Muh Boli Shaadi 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratan Singh coming to the room and is shocked. Neelam starts her acting. Ratan Singh looks angrily and scolds Neelam not to smile. He reminds of her bahu status and asks her to talk wisely. Neelam nods and leaves. Ratan Singh tells Anmol, you made me happy today. I am not world’s best papa, but you are world’s best daughter. He hugs Anmol. Nidhi is leaving, Ratan Singh calls her and says you are also my good daughter. Mala enters. Kachori asks about the sweets brought by the waiter. Ratan Singh asks Mala to send the sweets to Ashok Tiwari, being their neighbor. Anmol and Nidhi get tensed. Mala says leave it. Why you are increasing the enmity. Ratan Singh says he will get to know on the tulsi vivaah day. He will be ruined. Anmol and Nidhi look clueless.

The servant

brings sweets to Ashok’s house. Ashok tells Bua ji that someone send the sweets. The servant says Ratan Singh’s daughter is fixed. Ashok spits the sweets. Nikhil is shocked. Ashok throws the sweet box and asks him to inform Ratan Singh. Nikhil tries to follow the servant, but Ashok stops him and ties the thread. Bua ji asks him to let Nikhil go, but Seema and Sahil hold and take him to room. Ashok says he will take revenge on the tulsi vivah day. Ratan Singh tells Neelam to remember his words. She nods. The groom and his parents come, and are greeted by Ratan Singh and his family. Mala blesses him. The groom asks her to bless him to be healthy and dashing even in old age. Nikhil asks Sahil to leave him. Sahil says he enquired about the hotel name. Nikhil asks how? Sahil says he read the hotel name on the waiter’s dress. He says hotel name is Royal arc. He says he will set everything and asks for 2000 Rs. Seema gives him 500 Rs and asks him to adjust. Sahil says ok. Seema asks him to win Anmol. Sahil asks him not to worry.

Ratan Singh talks to someone and says he wants tulsi vivaah to happen grandly and that’s why he has decided to donate 10 Lakhs rupees. He gives the money. Deviraj thanks him. Ratan Singh asks him to do as he wants. They smile. Akhil gives money to someone. Sahil talks about dreams and says his dream is to get a costly phone. Nikhil wears the waiter’s dress. Sahil laughs seeing him and says you are CA, but wearing waiter’s dress for love. Nikhil says he will leave. Sahil asks her to break Anmol’s alliance. Pratap shows Nikhil’s photo to security. Nikhil enters and hides from everyone’s eyes. Ishaqzaade plays……….

Anmol gets ready. Ratan Singh asks groom’s father, whether he is having any problem. He says nothing. Ratan Singh asks Batra to be seated and asks what do you want? Anmol looks in the mirror and is sad. Batra talks on phone and calls Nikhil, thinking him to be waiter. He gives something and asks Nikhil to deliver to room no 201. Nikhil says ok. Nidhi consoles Anmol. Nikhil sees girls coming from the room and tries to enter, but is stopped by the manager. He asks him to handover to reception. Ratan Singh asks Mala to call Anmol. The waiter asks Nikhil to serve the drinks to guests. Nikhil gets tensed. Ratan Singh tells Batra that Anmol is coming. Anmol comes wearing bridal dress. Groom’s mum praises her. Nikhil looks at the security and hides his face. He thinks what to do and takes the drinks tray from the waiter. He asks the security to drink. They leave with the tray. Nikhil turns and smiles.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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