Muh Boli Shaadi 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol coming and sitting beside the groom. Nikhil tries to call Nidhi. Ratan Singh tells that pairs are made in heaven and whatever happens is because of destiny. Anmol’s groom talks to her. Mehta says we shall talk to kids and asks his son about his decision. He agrees happily for the alliance. Mehta says we shall ask Anmol once. Ratan Singh asks Anmol about her decision. Madan looks tensed. Mehta asks did you like my son. Anmol is tensed and recalls Ratan Singh’s threat to ruin Nikhil’s career. Anmol agrees for the alliance. Nikhil gets shocked and hurt. He runs from there with tears in his eyes. He cries aloud on the road. He recalls the happy moments with Anmol and recalls promising himself that he will stop Anmol’s marriage. He thinks Anmol can’t forget him.

He runs back to the hotel.

Ratan Singh tells Mala that he is happy with Anmol’s decision. Nikhil comes there and calls for Anmol. Everyone is shocked. Neelam gets happy seeing her plan working. Nidhi tells Anmol that he has come for you. She asks her to tell the truth to Nikhil. Pratap calls for the guards. Neelam says it will be fun now. Nikhil tries to go near Anmol, but Pratap stops him and asks him to go and sit with beggars. Nikhil tells that he wanted to know about her problem. He says I will fulfill all your needs and will let her stay as you wants. He says he will leave his CA job and asks her to return to him. Ratan Singh asks him not to do the drama. Nikhil says he just came to talk to Anmol and will not leave until he talks to her. Anmol cries and turns her face. Nikhil calls for her name. Pratap threatens him. Anmol says how can I talk to him.

Nikhil says he loves her very much and knows she also loves him. He asks her to talk to him. Pratap stops him and is about to beat Nikhil. Madan asks him not to fight with Nikhil. Ratan Singh asks Madan to sit with the ladies being cool blood. Pratap is about to hit Nikhil, but Anmol asks him to stop. She goes to Nikhil and tells that they are going to temple for the tulsi vivaah. We will talk tomorrow. I have a surprise for you. Nikhil says ok, I trusts you more than myself and leaves. Pratap is angry. Ratan Singh is surprised. Anmol tells Ratan Singh to trusts her and says Nikhil will never trouble them again. Ratan Singh says ok. Madan says Anmol is acting strangely. Ratan Singh says his daughter is like him. He tells everything to make the arrangements for tomorrow.

Seema asks Nikhil to eat something. Nikhil says I was beaten. Seema asks him not to joke and have food. Nikhil says he will have. Anmol says it has become difficult for her. Nikhil tells Seema that he can do anything for Anmol. Nidhi tells Anmol that she will pray to God. Anmol hopes God shows her the way and prays to set everything fine. Nikhil thinks everything will be fine. Next morning, Singh’s and Mehta’s come there. Ashok sees them and says it is temple. He asks for Gangajal. Akhil says but you are fine. Ashok asks him to sprinkle it on himself. Pratap tells Ratan Singh that he will beat him. Ratan Singh asks him to ignore Ashok and taunts him. Devanand touches Ashok’s feet. Other pandit says we are waiting for you. Ashok enters the temple and sits for the puja. Bua ji prays to God to do some magic and make everything fine. Nikhil comes there. Anmol comes in her car with her to be groom and family. He forwards his hand towards Anmol. Nikhil thinks Anmol don’t give your hand.

Ashok says let’s start the puja. Ashok comes and says stop it. Everyone is shocked. Ratan Singh says you will not do the puja this time. Ashok is shocked and clueless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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