Muh Boli Shaadi 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol holding her lehenga inorder to skip giving her hand in the groom’s hand. She walks in the temple. Ratan Singh asks them to come. Ashok signs Akhil. He sees a man bringing something and signs Ashok. The man signs Akhil and Ashok. He nods. Ratan Singh tells Devilal that it seems you don’t need more charity from us. Devilal asks him to have patience and wait for the tamasha. Ratan Singh says he will get the drama done. Anmol tells the groom that temple is 600 years old. Nikhil gets irked seeing him with Anmol. Ratan Singh talks to Mehta and makes Neelam jealous. He says Sushant is going to be my daughter’s lifepartner. Mehta says he is also happy. Some ladies talk about Anmol and Nikhil. Ratan Singh says some people are waiting for your surprise. Anmol says not now,

I will tell once everyone comes.

Other Pandit ji says we shall do the arrangements. Nikhil looks for Anmol. Ratan Singh asks Purohit to tell about the arrangements. Ashok says he will do the tulsi kanyadaan with his hand. Ratan Singh asks him to start the arrangements. Ashok says tulsi vivaah will be done by a Brahmin only. Purohit asks to start the arrangements. Ashok asks Nikhil and Akhil to bring the puja ingredients. Nidhi tells Anmol, how you will meet Nikhil? Anmol thinks how to tell him the truth. Neelam says she will give chance to Anmol. Nikhil gives the things to Akhil and says he will come. Neelam asks Anmol to bring her phone from the car and takes Nidhi with her. Anmol goes towards the car and sees Nikhil standing. She smiles.

Neelam comes and sits with other ladies. Sushant asks where is Anmol. Neelam says she might be here. Anmol smiles and looks at Nikhil, just then Sushant calls her. Anmol stops and says she was searching for him. Sushant says lets go. Nikhil calls Anmol. Sushant asks do you know him? Anmol says no, he might be a stranger. Anmol slips, so Sushant holds her. Nikhil gets jealous and hurt. Mala calls Anmol. Nikhil looks on.

Ashok says we shall start the puja. Devilal gives Dakshina to Ashok. He says he will ask something else. He asks a boy to give envelope to Nikhil. Anmol says she will write a letter. Nidhi says ok. They get paper and pen from a lady. Sushant’s mother asks Mala, what Anmol is writing. Mala says she must be designing Mehendi design. Anmol keeps the letter in the envelope and gives the letter to the boy.

The letter falls down from the envelope. Someone picks it up and gives the envelope to Ashok. Ashok keeps it in his bag and says lets start the puja. Ratan Singh asks him to stop and says you will not do this puja this time. Ashok says who will do this puja? You can’t do this puja. Devilal says this puja will be done by Govardhan ji. Ashok is shocked. Anmol thinks how to take back the envelope. Nikhil puts hand on Anmol’s hand and takes her from there. Ashok says I used to do this puja since years. Devilal says we have decided to give chance to others also. He brings another pandit. Ratan Singh says decision is taken. He asks Ashok to let the puja happen peacefully. Ashok understands his plan. Nikhil takes Anmol to a place and asks about her surprise. He asks how can you say that you don’t love me. You made me realized love and now you are saying that it is our childishness. He makes her recalls the love moments. Anmol hugs him and cries.

Anmol says she agreed so that they can get time. Nikhil says can you be normal if I do like this. Anmol asks what to do? Shall we marry? Nikhil gets an idea to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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