Mujhe hak hai! #kanchi os# by vrushti


Hii guys!! I m back with my new os….hope u all like it….thanku soooo much for ur constant love and comments….first we will start the story and in the end I will continue my bakbak!!

So now lets start…..

The story starts with a beautiful lady sitting on a hospital bed beside a man who is sleeping peacefully on bed….the lady has holded his one hand and is staring him loveingly! And also with few drop of tears….! She keeps his hand on the bed in comfortable way and cuppes his face and kisses his forehead!
Lady-good night kabir!!!
And she switches off the lights and leaves the room….
Lady to one nurse….
Lady- I have given him sleeping pills and after one hour give him abc injection….and tell dr. Awasti that tomorrow he no need to dress his wounds…now his wife is capable to take care of him!
Nurse- ok dr sanchi!
After sometime she comes back to him and sleeps on the chair beside his bed….
So lets go to the flashback as always to know what has happened!

The life of kanchi was going beautifully when kabir proposed her….she accepted the proposal with the most willing yes! Both were lost in eachother deeply….day by day the size of their love was increasing and they were getting adicted to eachother . Their love was like a bloomed beautiful flower but one day the flower got burnt due to strong heat of sun when eventually one ward of sdch caught fire!! And sanchi bravely saved the peoples in the ward but got stuck herself and as kabir came to know this without caring about his life he jumped in that fire and also succeded to save sanchi but got burnt badly!!! His face and some parts of the body got burnt severly! He was taken to ot….all the doctors and sanchi’s prayers brought back kabir’s life! But when he gained conciousness he started ignoring sanchi! He was not ready to talk with her! Not ready to take medicines from her and not even wanted her to show his face!!! Afterall how would he show his burnt face to sanchi! Daily sanchi was getting hurt due to his behaviour and also was confused….
Kabir’s pov- no sanchi no I cant make a eye contact with u now! I will now never come close to u! I dont want u to marry this beast!! I want to see happiness on ur face! And now this ugly person cant keep u happy! I myself was horrified when I saw my face in mirror after operation! U will start hating me after seeing me like this!!! No! I cant bear ur hartret! So I will not give u chance to come closer to me!!! And he starts crying bitterly!
Sanchi was standing on either side of bed where she was facing his back….
Sanchi’s pov- why is he behaving so rudely with me! What is going on in his mind! Suddenly the reason strikes in her mind! So he dont want to face me!!! How can u think this kabir that I only loved ur look! And not u! U have lost ur confidence only because ur face is burnt!
Kabir’s pov- yes I have lost my confidence and also the courage to face u because of this burnt face….I know it can be cured but the sight when u will see me in this ugly face it will get feeded in ur memory and I can never collect the courage again to look back into ur eyes! And not only u sanchi but also the peoples in surrounding will make fun of me! I dont want to face any of them…!
Sanchi’s pov- no kabir! U have to collect courage and u r know for ur good deeds and not ur good looks! I promise u to get out of this!
Many days she tries to talk with him and bring back courage in him and once she also makes him face herself but kabir pushes her and she unknowingly gets hurt! Blood starts flowing from her hand and when he notices it he runs to her with the care and tension! He gets some cotton with medicine and starts applying it with great care and she starts staring him lovingly with tears! After dressing her hand she breaks down and catches his feets to marry her as she cant leave with him….
Sanchi- please kabir!…please marry me! (In tears) I have became mad because of this differences came in between us….
He too sits down on his knees…and turns his face to other side….
Kabir- no sanchi! I cant marry u! Please dont make me stoop so low in my eyes making me spoil ur life!
Sanchi makes him to face her by cupping his face and they shares a deep eye contact….
Sanchi-I dont care about ur look kabir because I have always loved ur soul and not ur body! If u will see from my eyes u r the most handsome person I have ever met in my life! U r my prince charming kabir! And tell me once if it would have happened with me u would have leaved me?!

Kabir gets speechless….
She kisses his forehead and they both shares a bone crush hug!
After some days…
Our groom and bride gets ready with beautiful groom bridal attire but not so heavy…and leaves from hospital to registar office for register marriage holding eachother’s hand avoiding the furious look of some peoples….kabir was getting incomfortable by the peoples gaze but sanchi gestured him not to give attention to them as she is always there for him and they both tightned their grip of hand… kabir was taken safely without making contact with sun as sanchi became shade for him to protect him….finally they got married in front of their families with a great joy….
They came back as soon as possible as kabir was still unwell! Some of the nurses and doctors along with dr malohatra and ria congratulated them!
Fb ends….
In the next day morning….
Sanchi got up early and got ready….
Till then kabir too got up….
Nurse enters the room with the saline bottle….kabir asks nurse that when is dr awasti going to come for dressing?! Nurse looks at sanchi and sanchi gestures her to go out! she goes! Kabir gets confused and gives whats happening here?! Look! Sanchi takes out the dressing kit and kabir understands what is she up to!
Kabir- sanchi u r going to dress my wounds!!(he shouts in shock)
Sanchi(calmly)-yes kabir!!
And goes to him to make him remove his clothes!! Kabir starts feeling hesitant!
Kabir- no sanchi I cant do this!
Sanchi- yes kabir u have to gather courage for this….
Kabir- no!…no I cant!
Sanchi(now becomes angry)-for god sake kabir I m ur wife now and I have the rights!!!
Due to this statement of her his mouth gets zipped and he quitely follows her orders and let her dress him!
He was getting better day by day and finally after some months his wounds were completely cured! He was discharged now and went to his home with his newly married wife!
It was night time when sanchi was arranging their clothes in their wardrobe when kabir hugged her from back and planted a kiss on her shoulder….she was shivered with his first touch as husband! Then he turned her to come face to face and cupped her face and leaned to kiss her…she closed her eyes giving a blushing look! He gave a peck on her lips…..she tried to go away from him due to her shyness when kabir caught her sari’s pallu and repeated her sentence that he have the rights!…..(hey lets go guys give some privacy to this shy couple!!)

Hey thats it guys….
I m really very sorry if I bored u….
I heartly thank all my lovely readers for ur soooo lovely comments! Please guys keep commenting and keep encouraging….
Good night to all of u…
Sweet dreams…
Love u all loads….

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    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear…love u loads…

  1. So so beautiful and adorable story……..this is called real love story…….how are you dost….. thanks a lot for such a beautiful story………..

    1. Rajnandini

      omg!!! Thanku sooooo much meri pyari dost…..I m fit and fine because of the love and care of u all especially my sweet dost! And dear its because of u all that I can write the story which comes in my chotu mind so rather than u I m thankful to u….love u loads…

  2. RuCh23

    ??? so cute os ??? amazing!!!

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooo much ruwani dear….feeling great to see u back…and everyone tells write about u that no one can forget the interesting personallity like u! Ur os really touched my heart….love u loads dear….

      1. RuCh23

        Thank you sweetie ??? and love you loads too ???

    1. Rajnandini

      thanku sooo much dear…love u loads…

  3. Wow!!! Its soo……. amazing , wondweful
    Fantastic , awesome , great???

    1. Rajnandini

      awww! So sweet of u dear… thanku soooo much…I m really very glad to see ur comment as u have commented first time on my article….feeling happy to receive ur love and support….love u loads….

  4. Soo cute ???? lovely update soon

    1. Rajnandini

      Soooo sweet of u dear sis…..I m the happiest one to receive such a sweet comment….love u loads dear…

  5. Riyarocks

    oye CVR……tera ye OS toh ek dum khidkitod, lajawaab, darwaazatod,deewaartod…..etc.etc.tod types hai……..haha……..kamaal…..dhamaal…..bemisaal…….& yaar……tune mujhe vivah movie ki yaad dila di……..luv u dherrrrrrrrrrr saara………ek badi waali jaadu ki jhappi…….meri sweetu CVR ke liye……….bye………tc………

    1. Rajnandini

      Arreeee bap re!!!! Bhagwaan ji bachalo mere ghar ko varna ye MRP sab kuch tod degi!!! Hahaha!!! Pata hai yaar ki ye vivha picture ki yaad dilata hai! Mujhe pure picture mai bas yahi dialogue pasand aaya mujhe huk hai socha yahi add kar leti hoon! Waise kuch bhi kaho suraj se jyada chaand khubsoorat hota hai aur uski roshni sheetal, suraj toh kabhi kabhi apni roshni aur taap se hani poohochata hai par chaand kabhi nahi…. tera aaj ka episode bhi uss chaand ki tarah khubsoorat tha….love u loads meri MRP! Take care good night….

  6. Aafiya


    1. Rajnandini

      thanks a lot dear….love u loads sweetie…

  7. Moonlight25

    Vrusti dear….this was the bestest of best…just loved it…..outstanding update….just loved to the core of my heart…love you loads ???❤❤

    1. Rajnandini

      OMG!!!! Moon dear now u will make me cry with ur soooo lovely comment… heart is filled with tears of joy because of ur love…..thanku sooooo sooooo much for ur support and encouragement… u loads dear ..

  8. Wow dear amazing os.. Nd hw is ur xm going.. One more thing plz write anothr os of kanch full of roooooooomance.. Eagerly waiting 4 it… Lv u a loooot##

  9. What the hell! I didn’t liked it at all. Ur is was bakwaas.

    1. Priyanshipp

      No problem dear. Everyone doesn’t have good taste. ☺

    2. Niyaaa

      Yaa sabki hamare jaisi achchi pasand thode ho ski h

      1. Riyarocks

        haha……sahi bola tune……..agar pasand na aaye toh, tumhari marzi……kyunki, hame toh bada mazaa aaya isse padhke…..

      2. kya tumhe iss os me koi mistakes nahhi dikhe?

      3. Kyaa tum sab ko grammatical mistakes
        Spelling mistakes aur
        Incomplete story nahi lagi?
        Koi isse kyuu nahi baatata?

      4. Agree from Priyu, Prinku, Abhi & Niya di…..writing is not a game…u think that u write very well ….so why don’t u start writing…everyone done some spelling & typo mistakes….it’s usual…if u are really a good reader, then u ignore it & about incomplete story….I never feel…….If u don’t like it…why the hell u are reading & even waste ur precious time for commenting…u know what if u don’t encourage anyone , then don’t discourage them….i

    3. Abhilasha

      Really…..then plz ap hi hume dikhayiye ki achchi os kesi hoti h ……well ek achcha writer dusro k talents ki qadr krta h so i dont think ki apme wo baat h still i would like to read from u !!

      1. wow toh finally abhilasha is back. I am so happy to see u back. I am big fan of your. Writer ho toh tumhare aur baki ke writer ke jaisa but ye os wali ladki toh hamesha mistakes karti hai. Last mai kuch choot gaya hai aisa mujhe lagata hai but I m shocked tumhee nahi laga. Janedo tum apna fs kab post kar rahi ho? Jaldi karo varna me saach me mar jaongi. Bye tc.

      2. Abhilasha

        Kachi437 glad that u missed me but dear I say that an is is not a complete story its just a particukar part like we oick out a para from book ….so may it looks incomplete to u but still its complete and also grammatical errors and writing mistakes ….when we write we really cant check each word so it happens and even u wanted her to encourage and improve than ur way was wrong ……and vrushti’s stories are always osm and really thank u for ur compliment and i would update fs soon!!

  10. Priyanshipp

    This was outstanding os dear. I loved it from the core of my heart ❤ . Superb thought. Hats off to u sis. Keep rocking. ☺

  11. It was amazing os faboulus outstanding and u said true love is not by looks but from heart ok just wanted to ask that have u seen the movie vivah the story is just little bit similar to that but oppsites cases and the face of heroine is not burnt i am not telling any offensive thing only so dont take it in a wrong manner and wanted to ask one more thing did u write the mistery os of trisha

  12. Dhruti

    this was superb os vrushti………………..vivah movie ki yaad aa gai thi muje………….lajavab……….khidkitod tha ye os………………….i love it……………….keep writing like this………………… you sisi………………

  13. Niyaaa

    Hey raj this is not boring at all….. outstanding marvellous os.. Lovvv u post nxt one os ff anything frim u … bye tc

  14. It was so sweet

  15. Dear kachi437 u dn’t like it nooooo prblm bt we all lvd it.. I won’t mind bcz i know the ppl like u dn’t hv a common sense to recgnize best nd best os,,fs,,ff.. So plz rajnandini dn’t mind 4 some cmmntr like kachi437…

  16. Abhilasha

    Vrushti dear no words can express my feelings but a standing ovation with salute to u!!! That’s sufficient to show my feelings for this!!

  17. Anuradha123

    Awesome dear.. So nice concept… Loved it very much… Sorry I was unwell and didn’t comment on your previous articles… Love you dear

  18. Negisanyukta

    Hats off to this os.U just nailed it dii.???
    I.just loved it to the core????.Ur writting skills made this story to a different level.
    Keep writting dear.???
    Plz back soon with another ff…….only Kaanchi ff.

  19. Amazing Vrushti…..u described everything so much beautifully dear….love it to the core….sorry for late comment….I become ur fan….come back with another soon…lots of love ?

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