Muh Boli Shaadi 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nikhil eating all vegetable dish alone and thinks nobody saw the gesture. Anmol calls Nikhil. Nikhil tells her that he didn’t eat tasty food before like this before. Anmol says sorry and says I did a big mistake. She asks him to return the boxes fast. Nikhil says I am complimenting you. Anmol says those boxes will reveal our truth as it has my papa’s name written on it. Kathori washes the boxes and identifies the boxes. Nikhil calls her and asks did you wash the boxes. She says yes. Seema asks her to make tea first. Nikhil takes the boxes and says he will return the boxes to his friends. He calls Anmol and says it is good that you told me.

Seema comes and asks what is the matter? She says you loves Anmol even now, then why you were lying. I supported you all the

while. Nikhil closes the door and thinks to tell the truth. He makes her sit down and says sorry for lying. He tells her that he got married to Anmol. Seema gets shocked. Anmol gets angry as Nikhil has disconnected her call. She opines Nikhil felt bad about something. She thinks to keep him happy and wonders how? She checks on internet, how to win my husband’s heart. She gets some answers and thinks to work on it. Kathori gives tea to Bua ji. She drinks it and asks her to do the other work. Kathori checks for the money in the box and thinks they are poor.

A lady comes there. Ashok asks her to leave. The servant says she got a call from the agency. Ratan Singh needs a maid. Ashok looks on. Maid says it seems I have come to the wrong house. Ashok says you came to the right place and calls Kathori. He asks Kathori to tell her about Ratan Singh’s torture. Kathori tells that they torture the servant and keeps her hungry. The maid leaves. Seema tells that she canh’t say anything. Nikhil says he will make everything fine.

Seema says she wants to meet Anmol Mami. Anmol writes about the do’s on the paper. Nidhi comes and asks are you mad. Anmol says she is doing course to become perfect wife. She says she is making timetable for her relation. Anmol says she will keep her husband happy and shows the chart. Mala gives water to Ratan Singh. He asks about the breakfast. Mala says their work is increased since Kathori is dismissed.

Ratan Singh asks Pratap to call the agency. Pratap calls the agency. The agency people tells him that they know the truth that they ill treat your maid. Pratap gets angry and tells his family. He throws egg on Akhil. Nikhil hears Pratap shouting at Ashok. Pratap throws the eggs. Ashok says you will not get the place in hell also. Ratan Singh enjoys. Ashok hides. Anmol asks him to throw the eggs. Nikhil says he won’t spare him now. Pratap says my sister would have beaten you. Anmol says shall I throw egg on him. Nikhil tells Pratap that Anmol is mad after him. Neelam provokes Anmol to throw egg on Nikhil. Anmol thinks sorry hubby ji and throws the egg. Nikhil ducks, so it falls on Bua ji. Everyone laugh.

Ashok brings the police and says your son needs to be arrested for his crime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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