Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sushant asking Madan, where he is going early morning? Madan says new CA is coming to check the accounts. Sushant thinks he can’t get money from their business now. Someone comes and gives honda keys to Ratan Singh. Madan says he will change the owner’s name. Ratan Singh says not needed and gives gift to Sushant. Sushant pretends to not accept it at first, but when Ratan Singh insist, he agrees happily. He comes to Nidhi and says that Ratan Singh gave car to him. He tries to get closer to her and hurts her. He says he will protect her from himself and asks her to agree to his demands. Just then Anmol comes and gets shy seeing them on bed. Sushant tells her that he was praising her sister.

Anmol asks Nidhi, what were you doing with Sushant. Nidhi says you knows how

are the husband naa. Anmol asks her to teach making parathas. She puts her bindi on her forehead. She tells that she came just 5 mins back. Ratan Singh introduces Anmol to his new CA, Payal Awasthi. Payal says her hi. Anmol says you are photo one Payal. Payal says she is CA. She asks do you stay here? Ratan Singh says she stays at her sasural beside our house. Anmol says I thought that you had forgiven me. Ratan Singh asks Anmol to smile. He asks Payal to sit. Nikhil asks Bua ji about Anmol. Bua ji says Anmol went to her parents’ house to learn paratha. She says she has so much work to do. Anmol looks for Nikhil. Nidhi asks her to learn making parathas. Anmol thinks she should not have come here. Nikhil waits for Anmol and thinks he couldn’t tell Anmol about his new job. He thinks to surprise Anmol.

Nidhi asks Anmol, what are you hiding? Anmol says okay. She tells her about Payal. Nikhil thinks how to go at his sasural. He goes to Ratan Singh’s house through the balcony. Anmol tells Nidhi that Nikhil will feel guilty looking at Payal. Payal asks Anmol not to think much. Akhil tells Sahil that Anmol didn’t bring Paratha till now. Sahil asks him to eat chips instead. Akhil says she will make excuse and we will be left hungry. Sahil asks him to make friendship with Anmol. Akhil says she didn’t get anything for us. He says he has to prove that he is more competent than Nikhil.

Nikhil goes to the kitchen. Sushant says he has a suggestion for the tax saving scheme. Ratan Singh asks him to say. Nidhi says you didn’t learn to make parathas, but I hope you might be feeling relieved now after talking to me. Anmol says she is not having any tension. Anmol asks if you have any problem. Nidhi says no. Ratan Singh says we haven’t think about it before. Payal says I will go to office and double check it. Nidhi sees Nikhil and tells Anmol. Anmol asks Nidhi to handle everything and goes to stop Nikhil. Pratap tries to prove his point, but Ratan Singh asks her to do as Sushant said. Sushant thinks he will take accounts dept under him and sets his life. Anmol goes hurriedly and asks what are you doing here? Nidhi asks what are you doing here? Nikhil tells he has to go to office and got a job. Anmol gets happy. Nidhi and Anmol wish him. Nikhil asks if I will get our good luck from my wife. Nidhi turns. Nikhil tries to kiss her. Anmol and Nikhil kiss each other on cheeks. Nikhil thanks her. Anmol says it is fun. You will learn it slowly.

Sushant hurts Nidhi and asks her to come to room for taking care of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wtf is wrong with that sushant he’s a puss… y he keeps on hurting nidhi, nidhi looks better than anmol… ratan singh is an ass from hell don’t know what’s happening in his family…. he only likes all sushant ideas like a kunt

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