Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 5

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 5
Twinkle was wid bebe only behind her every time to get save from kunj anger ,kunj tried to take her but couldn’t ,bebe wasn’t allowing him to come near twinkle
Kunj POV( siyappa queen for how many hours ull be saved by bebe I’ll also see but for sure I’ll not leave u for wt u did how dare u to wear dat dress in front of him n he touched ur hands n waist huh??? I will clean u first ,I’ll see who ll save u from me now n smirked )
At night after dinner every one in home r sleeping peacefully kunj went down in middle night n he goes to bebe room slowly peeps into d room n he saw bebe n twinkle slept already slowly he went inside without making noise n looked at sleeping twinkle n lifted her up in bridal style n took her to der room n made her to lye on bed she too slept beside her holding her waist tightly so she should not escape

Morning twinj [email protected]
Twinkle sleep got disturbed due to the sun rays she slowly opened her eyes n said good morning she tried to get up but can’t she felt like dome one holding her so she looked st side n she saw kunj sleeping beside her she got shocked she thinks at night I slept wid bebe n when she woke up @ morning bebe became kunj how it is possible she thot may be she is dreaming how can it be kunj she slept wid bebe so she once closed her eyes n opened den also kunj is beside her not bebe so she cutely rubbed her eyes n saw again its kunj again she did dis 2-3 Tims n its kunj again so she thot its may be her eyes problem its bebe only (she didn’t saw surrounding as she got up now from peaceful sleep) she thot to confirm it n touched kunj hair its short bebe don’t have short hair n she touched his cheeks n finally saw der room it got confirmed its kunj only she tried to escape but can’t as his grip is strong she can’t even move from dat place n she tried several times but no use kunj sleep got disturbed he opened his eyes n saw twinkle struggling to come out from his grip
K – good morning wifey
T – good morning in very sweet voice,kunj see ur hands came here leave me na plz
K – oh k n he tightened his grip
T – kunj….k sorry leave me
K – wt sorry huh??? wait I’ll teach u lesson now
T – bebe screaming for help
K – no one ll come here to help u got it ??
T – y r u angry on me making puppy face
K – y huh??? don’t u know y I’m angry wait I’ll remind u everything now saying dis he dragged her out of bed n pinned her to the wall
T – kunj…k…kunj leave me plz
K – not so easily baby n looked at her from top to bottom she was wearing dat short dress only his hand travelled through her visible leg n he touched it sensually making her moan his name
T – kunj…chodo plz
K – so he was hot huh??? n he is ur baby ???
T – stammering who said like dat no he is not hot n he is not baby
Kunj pulled her by waist n u did cheating u took my mobile n msged worker to let him come inside huh???
T – vo..vo but ur mobile is my mobile na Jo tera hey vo mera hey!! N blinked her eyes cutely n kunj u also did wrong na u also flirted wid venessa n told her she is hot n all so I also did same
K – vo so wt I did to u u also did huh?? i n venessa r not so close but he was v.near to u n u heard how he was talking abt u n huh???.
T – kunj voo….

K – chup ???? I didn’t completed yet ,do u remember wt I told u abt dis dress twinkle was silent so kunj loudly speak up
T – vo…vo dat u allow me to wear dis only in front of u n only in our room
K – exactly but wt u did huh??? u wear dat dress for him twinkle nodes in no
T – I’m sorry kunj holding ears(POV – babaji bachalena sadu is in angry bird mode he is dis much possessive abt me but he also did to make me jealous but he is ryt he is not dat close but wt I did n dat chipku wasn’t leaving me at all n where is bodyguard I told him to bring dat to directly my room na ,only from dat I can scare kunj now)
K – soyi huvi kya jaag jaaa be ready for ur punishment now came closer to her n kissed on cheek
T – is it punishment
K – abhi bhaki hey meri jaan so where all he touched u I’ll wash dat parts got it ur hands n waist so remove dress
T- shocked wt ull wash me???? no I can take bath myself
K – its my order u should follow twinkle trues to run but he holds her n says not so easily Mrs.sarna now come n was. Dragging to wash room but he heard some barking sound he turned to twinkle n asked
K – y r u barking
T – smirked n signed to look der
Kunj saw dat direction saw dog looking at him n barking he left twinkle hand dogcame running to twinkle she lifted it n kissed it oh my darling I missed u
K -chi twinkle leave dat,how it came here
T – u only gave me credit card to buy anything na I meet dis dog a month before I really liked it so I buyed it today any problem
K – ha problem is der I don’t like it
T -k den go out from room bcoz my darling lll stay wid me here only
K – wt d hell twinkle send it out now only n for dat u sending me out huh??? n chee yar look at it ,it is touching all over ur body chi u have become dirty now I’ll wah ur whole body come ,come to me.n y u calling dat darling keep other name only I’m ur darling nothing else even dis also dog started to bark kunj went back words seeing it
T – ull wash me ha??? my darling won’t allow u come near to me also n u said me to change name na if I call u darling den I’ll call dog as kunj is it k???
K – wt????
T – ll try wait kunj come here meet my hubby darling dog came near kunj n started barking kunj started to run n dog behind him n twinkle behind den
T – don’t run hubby it ll not do anything
K – shut up call it as ur darling only not as kunj
T – yes sadu u r ryt I didn’t liked ur boring name n boring j
K – wt ???? im boring ill c u ,I won’t leave u now
T – first get save from my dog den scare me k???

Pallavi came n saw only kunj running she asked y he is running he didn’t answered anything bcoz was busy in running n pallavi came in front of him thinking he ll slip n fell above her like romantic scene kunj said her hatt bey pallavi first tell me y u running he signed to look behind der she saw dog twinkle came der n said dog ,darling meet its pallavi aunty she is also like u dog ,ull be behind me n she is behind my hubby kunj didn’t heard it pallavi said twinkle how dare u
T – I told d truth from 5 years u r behind him ryt but my dog is loyal
P – u….twinkle said dog started running behind her n pallavi got scared started to run ,n dog behind her
T POV ( I don’t regret for wt I said pallavi I know u saved my hubby I’m thankful to u for dat but I meet d other doctor regarding plastic surgery dey told me dat kunj face wasn’t dat damaged to do plastic surgery but u wanted to see ur hubby in my hubby so u did n uski kaan bardi don’t u knowing abt my pregnency if u would have told my kunj may be he would have understood d situation n come to me but no u didn’t told anything n when u got to know abt my n UV wedding u would have stopped me by telling kunj is alive but no u dont wanted dat tumne kunj ke kaan bhara mere against jaane ke liye n took him London wid u n made my kunj my love to hate me but see pallavi I got my love back bcoz my love is pure not like urs n another thing I was doubtful abt my sudden abortion if I got to know u r behind dat den sure I’ll not leave u n my kunj ll kill u)
Twinkle took dog wid her in twinj room n dog sat on kunj side bed???? kunj peeped into d room bechara looked inside n got shocked to see dog sleeping on his side of bed n twinkle sleeping with it cuddling it
K – twinkle chod use u don’t cuddle wid me like dis n see it is sleeping on my side of bed tell it to go
T – k n took dog close to her
K – chi twinkle leave it baby ur my sweet baby no leave it bacha n come to me
T – no I want to be wid my dog
K POV(siyappa queen I won’t leave u now just wait n watch wt I’ll do now n smirked)
After some time kunj came back wid other female dog vch is looking so cut n took it to twinj room
T – wt is dis another barking n looked st direction n said wow another dog its so cute come here she said to dog
K – dis is not for u jaan , I brought dis for ur kunj dis dog name is twinkle , so kunj can’t stay away wid twinkle so brought it ,go twinkle take ur kunj from here
Female dog went n stood before male dog vch is wid twinkle ,twinkles dog stood up looking at it kunj smirked
T – no darling no don’t go behind her but dog went to dat dog behind noding its tale
K – kunj aur twinkle gaye apne kaam karne ke liye tho hum apna kare
Twinkle was escaping but kunj holder her n pulled her towards him self twinkle fell on bed n kunj above her both lost in each other kunj got mesmerized by her beauty n continuously looking at her ( tu itni kubasurath hey plays in BG)
K – so darling now I’ll wash u k twinkle was silent n shyly said k
Kunj took her in bridal style to wash room n closed d door n made her to stand below d shower n water drops started to fall on her making her to look more hot kunj locked his lips wid her n broke d kiss after some some time
K – give me ur hands twinkle have kunj took soap der n started to rub it on her hand sensually making her moan n next leg he said n started to wash her leg sensually after dat he saw twinkle face who is v.shy now
T – only dat much ha kunj shyly u said ull wash my whole body ????
K – means twinkle u forgave me?☺☺
T – ha sadu long back now don’t waste time
K – acha g now see saying dis he removed her dress in one go n twinkle shyly standing der wid only 2 piece she also removed kunj shirt n pant kunj started wid his sweet torture he kissed her eyes n pecked lips n gave many love bites on neck twinkle was moaning his name n remembered dat beautiful night ven she n her kunj became one first time n a lone tear escaped from her eyes kunj sucked it n said
K – no more years now twinkle ,I’m sorry for wt I did,I promise u from now I won’t leave u even for second n ll be wid u every time I love only u twinkle u r everything to me
T -I love u too kunj I can’t stay away wid u ,only I know how much I missed u if u leave me now I’ll die…
K – shh twinkle don’t talk abt death now n dey kissed other time wid much love conveying how much dey missed each other
Twinkle hugged him being shy
K – I can’t control now twinkle
T – who said u to control kunj broke d hug n started his sweet torture again n made her lye on floor came on top of her bites her ear lobe n dey consummated der marriage
After 6 hours kunj came out wid twinkle in his arms he made her to sleep on bed n he also slept other side of bed cuddling twinkle covering dem wid one duvet

To be continued

(Suggest me anything further or shall I end it or wt to do say me via comments )

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