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Muh Boli Shaadi 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji giving dry fruits to Anmol. She says there are three basic needs to run a house, and who takes care of this thing. Anmol says you. Bua ji says you have takes care of the house from now. She show wheat grains and says you have to make everyone eat food, so that they don’t eat outside.. She shows the clothes and says clothes describes the personality of a person. She shows the keys and says you are bahu of the house. You have to take care everyone, and then only you will be called a good bahu. Anmol promises to become good bahu. Bua ji says I have full faith on you. She blesses her.

Sushant tells Nidhi that he is going outside. He says I understands your need. He asks her to arrange 150000 till evening. Nidhi refuses and pleads him for forgive his family. Sushant

says he is not stupid and threatens her taking Anmol’s name. Nidhi says Anmol is not like me. She will bring your truth infront of everyone. He puts tie on her mouth and ties her hands. He then pushes her on bed and calls Anmol asking her to come as Nidhi is unwell. He tells Nidhi that he will tie Anmol and will make her happy married life to unhappy married life in 2 mins. Nidhi gets tensed. Sushant says I didn’t call her now, but can call her next time. He asks her to get the money else…..Nidhi cries. Sushant pulls her closer and says I got a good wife.

Payal and Nikhil collide in the office. Nikhil asks her to go first. Payal says she has to go to Ratan Singh’s house as she has taken part time work there. Nikhil says he is my sasur and offers to drop her. They leave. Anmol is ironing Bua ji’s clothes to impress her. She sees on the internet about ironing and irons the cloth. She sees Nikhil coming with Payal and gets angry. Akhil sees her going and thinks she made me set the temple. I will punish her for that. It would be fun seeing Bua ji scolding Anmol. Anmol goes and tells Payal that the scooter has stopped. Payal gets down. Nikhil tells Anmol that Payal joined the same office as his. Anmol asks did you marry? Payal says no, and says as you got married to Nikhil.

Anmol gets angry on Nikhil, but he doesn’t understand. Akhil burns the saree and folds it. Nikhil comes and asks what are you doing? Akhil says nothing. I was just keeping the iron closed. Nikhil calls Anmol and asks don’t you ask me about my first day. Sahil calls her and says this is not his shirt. Bua ji tells Anmol that this is not her lungi and asks for her saree. Ashok sees Nikhil and asks when did you come. Akhil thinks he has to settle scores with Anmol. Ashok asks Nikhil about his office and asks him to work properly. Nikhil tries to talk to Anmol, while she gets busy.

Nidhi thinks from where to get money else Sushant will hurt Anmol. She thinks she can’t let this happen and says I have to do something. She goes to Ratan Singh’s room to steal the money, but then stops herself. Then she thinks about Anmol and takes the keys. Neelam calls Nidhi. She gets shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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