Muh Boli Shaadi 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kathori telling her version to Nikhil and cries. Nikhil tells guest has come to our home. Akhil tells Ashok that this is Ratan Singh’s new conspiracy. Bua ji asks them to throw Kathori out of the house and wash scooter cover. Kathori falls on her feet and asks her not to kick her out of the house. Ashok asks did you get our home only to gain sympathy. He asks her to go. Kathori pleads him not to throw her. Anmol checks the recipe on internet and thinks final dish is something else. She then thinks to pack the dish and handover to Nikhil. Kathori tells Bua ji that she will do the house hold work. Bua ji says we shall keep her for house work. Ashok refuses to hire her as maid. Kathori offers to work without taking salary. She started praising Ashok and takes him in her words.

Ashok gets happy. Nikhil gets Anmol’s call. Ashok takes the phone and says I identified you. He says you don’t talk to me whenever I picks your call. Anmol laughs. Ashok asks him not to call Nikhil again.

Nikhil tells that he is other Anil. Ratan Singh and his family see Kathori at Ashok’s house. Mala says she would not have worked with our enemies. Madan says she has to work somewhere. Ratan Singh says she can’t do anything. He asks Madan to go after some time as they see inauspicious faces. Ashok gets angry and says he is keeping her as servant. Ratan Singh is irked. Ashok asks Kathori to make tea for everyone. Kathori thanks Bua ji. She asks her to start working. Nikhil asks Anmol, why did you call me. Anmol says to dry the clothes. She gives the tiffin. Nikhil asks what is in it. Anmol says she made aloo dish for their family. She says my sasural and your family. Nikhil gets happy and says his family will eat the food made by her. He asks why did you cook the food? Anmol says she have to take care of her family being his wife. She sees Nikhil’s hand burnt and gets worried. Anmol feels bad and apologizes to her. Nikhil says it is okay. Kathori comes to the balcony. Anmol pretends to get angry on Kathori and picks the plant pot to throw on her. Nikhil asks have you gone mad. Kathori hides. She throws the tiffin. Nikhil asks Kathori not to come outside. He takes the tiffins and leaves. Kathori looks for the clues. Nikhil comes down and goes to the kitchen. Ashok calls his name.

Nikhil tells him that his friend sent vegetable dish. Ashok gets happy. Bua ji says what she shall ask Kathori to make. Ashok asks Bua ji to order Kathori to make food. Everyone sit for dinner. Ashok opens the tiffin and sees Aloo Dish. Bua ji also sees it and says why did he send aloo recipe. Nikhil says it is not an ordinary potato and it is herb potato. Anmol messages Nikhil to keep an eye on Kathori. Nikhil sees Kathori trying to spy on him.

Kathori asks Nikhil not to use phone during eating. Nikhil says he knows what to do while eating and asks her to do her work. Kathori says sorry and leaves. Everyone shout after eating spicy food. Nikhil says it is Aloo recipe or what? Nikhil looks at everyone and finds difficult to eat. Bua ji says your friend has taken revenge from us. She has added so much chilli in it. Ashok says your friend must have given rotten vegetables dish. Seema says she can’t even take one bite. Nikhil praises the dish and eats to prove that it is tasty. He asks Ashok to eat as well. Ashok thinks he has gone mad after studying so much. Bua ji says she will sleep now and rest. Kathori says she will throw the dish. Nikhil stops her and puts everything in his plate to eat. Neelam searches for her tiffin and asks Anmol about it. Anmol says she doesn’t know and asks her to send in different tiffin. Neelam says that tiffin had Ratan Singh written on it. Anmol gets shocked.

Neelam asks Anmol to throw egg on Nikhil. Anmol closes her eyes and throws egg on Nikhil, but it falls on Bua ji. Everyone laugh. Ratan Singh and Neelam laugh. Anmol gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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