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Muh Boli Shaadi 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhil thinking to take revenge from Anmol as he is hungry because of her. He says you knows that there is rat at home. Anmol brings Paratha and tells Bua ji that she will serve it. Bua ji says everyone had something and asks her to keep the paratha in the kitchen. She asks did you learn cooking. Anmol says no. Bua ji sees the temple area messed up and thinks there is some evil spirit there. Akhil says it is rat’s work done. Bua ji says it is a bad sign and something wrong is going to happen. Anmol asks her not to think like that. Bua ji goes to rest. Akhil eats the parathas. Anmol cleans the temple area. Akhil asks Anmol to change place of the God’s idols. Akhil says it seems you didn’t know anything.

Anmol requests him to help her.He helps her arranging the things

in the temple. Anmol says you have saved me today. Akhil says Anmol is making him do the work. He goes to Buaji and tells that he did the work. Bua ji asks what did she do then? Akhil badmouths about her and says Nikhil is blinded in her love, but we have to keep our eyes open. Bua ji says we can’t do anything. Akhil says he has to do something. Anmol is still sitting in the puja ghar and thanks the God for getting her married to Nikhil and giving her a good family. She promises to learn cooking soon. She asks God to keep Payal away from her Nikhil.

Nikhil comes to the office. Payal sees him there and calls his name. Nikhil doesn’t remember her and looks surprised. She asks what are you doing here? She says I haven’t think that we will meet here. She hugs him. Nikhil looks shy and confused. Payal says I didn’t know that Nikhil would forget me. Nikhil says I don’t remember your name. She makes him remember her. Nikhil asks how are you? Payal says she is working as a CA in the same company. Nikhil tells that he got her photo yesterday and tells about his wife. Payal says it means you betrayed me. Nikhil says my wife will fight with you as she loves me a lot. Payal congratulates him. Nikhil says it is his first day today.

Anmol looks at Payal’s photo and compares Payal with her seeing her pic. She says I will care for Nikhil more than myself. She behaves like a conservative wife and gets jealous. She tells herself that she is Nikhil’s wife. She says no one can separate us. She praises herself. Bua ji comes and holds his shoulder. Anmol apologizes. Bua ji asks God, why did you send this western girl to our home. She says you are pandit’s bahu and elder’s son wife. She asks her to understand her responsibility. Anmol says she will do everything and asks her to say. Bua ji says she will teach her.

Sushant makes Ratan Singh ignores Pratap’s idea. He asks Pratap to sell the shares for dead investment. He tells about some company and asks him to invest. Pratap says it is risky. I studied everything and asks him not to teach him business. Ratan Singh says he read about it and can’t take a big risk as of now. He asks them to work on it and leaves. Sushant goes to Nidhi and says he has to prove his capability infront of Ratan Singh. He asks her to come to his room to take care of him.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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