Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema serving the parathas to Ashok and his son. He asks her to bring more parathas and asks Bua ji to work fast. Bua ji says you have 8 parathas now. No one is calling you for puja. Ashok says work will come and asks her to give him parathas. Nikhil comes and sits for breakfast. Akhil asks something is surely going on in your mind. Ashok says everyone will know on the day of Tulsi Vivah. Sahil asks did they call you. Akhil asks him to say. Ashok looks at Nikhil and says outsider can leak the information. Nikhil leaves. Ashok eats the parathas.

Anmol recalls the happy moments while the song Muskurane Ki Wajah…………..plays……….Nidhi comes and says it is not easy to make Nikhil trust on her words. He will follow you. Neelam hears them and asks what are you

saying? Nidhi asks Anmol to explain. Anmol says she was talking about the dupatta. Neelam says Nidhi is not smart like Anmol. Mala comes and asks Anmol and Nidhi to get ready. Nidhi asks where we are going. Mala says today Ratan Singh’s friends are coming and that’s why they are going for shopping. Anmol says brilliant idea. Mala asks her to get ready. Neelam says you are looking happy. Anmol says she is, and takes out clothes from her wardrobe. Neelam thinks Anmol’s feathers will be cut in the evening.

Mala, Neelam, Anmol and Nidhi come for shopping. Nidhi asks Anmol to laugh heavily so that everyone thinks that she forgot Nikhil. They go on a shopping. Neelam sees Nikhil there. She calls Nidhi and asks her to take Anmol along with her for eating chaat. Nidhi calls Anmol and sees Nikhil there. Nikhil is seen talking to a girl. Anmol comes and asks Nidhi to come. Nidhi asks her not to look at back.

Anmol looks at them and gets jealous. Nikhil tells the girl that Anmol can’t see him with other girl. The girl calls him bhaiyya and says she is scared of Anmol. Nikhil asks whether Anmol is looking at us. The girl says she is looking at us. Neelam thinks Anmol will ruin her respect in the market. Anmol tells we will eat chaat. Neelam says drama is set, and goes to call Mala to show Anmol and Nikhil together. Nikhil tells the girl that Anmol will show right on him and will get angry too. Anmol goes to the chaat shop and asks him to send the chaat. Nikhil stops Anmol and holds her hand. Nidhi asks are you mad? Leave her hand. Nikhil asks her to talk to him and tell the problem. Anmol refuses to talk to him.

Nikhil asks her to stop for their Bunty. Anmol gets surprised and says Bunty……Nikhil bends on his knees and says our Bunty. He tells the people standing there, that Bunty is their son and he cries for his mummy. Anmol asks what is this nonsense. Nikhil says I loves you a lot and gives the flowers. Nikhil tells that their son’s condition is bad and he keeps on crying. He says we can’t live without you and asks Anmol to return home. Someone praises Nikhil.

Anmol asks him to get up and asks why you creating a scene in the middle of the market and asks him to forget her. Nikhil holds her hand and says your did a drama, and proposed me in my office. I have become the tamasha. I couldn’t study nor I can work. You made me explain about love. Mala and Neelam come there and look at them. Neelam smiles while Mala gets shocked. Nidhi asks Anmol to come as Mala is looking at them. Nikhil tells he won’t let Anmol leave until she tells him the truth. He asks her to say that she loves him. Anmol looks at him. Neelam hopes Anmol says yes. Anmol takes her hand and asks him to stop following her else she will complain to the police. She leaves from there in her car. Nikhil is broken and is sad.

Neelam asks Anmol to elope from home. Ratan Singh comes to her room. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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