Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 4

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 4
Kunj going close venessa to make twinkle jealous twinkle made video of der flirting n sent to someone
K – venessa meet my wife twinkle
V – oh twinkle u r v.lucky to get husband like kunj he is so handsome n hot
K – oh my venessa u also know I think abhay( venessa hubby) is lucky to have u in his life u r gorgeous ???
T – ?????☺☺ yes venessa I’m v lucky n do u want anything to eat(POV – haddi jayse hey ye isko gorgeous bhol raha hey mera hubby just wait n watch wt I’ll do now venessa ki bachi mera hubby hot na thu rukh I’ll show u n twinki u should take kunj cell now focus on it twinki focus on it she silently took kunj mobile with her n kept it in its place only after some time smirking)den she went outside from window called one body guard n told him to bring something handing him address n money
BG – wt u want dis? Sir know abt it?
T – oye wt I said u to do na just do k
BG – but sir? V want his permission na
T – see wt ur sir told u dis only na don’t leave ma’am outside without his permission n he said dis also if anything I want u should bring it ryt?
BG – han exactly
T – han exactly mimicking him den bring na
BG – k maam no problem I’ll bring but I have fear of kunj sir he is so strict n if v did not obey him he ll kick us out from job
T – oh ho he scared u all dat much??? tell me one example wt he did to u so u r scared of him dat much ??
BG – ma’am yesterday u n sir had been outside na while u coming back one of worker said twinkle ma’am is pretty interrupted by twinkle
T – yes I know dis I thanked him na☺☺ wts in dat
BG – yes ma’am after u went inside he came to dat person by wearing his punching gloves n punched him hard
T – oh ??? a is a kiya sadiyal sarna ne (POV den I should put dis venessa in washing machine for calling kunj hottie?)
BG – so v r afraid ma’am he is head of family na
T – see if hubby is head of family den wife is neck ven neck gives permission den only it can turn n node got it now don’t waste time go n bring dat
Kunj POV( at happened to this twinkle I thot she ll be jealous but ma’am asking venessa she want something to eat n from dat time doing ramp from here to der n wid whom she is talking outside from window don’t tell me dis body guards flirting with my widely again I’ll not leave dem?? )
T – to kunj n venessa I have some work I’ll be back in minutes u both enjoy k
K & v – ????
V – wt d hell kunj u told she ll be jealous but no
K – shut up u didn’t acted well so it’s like dat ven she comes back vll be close to each other k den she ll react I know abt my petrol bunk
V – petrol bunk?
K – yeah my wife is like dat only she burns like dat..
V – whatever
After some time twinkle came down taking to someone in mobile n she is wearing v.short dress looking damn hot n cute same dress for vch kunj told her he ll allow her to wear it only in front of him
T – oh hi baby how r u? Oh u too na naughty..? oh u r coming
T – come early dear I’m missing u so much u know
K – who is dis baby now n y she hot ready in dis dress I told her to wear it only in room but dis siyappa queen she doesn’t listen to me leave it vch baby it is she is missing it I want to see huh? den dey heard bell ring
T – oh baby she said n opened d door n der stands handsome boy he is none other than abhay (venessa hubby)
Venessa left kunj hand
V & k together abhay u
Abhaya – hi my cutie pie how r u saying dis he hugged twinkle kunj blood boiled looking at dem
T – I’m fine my hottie its been long time v didn’t meet ???
A – yes dear I missed u so much u know, it feels like I didn’t heard ur cute voice from years
T – hahaha u naughty daily vll talk in phone na??
K & v at s time gritting teath TWINKLE/ABHAY
T & a – oh u people also here na v totally forgot it n dey came hand in hand near kunj
T – kunj meet my friend abhay nbu know he came here to teach me salsa dance n abhay he is my hubby kunj n she is his friend venessa
A – I know she is my wife yar…n in must say kunj u r v.lucky to have such hot,gorgeous,beautiful twinkle as ur wife
T – oh ho abhay?? so sweet of u n I must say venessa she is v lucky to get hot n cute husband like u
K – hurrrr??? y u want to learn salsa now I could have reached u na
T – oh sadu leave don’t disturb us k …n abhay come vll start our salsa saying dis twinkle dragged abhi with her n played some song vch is v.romantic one abhay danced wid twinkle keeping his hand on her waist
K – hey u idiot venessa can’t u control ur hubby
V – n same applies to u kunj
K – how yar I don’t have hubby to control
V – oh u idiot I told can’t u control ur wife
K – I ll c her na now ( POV twinkle ki bachi u Want to learn salsa huh?? )
K – u idiot leave my wife
A – I’m just teaching her dance steps bro chill
K – twinkle u come this side dragging twinkle towards him
T – kunj but my salsa
K – salsa ki bachi chup,abhay y r u flirting wid my wife n u twinkle how nicely u kept him nick names but u didn’t kept nick name for me
T – I kept na sadu
K – huh I’m sadu n he is hottie huh?? from vch angel dis monkey looks hot to u
T – oh really first u tell me how dare u to call dis venessa beautiful , now u show me from vch angle dis haddi looks gorgeous n hot to u
K – twinkle I n venessa r like bro n sis n dey hugged each other saying bro sis love
Twinkle – oh really den same here n twinkle moves one step forward saying bro n abhay does same saying sis den twi n den abhay n dey also hug but abhay hugging her so tightly kunj shoutd no n goes middle of dem n breaks der hug
K – twinkle keep 2 feet distance from him den talk
T – arey how he can do salsa being away
A – yes yar by saying dis he drags twinkle sid him
V – abhay baby leave her hand see ur lovely wife standing here in front of me u r romancing with others wife n telling her gorgeous n all???
A – so wt u also told kunj he is hot ryt?
V – no I didn’t who told u????
A – don’t lie I have proof n showed her video where kunj n venessa flirting to make twinkle jealous (yes twinkle was doing dis only)
V & k who sent it to u n both looks at twinkle
T – ????????
A – but I must say twinkle is more beautiful n hot Dan u???
Twinkle POV( abb iss abhay nu kya hogaya he is not leaving me I think he not doing acting means he really???? oh no another siyappa now at to do sadu ka chehra dekho gusse se laal ho raha hey n looking st me like he ll kill me now)
T – k abhay tq for coming n left his hand n was going other side
Abhay pulled her towards him???? n said really twinkle I like u so much
V – abhay wt u telling yar? Acting is finished now v tried to make twinkle jealous n u both did same to us k now chapter close
A – who said acting yar…really twinkle u r like baby doll, n today u r looking like barbie in dis attire
K – ??????? angry glare to twinkle
Twinkle gave bechari look but didn’t worked now kunj is in angry mode
K – abhay acting over leave her
A – oh hello Mr u r acting with my wifey from 2 hrs n I just came half an hour b4 so I’ll do continue for another 1 n half hour ,u enjoyed wid my wife na now my turn ??? but dis is real I got attracted to ur wife she is like barbie doll if venessa wouldn’t be der in my life na den definetly I would have been wid twinkle
K – mey thumhe tabhi nahi chodtha tha??? she is only mine forever got it???
T – hmm leave me plz acting got over see k& v also not close to each other
A – oh twinki u r scared of ur hubby at he can do gar ven hrme romances wid others u also do?
K – wt twinki, twinkle kunj sarna bhol leave her yar otherwise see wt I’ll do controlling his anger he turned to venessa n said take ur husband wid u otherwise don’t complain me after words y I hit him got it??? n one more thing who let u come inside body guards have to ask me first b4 letting anyone to come inside home den how dey can do dis without my permission so he shouts for worker n goes outside to ask him
Here in hall one is v very scared now dat is twinkle
Twinkle POV(babaji ???? abb mey phase javungi kya karu????kyunki mene kunj ke mobile chori karke msg kithi abb kunj nu paths chala tho he ll be hell angry on me n he ll kill me???? babaji bachayiye mere ko???)
Kunj dragged one of worker in anger n asked who gave him permission to let dis person come inside
BG – sir u only told na v called u to ask but u cut d call n msged me dat aapka ghala kharab hey so u can’t talk n said no problem let him come inside
K – what I msged u huh??? n checks mobile n see d mags
T – arey mey me msg delete nahi kiya ???? kunj ll get to know now
Kunj looked at twinkle angrily n slaps bodyguard here looking at dem ven kunj slapped worker looking at twinkle , twinkle kept hand on her cheek
BG – sir??? ahhha
K – wt get out???
K ,- in calm way now u get out abhay
A – no
Twinkle made him to leave her hand n hided behind kunj only to get angry glare from kunj
T – no gussa on me plz
K – so u won’t go from here abhay wait here only I’ll be back n khabar dar in dis break be away from wife n he turned to twinkle n said u should be away from him if he comes near to u also u should escape from him but don’t let him to touch u got it otherwise I’ll punish u too???
T – hain ???? bebe wru?
Kunj goes to some room n come backs wearing his punching gloves
K – so Mr abhay I plastic sergered rocky face only but I can punch like dat only do u want one n he punced him abhay ran from der holding venessa hand n twinkle escaped from der in dat gap
K – n now ur turn darling n he turned behind only to see no one was der he checked behind n below sofa also n thinks how quickly siyappa queen ran away but I’ll not leave her today how dare she is??? n looks here n der n looks n finds twinkle upstairs peeping
K – I saw u twinkle u wait der only I’ll come twinkle ran from dat place to der room but kunj also coming she didn’t got where to hide so she opened room door n stood behind door silent kunj came shouting for her to come in front of him now he checked room every where but didn’t got where is twinkle he saw wash room door is open n thot may be she is hiding der n went near it in mean time twinkle escaped from der n went out of room before kunj looks her she ran to bebe room as quickly she can
B – kya hua puttar y r u running like dis ha
T – vo vo vo bebe k…k..kunj is running behind me by wearing his punching gloves ???? plz save me
B – tune uthna bada siyappa kiya kya? So he is running behind u to hit u
Twinkle innocently nodes in yes
T – bebe u know na whatever ill do it ll become siyappa at last time now plz don’t tell him I’m here k
B – if I don’t tell also he ll come here puttar how I can save u now, u know no one can speak against ur husband ven he is in angry bird mode
T – bebe aap kitni mahan ho kunj only respects ur division ryt n he always listened to u,u do one thing bebe u be here only sid me don’t go out lock d door n ven v want food vll order servents to bring it here only k
B – emotionally blackmail kitta puttar time ha u r ryt I’m mahan puttar n USS kotte du puttar kunj have to listen me k as ur plan v stay here only beta
T – hdhehe love u baby
B – love u too puttar
Kunj came der n stood der crossing his arms n looking st twinkle angrily
K – twinkle come to me
T – no I ll not come pretending she is not scared
K – I said come??? otherwise I’ll take u from here forcefully
B – oye kotte du puttar chup mere saamne mere nu ko darayega thu??? get out from here now only my nu ll stay wid me
K – bebe bebe wt is dis u can’t do dis wid me bebe plz send her otherwise give me side I’ll only take her
Twinkle fake cry bebe no n hided behind her kunj gave her angry glare
B – wt ull take her I’m saying na I can’t send her wid u now, u go from here,mere nu ko math dara
Kunj goes from der having no option not before giving twinkle glare like thu bass akeley me mil abh mujhe den I’ll see u
Precap – morning time twinkle thot she is sleeping wid bebe like night but no she is in twinj room Kunj holding her waist so she can’t escape now n twinkle woke up to get angry glare from Kunj kunj started to come towards her n catches her before he can do something to her he heard some sound twinkle smirked n kunj shocked ran away from der

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