Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nidhi thinking to go to her mum’s room to escape from Sushant. Just then he comes and asks where are you going? Nidhi gets scared and says she was going to her mum’s room. Sushant says he didn’t have celebrated wedding night with her. He says I brought something for you and take out rose.. Nidhi says you can’t force me. Sushant says I am romancing with you. Nidhi cries. Sushant says I asked for 25000 Rs to enjoy with my friends, but you didn’t give me, so you shall take care of me all night. Nidhi gets scared as he throws flower petals on the bed and gets closer to her. Nidhi takes out money from her cupboard and throws on his face. Sushant takes the money and leaves from the room.

Ashok puts some girl’s pic with Nikhil in the matresses. He feels pain while

trying to take the matresses out. Anmol says we didn’t need anything as you have accepted us. Ashok thinks I will never accept you even in my seven births. Nikhil tells Anmol that the room is small, but enough for them. He asks her to takes out the mattresses. Anmol says okay and gets up. Nikhil says shall I tell you any cheap line. Anmol teases him and asks him to say. Nikhil refuses. Anmol insists. Nikhil tells some poetry. Anmol falls on Nikhil. They have an eye lock. Anmol sees Nikhil’s pic with a girl and asks Nikhil. Nikhil says she is my first wife, I left her. Anmol asks him not to joke. Nikhil looks at the photo and says she might be my classmate. I didn’t remember her name. Anmol recalls Ashok’s sayings and asks about the girl’s name. Nikhil says he didn’t remember her name.

Anmol says you are very focussed. Nikhil says yes. Anmol says we will celebrate our wedding night, when you make career. She says him good night and sleeps. It was Nikhil’s imagination. Anmol shows the pic and asks who is she? Nikhil says she is Payal. He says I have never feel for her like the way I felt for you. He says it was my childishness and my future is related to you. Anmol says you should have not hide things from me. Nikhil says today is our suhaagraat and asks her not to spoil it. He gets closer to her. In the morning, Bua ji throws water droplets on Anmol and says it is 8 am now. Anmol says it is 8 am now and asks her to sleep. Bua ji asks her to wake up and says you have to do so much work today. Anmol requests her to let her sleep naa. Nikhil smiles hearing them. Bua ji says I will put a bucket of water on you. Anmol gets up. Bua ji says you have to give test of dutiful bahu. Anmol says she will make food for everyone, after bathing.

Ratan Singh and Ashok meet somewhere. Ratan Singh says he managed to get Nikhil get a job. Ashok asks did you talk to that girl? Ratan Singh says he gave money to her and waiting for tamasha to happen.

Ashok tells Ratan Singh that he talked to someone about his job. Nikhil says he will join from tomorrow. Ashok asks him to join from today. Ratan tells Pratap that he appointed new CA and says her name is Payal Awasthi. Pratap says okay. Bua ji calls everyone to have food made by Anmol. happily. Ashok lifts the dish plate and sees noodles. He asks what is this. Anmol says this is continental breakfast. Akhil and Sahil gets happy. Bua ji says we don’t eat this. We want desi breakfast. Ashok thinks Ratan Singh’s daughter is giving me a chance to scold her. Everyone leave the breakfast table and go. Anmol gets sad. Nikhil says he will eat food made by his wife. Anmol gets sad. She says I would have asked everyone. She says I don’t know how to make parathas and then tells that she will learn from Nidhi.

Payal Awasthi comes and talks to Ratan and Sushant. Nidhi signs Anmol that Nikhil is standing upstairs. Anmol looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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