Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nikhil started laughing hearing Anmol words. He says am I mad to believe you. Anmol says truth is that we acted childish. Nikhil asks her to tell the truth. Anmol asks him to forget everything and says good bye. Nikhil is shocked and calls for her name. Ratan Singh and Pratap get happy and smiles. Pratap pretends to feel pity on Nikhil and says Anmol took care of the plan very much, but suddenly she ignored it. She has understood its worth. Nikhil gets angry and closes the door. Anmol is in her room and is sad. Nidhi is searching something. Anmol asks what are you searching? Nidhi takes out a dupatta. She says I heard that you broke up with Nikhil. Nikhil is a mismatch for you. She says it will make you remember Nikhil and tries to cut the call.

Anmol takes the dupatta

and says she will return it. Nidhi asks when you loves him so much, then why did you act. Anmol asks Nidhi to promise that she won’t tell anything. Anmol cries. Nidhi says you have grown up. You learnt love and then learn to fulfill it. She hugs her and cries. Nikhil says he can’t accept that Anmol is lying. Seema asks what you will do now? Nikhil says I will follow her and make sure that she accepts to love me. There is definitely something else. Seema says there is only one reason, pressure from her family. Nikhil says she should have told me. I have decided what to do.

Pratap praises Ratan Singh and says we have won. He asks for his blessings. Ratan Singh asks Pratap not to fly high and says overconfidence makes the person fails. Pratap says Nikhil failed. Ratan Singh says it is simple, Anmol is my daughter, we have to find a way to get her over love. Pratap asks did you think something. Ratan Singh says we will go to Delhi and tells something. Mala hears it and is shocked. Ratan Singh informs her that they are going to Delhi in the morning.

He says you have to keep an eye on Anmol until we comes back. Mala says ok. Neelam hears it too and smiles. Madan sees her spying and asks aren’t you ashamed to spy on others. He asks her not to trouble Anmol. Neelam says she thinks her right. Who will tell Anmol that Ratan Singh is troubling her. Madan says Ratan singh will do right for her.

Anmol thinks about Nikhil. Muskurane Ki Wajah plays……………..Nikhil also thinks about her. He thinks when will she come? Anmol couldn’t sleep. Nikhil says where are you Anmol. Nidhi says do you think Nikhil will not meet you. Anmol says he will not agree. Nidhi asks how can you be so sure? Anmol says Nikhil understands me and feels my every heart beat. She asks her to check and says he might be looking for me, on the terrace. Nidhi sees Nikhil and tells Anmol. Nidhi smiles and says what a tuning. She asks Anmol to go and see her. Anmol lie down on the bed and cries.

Nidhi asks Anmol not to act as sleeping and see Nikhil. Anmol comes to the balcony on the pretext of taking clothes. Nikhil sees her and makes noise to get attention. He tells that he is not understanding anything even after reading so much. He says he will drink tea, and says it is also cold. I don’t have anyone to bring hot tea for me. He pours tea on his book intentionally and says who will bring this book. Today is bad day for me, I will fail. There is nobody to care for me. Anmol looks at him and leaves. She cries. Nikhil says I will not leave you. Anmol cries.

Anmol asks Nikhil are on the road. She asks him to forget her and stop the drama. Mala and Neelam comes there. Nikhil holds her hand and says you proposed me in my office. I became joke because of you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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