Muh Boli Shaadi 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratan Singh asking Anmol and Nidhi to go to their room. They go. Ratan Singh asks Kathori to leave silently. She leaves. Ratan Singh scolds Madan for sending Anmol alone to the site. Madan says he didn’t know that she will go alone. Ratan Singh shouts at him. Madan agrees for his mistake. Ratan Singh scolds Pratap as Anmol went alone. He says he can get anyone for outside work, but can’t get anyone to focus at home. He asks him to focus on home. Pratap agrees. Ratan Singh asks him to work on Kathori’s place. Pratap apologizes. Neelam looks on angrily. Anmol and Nidhi go to their room. Nikhil comes to the kitchen and try to make dal chawal. Everyone sit to have dinner and look at the food cooked by Nikhil.

Sahil and Akhil find hard to eat. Ashok asks them to

eat silently and not to insult food. He eats with difficulty. Nikhil looks on and eats with difficulty. Sahil puts the food in the glass and leaves. Everyone think he has eaten the food. Nikhil’s phone rings. Ashok says it seems Anil called you. Nikhil says he needs notes, I will talk to him. He picks Anmol’s call asking him to meet her in the balcony. Nikhil says not now as he is busy. Anmol disconnects the call and thinks he is showing attitude. He comes back to kitchen. Seema comes home and says food was bad. Nikhil says I know. She asks him to leave.

Nikhil calls Anmol and apologizes. Anmol seems to be angry with him. Nikhil tells her that he cooked the food. Anmol says she wanted to tell him about the scooter and tells about Pratap compromising with his scooter. Nikhil tells that he didn’t get the time. Anmol tells that Ratan Singh scolded Madan because of Kathori and says we shall inform about our marriage. Nikhil asks her to give some time, so that he can fulfill her dreams before she tells. Anmol gets happy. Nikhil says I love you. Anmol thinks Nikhil is thinking too much to become my good life partner. She thinks to cook for Nikhil’s family tomorrow.

Next morning Anmol gets ready and sings Dawat E Ishq. Nidhi asks her to let her sleep. Anmol says she is cooking for her family. Neelam makes food and talks to her mum over phone. Anmol comes down and looks at her. She asks why you are making food early in the morning. Neelam says she will be sending sweets to her mum’s house. Anmol says she is cooking for her inlaws. Neelam asks what did you say? Anmol says she is cooking for her mayka/maternal home. She says she is making herb aloo. Neelam asks Anmol to keep an eye on the dish and leaves. Anmol peels the potatoes and thinks to get some more. She reads the recipe on net and starts making it.

Ashok tells Nikhil that guest will come to their house, hearing crow’s voice. Nikhil says no one comes to our home. He sees scooter cover missing and looks around. He sees it and picks it up. He sees Kathori sleeping covering herself with the scooter cover. Kathori wakes up. Nikhil asks you are here?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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