Muh Boli Shaadi 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol crying in the car. Nidhi looks at her teary eyes. Ratan Singh calls Mala and asks is everything fine. She says yes. Ratan Singh asks her to put the call on loud speaker and gives the call to Anmol. He asks is everything fine? Anmol says I thought we will shop more, but going home without shopping. Ratan Singh asks them to reach hotel directly. Anmol says ok and reaches the hotel. She asks Pratap, did we came here for dinner. Pratap says we will be here for some days. Anmol asks Madan, what Pratap is saying? Madan says we will stay here for some days. Nidhi asks where is our stuff. Madan says everything is here. Mala asks Madan to keep the things in their room. Anmol is shocked and pretends to be happy. She says she is lucky to stay in a 5 star hotel. Chakori gets happy.

Neelam asks her to hear her carefully and shows the money, asking her to get her work done. She asks her to inform Nikhil that his Laila is in this hotel. She writes the hotel name and asks her to inform Nikhil fast. Chakori leaves.

Nidhi comes to Anmol. Anmol says she is concerned for Nikhil’s education and career and says what if he doesn’t concentrate on his career. Nidhi asks why didn’t you tell him. Anmol says she didn’t get a chance and says she have to meet him once. She says she have to inform Nikhil. Nidhi asks did you forget your master degree. Nikhil looks at the balcony. Nidhi says she will call Nikhil and asks him to come there. Anmol says no. Ratan Singh comes and asks what is happening here. Chakori eats on a food stall and drops the hotel name chit on the ground mistakenly. Ratan Singh asks them to give their mobiles. Anmol asks don’t you trust me? Ratan Singh says he trusts them, but don’t trust Nikhil. Anmol gives her phone. Ratan Singh takes Nidhi’s phone to her.

Chakori tells Seema about Ratan Singh fixing Anmol’s alliance and are in the hotel. Ratan Singh says he brought shopping mall here and asks the waiter to bring the dresses. He brings the dresses. Ratan Singh asks her to wear dress of her choice. Seema asks Nikhil to come inside and tells that Anmol’s marriage is fixed. Nikhil says it is a nonsence. His relation is fixed with me. I won’t let her marry someone else. He says we love each other and she is everything for me. Seema says until you gets the correct address, you can’t do anything. Nikhil bangs the gate and then breaks its lock. Seema asks him to calm down. Nikhil says someone is trying to separate him and Anmol. Neighbors gather there.

Chakori tells Neelam that she is waiting for the drama. Ratan Singh asks Pratap to call the security and says he doesn’t want Ashok and his son here, until Anmol’s alliance gets fixed. Seema tells Nikhil that they can take Sahil’s help. Seema asks him to enquire about Anmol’s address. Sahil asks him to get a new phone. Seema asks him to see Nikhil’s condition. Sahil says he will enquire. Nikhil calls Nidhi and her phone comes as switch off. Seema says we can’t do anything. Nikhil says I will fight till the end. Seema assures him that everything will be fine. Nidhi asks Anmol to let her call once. Anmol says she knows papa’s nature and he will ruin Nikhil’s future. She says she will accept Ratan Singh’s sayings. Neelam wonders where is Nikhil? She comes inside the room. Anmol and Nidhi are shocked.

Sahil comes and says he couldn’t get any info about them. Bua ji asks what are you talking about. Sahil says he will set everything. Seema tells everything to Bua ji. Neelam asks Anmol, will you marry anyone on your papa’s insistence. Nidhi asks why you are troubling her? Neelam says it is a matter of Anmol’s happiness. Neelam says I supported you before and will support you even now. Ratan Singh hears her. Neelam says groom’s family have not come here until now and asks her to elope. She asks don’t you love him. Anmol says she doesn’t want to talk about Nikhil anymore. Ratan Singh angrily opens the door and walks in.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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