Muh Boli Shaadi 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol throwing egg on Nikhil, but it falls on Bua ji. She says you have made me uncleaned. Pratap throws egg on Ashok. Ashok gets angry. Nikhil tries to calm him down. Ashok raises a question on Ratan Singh’s upbringing and values. He says you and your kids are animals. Ratan Singh says why you are teaching me values. You are a big liar. You have lied to our servant. Anmol argues. Ashok gets angry. Ratan Singh says everyone should throw eggs on you. Ashok says I will make you leave from this locality. Ratan Singh says I will show his place. Anmol stops him. Nikhil takes Ashok inside. Anmol asks Nidhi to call Pratap inside. Nikhil is waiting for Anmol and wonders why she didn’t come. Sahil comes and asks him why no one threw egg on you. Nikhil says you people are not looking

like me. Anmol comes and hides seeing Sahil. Sahil reminds him of his promise to buy a phone for me. He takes his phone. Nikhil runs to get it. His phone breaks. Sahil says he will get it repaired and use. Nikhil asks him to return the phone. Sahil tries to blackmail him and takes his phone. Ashok throws ganga jal on his house to clean his house. Bua ji says this eggy smell is still here even after bathing.

She asks Seema to take bath as well and feels pain in her legs. Kathori says those people are so bad. They even got Bua ji hurt because of scooter. Anmol and Nidhi try talking with the pipe. Anmol asks are you angry with me. Nikhil says he is not angry. Anmol says I was thinking what did I do? Nikhil says I am not upset with you. Anmol laughs and says you knew me so well. She says she did a research on married couples. She says we shall spend time with each other. Nikhil asks how to take time for each other. It is not possible. Anmol says I am giving you notice. Nikhil says no. Anmol asks him to come to her house as ghar Jamai and she will come to his house as bahu. Nikhil asks what?

Anmol wakes up Nidhi and says she doesn’t have time to make her understand. She asks what shall I wear. Nidhi says everything is good. Anmol says I am going to spend time with my hubby. Nidhi sleeps again and asks her to let her sleep. Anmol says she should look beautiful for the special moment and asks for her opinion in choosing dress. Nidhi gets angry. Anmol says this world is bad. Nidhi asks her to show the dress. Anmol shows the dress and says she wants him to get bad.

Mala keeps the servant. Neelam asks her to hire her from today. Mala asks maid to start working. Ashok asks Ratan Singh to come out of house. Ratan Singh and his family come out and see Police there. The Inspector asks about Pratap. Ratan Singh asks what is the drama? Ashok says Police will arrest your son for his crimes. Ashok asks Inspector to arrest Pratap. Pratap asks what is this drama? What did I do? Ratan Singh asks the Inspector about the charges on him. The Inspector tells that Pratap tried to hurt Ashok’s family. Ratan Singh asks for the proofs. Ashok says we got proof from your home, Kathori. He asks Kathori to say what she saw. Kathori says Pratap compromised Nikhil’s scooter. Pratap gets angry on Kathori. The Inspector asks him to come with them. Mala says my son can’t harm anyone. Ashok shows Bua ji’s medical report. The Inspector asks Pratap to come with them. They arrest and take him. Mala and Ratan are shocked. Ashok smirks.

Anmol and Nidhi hides seeing Inspector at their house. Anmol identifies him and tells Nidhi that they showed their marriage receipt to this Inspector.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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