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Muh Boli Shaadi 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol hiding seeing Nikhil in the library. Nikhil looks for the book in the library and thinks it is not here even. Nikhil leaves. Anmol happens to see that book. She gets happy and rushes out to call Nikhil. He doesn’t hear her and leaves. Nikhil talks to his colleagues and asks him to talk to manager. He turns and sees Anmol. He asks why you are after me. Anmol smiles and gives him book. Nikhil scolds her and asks are you mad? Anmol says didn’t you understand why I made tea for you, why I had thrown trash on Seema’s car. She says I am mad that’s why searched book for you. He asks her not to do drama and go. Anmol says she will leave after speaking.

She tells that she was jealous of Seema and that’s why threw garbage on her car. She says it is clear.

Nikhil tells her that he don’t want to listen and reminds her that everyone is listening. Anmol says she will tell in clear words if he is not understanding. She tells I love you. Nikhil is surprised. Anmol smiles. Everyone look at them. Nikhil gets conscious and reminds her that it is life. He says I don’t love you. Anmol’s smile vanishes. Nikhil asks her to leave.

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Anmol asks how can you say no without thinking anything. He takes her outside his office and says he replied to her answer. Anmol says she is smart and straight forward then what is your problem. Nikhil says problem is that you are after me, I have my exams from tomorrow. Anmol says we will talk about your exams. Nikhil says he don’t have time for love and has so much responsibility. Anmol says love just happens and it has nothing to do with responsibility. Nikhil calls her rich brat and asks her to leave. Anmol says she has so much to do, to fulfill her dreams and open a gym. She asks him to reply. Nikhil tells her that his right answer is no. Anmol gets distraught and teary eyed.

Anmol’s chacha tells Ratan Singh that Anmol’s didn’t like the place for gym. She comes and is sad. She hears Ratan Singh telling her brother to do something to make the other person refusal into agreement. Anmol asks her father. He asks her not to give any importance to the person to get his attention. Nidhi asks what happened. Anmol tells her that Nikhil has rejected her. She tells that Nikhil has rejected her love. Nidhi is shocked. She asks love? You meant you proposed him? Anmol says yes. Nidhi says you are a girl. Anmol says she fell in love so that’s why said I love you. She said, she is not aware when she fell in love. Nidhi says he is clever to reject you as he doesn’t want any problems. Anmol says he has other reasons. He is planning shop and has planned life till retirement. She says she liked a guy for the first time and even loved him. She expressed her love, but he……….She thinks he is stranger to me, then why I am bothered about him. Why I am hurt as he refused me. Nidhi asks her not to cry. She tells that she will get good boys as she is beautiful. It is his loss only. Anmol says you are right. She says she will tell her decision to Nikhil. Nidhi says he will understand.

Ratan Singh asks Pratap about the wire hanging on their terrace. Pratap says it is of Ashok. Ratan calls Ashok and asks him to remove the wire till evening. Ashok tells him that it is kept by the govt. Ratan singh asks him to move the wire else……

Nikhil is studying, but getting sleep. Anmol thinks she won’t look at him and tries to control herself. She then thinks to clear to Nikhil that she doesn’t love him now, so that he can study well. She turns and sees him sleeping. She calls his name and even throws soft toy on him to wake him up. She scolds him for sleeping. Nikhil asks her to leave so that he can study peacefully. Anmol says I made me wake up. She says there is a woman behind every successful woman. Nikhil asks her to let him study. She thinks to teach him a lesson. She goes to his house and cuts their electricity. Ashok thinks it is cut by Ratan Singh. Ashok’s younger son tells that someone took out the fuse. Anmol shows the fuse to Nikhil and smiles.

Nikhil asks will you kidnap me now. Anmol says she is standing here to wish him good luck, without having a breakfast. Nikhil asks did I ask you? Anmol gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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