears sorry na plz

Kunj smiled n turned to her twinkle makes him eat n both spends sometime like dis
Twinkle gets up from bed to go for washroom she was in bath robe only
K – wru going darling
T – washroom darling n she is walking kunj couldn’t control his harmonies again by looking at her he goes to her n pulls her by waist
T – kunj wt u doing leave me
K – no I’ll not leave u n moved his hands sensually on her lips n said twinkle
T – hmm bholo
K – can v start another session
T – ???? from morning to noon v did dat only kunj not now
K – twinkle plz na
T – no means no
K – k den I’ll make u take bath now
T – no I know how ull make me to take bath
K – I’m not asking u got it n he lifted her in bridal style n took to washroom ven he was above to close door
T – uffo kunj our dress wait I’ll bring it
K – no wait I’ll bring it my jaan waishe no need to wear clothes in front of me????
T – wt did u said ????
K – I mean to say see if u don’t wear clothes ven u r wid me in room means it ll be easy for me na so told v don’t have to waste time in removing dress
T – go n bring now

Kunj goes to get her clothes n twinkle closes wash room door giggling
K – y u closed door damn it ??? open na twinkle plz baby
T – no I’ll not open
K – twinkle tu mera aath Aisha nahi jar sakthi twinkle plz
T – no no
K – k next time c I’ll not leave u siyappa queen
Twinkle comes outside after sometime wearing long skirt n top
K – tho aagayi siyappa u took 2 hrs
T – awww??? shut up sadu
K – by d way today u r looking so gorgeous
T – thank u
K – yes u should thank me bcoz I’m d reason for ur glow
T – kunj??? come let’s go downstairs now from morning Im in room only
K – k baby

Twinj goes to hall hand in hand looking damn happy
B – aagaye dono wt u people doing from morning ha?
T & k – vo vo???
K – tell na twinkle
T – kunj ll tell u bebe
B – pati patni much bi karo puttar muje had bath bathana jaruri nahi hey aur ek bath twinkle u r looking v.pretty today
T – tq bebe?? kunj whisper in twinkle tell bebe dat I’m reason for it twinkle pinches him he scream
K – ahha
B – wt happened puttar? Y r u screaming
K – nothing bebe Aisha hi twinkle bring coffee plz
T – okay u both sit I’ll bring snacks too
Pallavi looks at her fuming in anger n usha too
Pallavi comes to kitchen to drink water takes water bottle from fridge n accidently looks at twinkle n her eye fell on her neck vch has love bites she got shocked n leaves d bottle der it self
T – pallavi can’t u see pura pani giradiya
P – vo vo sorry now only I’ll tell maid to clean it
T – she didn’t came today so u have to clean it bcoz u did it
P – wt me ??? how dare u to tell me to clean flor
T – arey wt is wrong in it do
U – wt happened ?
T – mummy g I just told her to clean flor bcoz isne pani giraya
U – pallavi puttar u didn’t replied wt happened?

Pallavi smirks at twinkle n twinkle becomes sad looking at usha ignorance towards her
P – aunty vo I accidently drop d water bottle so twinkle shouting on me she said me I’m maid to dis house n told me to clean flor
U – wt??? twinkle how dare u
T – no mummy g I didn’t said anything like dat
U – shut up twinkle u r going to clean it n say sorry to pallavi
T – sorry mummy g I’m not going to do it, n abt sorry she should say not me n excuse me I have some other work also she said n walked out of kitchen wid tray
U – ?????? is it twinkle she showing attitude to me
P – aunty how dare she is to say u like dat
U – I know how to control her font worry beta n dis flor see putttar I also can’t do I have back pain
P – I’ll do (POV – kaam nahi karna aunty ka muj pe dal diya)
U – v.good beta u don’t worry I’ll throw twinkle outside house n ull be in her place k n she went outside
P POV – ek baar mera kaam ho jaya usha aunty ko tho mey ghar ka kaam karne ke liye rakhungi n i have to see dis twinkle now is dat love bite dat means kunj and twinkle no no dis can’t happen kunj is only mine wait n watch twinkle how I’ll snatch kunj from u

Pallavi gets call she gets scared
P – wt ? U want money if I don’t give ull tell everything to kunj no plz don’t do dat I’ll give u money
C – k I’m in front of sarna mansion come wid money
P – r u mad y u came here c
C – just bring money n cuts d call
P – omg ye kya ho gaya how dare she is to blackmail me I can’t delay I’ll give money n end dis matter here itself
Pallavi goes from der hiding twinkle saw her going like dat n gets doubt on her n follows her
T – wid whom she is talking I can’t hear anything n what’s dat y she is giving money to dat person something is fishy
Pallavi gets inside looking here n der twinkle stands in front of her crossing her arms pallavi becomes tensed
T – from where u coming pallavi?
P – I’m here only twinkle
T – no u came from outside n at dis night time vch work u have
P – huh??? c dats none of ur business y ull be behind me always
T – c I don’t have any shok to be behind u I have doubt on u so asked n y u talking so loud huh??
Pallavi sees kunj coming der n starts melodrama
P – ???? I’m sorry twinkle I know u r owner to dis house but plz font treat me like slave
T – wt y r u crying pallavi n wt r u talking ha
P – sorry ha from now I’ll ask ur permission for doing anything
T – arey I just asked where u went iyna drams kyu uske liye

Kunj in bit anger bcoz both r shouting on each other
K – wt is happening here huh??? is dis home or fish market
T – vo vo kunj
P – ???? kunj vo ns
K – y r u crying pallavi in calm tone
P – kunj ??? vo twinkle treats me like her slave may she has problem me staying here so I think I should go
Kunj glares at twinkle
T – (POV wa re wa itna drama in front of my husband dis pallavi is big chalak lombdi wait dear I’ll show u wt is twinkle now n look at dis kunj mujhe uske chote aanke badi karke dikha raha hey sadu sarna I know he is not angry bcoz of pallavi he is angry bcoz I ran out from room)
K – looking at pallavi u have mistaken pallavi my twinkle doesn’t behave like dat to anyone
T – ha kunj c I didn’t said like dat ,wt happened is ,she went out at dis time n look at time its too late n she looked tense so I just asked her where she was does she have any problem if she have den she can share wid me or wid u na c she is staying wid us now so v have to take care of her na so I asked abt her problem but she mistaken me kunj
K – oh yes pallavi if u have any problem share wid me n twinkle don’t have any problem wid u staying here
Kunj gets call n excuses himself
T – ha kunj is ryt I don’t have any problem u staying here as u can c our house is top big n recently v have brought 2 dogs also dey also can stay here n u too pallavi
P – wt ????? u r comparing me to dog
T – I can’t tell it dat directly too yar bhura maan jayegi thu pehli he maansik hey thu
P – huh??? c i ll not leave u
T – oh kunj come
K – k pallavi gn u go n sleep peacefully k n twinkle come wid me
N takes twinkle from der
Twinkle looking at Kunj smiles sheepishly
T – hehehe?????
K – huh????? come to room I’ll show u
T – wt I did Kunj pallavi interrupted by Kunj
K – not abt pallavi Mrs.sarna do u remember wt siyappa u have done in room n u escaped from me n came here now where ll u run twinkle I’ll not leave u
T – giving innocent look wt I did Kunj
K – u haven’t done anything huh??? I’ll remind u wt u did

After dinner twinj went in room Kunj was sitting on bed n twinkle was in front of mirror
T – kya bath hey twinkle u r v.gorgeous ,u r looking cute day by day hey na Kunj
K – I didn’t saw a self obsessed girl like u now leave ur mirror come n join me in bed
T – oh ho leave it u don’t know how to boast me ,look at dat kiran he ll tell shayri on me
K – kiran who is he?now???
T – vo yaar v were going to clg na der one guy teaching us saalsa na he is kiran he is v.good u know n handsome too
K – huh????? shut ur mouth
T – y I have to shut my mouth first u listen na Kunj dat day u didn’t came for dance practice he teached me all steps
K – wt ??? he teacher u dat steps huh??? how dare he to touch u
T – n u know wt he asked me for date also
K – wt saala nahi ka u didn’t went na good girl
T – arey he requested to me many times na so I said yes n date was fixed too but couldn’t go bcoz u married me dat day
K – means u were ready to go acha huva using din shaadi karli nahi tho
T – omg look at time how can I forget huh?? all bcoz of u sadu
K – wt I did
T – der is sidhanth guptha show now I have to see it n she switched on TV
T – dekho kithna hot hena kitna cute hey
K – I think im hot Dan him
T – no
K – twinkle ??? off d TV now how dare u to say he is hot in front of me mean time in TV sid removed shirt
T pov (wait sadu ko teas karungi)
T – awww???? just look at his body n gave flying kiss
Kunj catches it
K – kisses only for me twinkle first off TV otherwise see
T – aww u didn’t gave my kiss to sid no worries she said n moved close to TV n kissed on TV screen
K – wait now I’ll not leave u twinkle how dare u huh????
T – aaha Kunj don’t throw pillow I was just kidding n started to run n Kunj behind her n twinkle started to jump on bed n taking rounds der Kunj was her behind he was also taking rounds n rounds in d process twinkle ran out of room but only Kunj taking rounds he didn’t saw twinkle after taking 4 more rounds, n der at door stands bebe looking at Kunj in shocked expression
B – Kunj puttar r u alright ? Shall I call doctor
K – doctor y bebe
B – den wt kotte ki puttar y u taking rounds like dis I thot u have gone mad n kya halath kar diya is room ka clean it now
K – bebe vo na twinkle did
B – USS bachi ka nam kyu le rage ho start cleaning now only n after dat only go out of room
K – g n murmured twinkle I won’t leave u
Fb ends

T – hahahaha?????? Kunj u cleaned room bebe gave u punishment I love u bebe
K – han hasi aa rahi hey na bahuth hi chal room ko I’ll give u punishment twinkle tried to run from der Kunj caught her n lifted her in bridal style n walked to room
T – Kunj sorry na
K – no baby
Kunj placed her on bed n locked d room door
K – stand up baby twinkle stood on bed wid puppy face
T – kunj I’m I kid to give me punishment like stand up on bench
K – yes u r now hold ur ears
T – kunj
K – hold
Twinkle holds her ear
K – now say I’ll not say other boys r hot n handsome only my husband kunj sarna is hottest person in d world
Twinkle said one time n left ear
K – oh hello maam do it for 10 times den I’ll leave u
Twinkle does as he said
T – done now can I sleep
K – no baby its only trailer now I’ll show u picture saying dis he pulls twinkle beneath him n cones on top of her twinkle starts to breath heavily
T – kunj leave me ????
K – no baby n touched her hair behind her ears n started to kiss her neck n bites her der twinkle let loud moan kunjjj he sucked d area to soothen d pain twinkle clutched his shirt she can’t take more sweet torture now twinkle came top of him n did same wid him kunj became shocked looking at his sherni new avathar she is turned on now n kissing him everywhere kunj switched position n removed her dress completely n moved his finger on her perfect figure twinkle was continuously moaning his name twinkle removed his dress too n soon dey covered wid blanket n made love whole night ,only moan can be heard from der 2 souls become one again
Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest dey were sleeping peacefully covered in one blanket
T – kunj wake up
K – darling let me sleep n u too sleep
T – no kunj its late getup
K – twinkle plz yar let me sleep
T – k ill get ur bed coffee until den u can sleep
Pallavi becomes angry looking at twinkle

Precap – kunj to slap…

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