Muh Boli Shaadi 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Muh Boli Shaadi 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelam seeing Nidhi in Ratan Singh’s room. Nidhi lies to her that she came to talk about business. Neelam praises Sushant and asks her to learn business from him. Anmol is angry with Nikhil over Payal’s entry in his life. Nikhil asks her to talk to him. Anmol says she has to do house work and it is her duty. Nikhil asks what about wife’s duty towards him. He asks why you are angry? Anmol decorates the God. Nikhil tells Lord Ram and Sita look good together. Anmol says yes. She says let me sleep. Nidhi opens the cupboard to get the money and the photo falls on the ground. She gets emotional seeing Anmol and her pic. Ratan Singh comes and says this is my two daughter’s pic. He says I miss you both.

Nidhi says I came here as I wanted to talk to you. Ratan Singh

talks to her and says whenever I see you, I feel I have done some good things so that I got you. You have done so many sacrifices which Anmol couldn’t have done. Nidhi says no, Anmol would have done the same thing. Ratan Singh says Anmol couldn’t sacrifice for him. He hugs her. Nidhi thinks she can’t steal the money and break his trust.

Ashok asks Anmol to make something in sweet dish. Anmol is making something. Seema offers help. Anmol asks her to study. Seema says you are so understanding and that’s why Mama is bowled over by you. Seema talks about Nikhil and says he is very interesting. Anmol says I didn’t understand. Seema says we shall see the thing from a different perspective and gives banana example. Anmol thinks she came to a conclusion unknowingly.

Bua ji talks about Seema’s alliance and says she has to look for a prospective groom. Anmol gives them tea. She comes to room in the night. Nikhil says finally you are here. You have worked much today. Anmol asks are you angry on me. Nikhil says what did you do? Anmol says sorry. She says I have a reason to be angry on you. I got doubtful about you. Ashok hears them. Anmol says Ashok told me about your and Payal’s affair and I got doubtful. Ashok gets tensed.

She says I have understood now that you met her coincidently and had no feelings for her. Now I will never doubt on you. I will ask you clearly if I feel anything. She asks him to say something and sees him sleeping. She thinks Nikhil didn’t hear her. She hopes for the new beginning with the coming morning. Ashok hears her and thinks he is saved. Ratan Singh asks Payal, if Anmol is suspecting Nikhil. Payal says yes. Ratan Singh asks her to continue doing her work. Ashok tells Ratan that they have to do something big now. He says Anmol was informing Nikhil about her doubt, but he was asleep. He says I didn’t see this strong love before. Payal says don’t you think we are doing wrong. Ashok says he is doing this being a brahmin. Ratan Singh asks Payal not to worry. Ashok says nothing will happen to me. He gets hurt. Ratan Singh laughs at him.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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