Muh Boli Shaadi 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Muh Boli Shaadi 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nidhi asking Anmol, did you apologize to Nikhil? Anmol says she didn’t know what she said. She forgot to apologize. She says she will send apology on facebook and checks for his id. She gets surprised to see that he is not on facebook. Nidhi asks her not to move her step on the way and asks her to concentrate on her career. Anmol’s mother asks her about getting saree for her. Her chachi says she liked her saree. Ratan Singh says he will not get her married this year. He says he saw a place for her gym. Anmol gets happy and hugs him. Ratan Singh asks her to get ready as he will buy the place for gym. Ratan Singh’s brother says he got profit today. Anmol’s chachi taunts her husband. Anmol says love is everything and Chacha loves you much. Anmol is happy thinking

she got the place.

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Nikhil asks Seema to get tea for him. Anmol hears it and thinks to make tea. Ashok, Buaji and Seema look at the exotic plants. Seema says it is very precious. Ashok thinks he will punish him and will ruin Ratan Singh’s plants. Seema says it is wrong. Bua ji asks her not to argue with Ashok. Anmol makes tea for Nikhil. Ashok talks to the driver about the plant and asks for its price. He tells that it is worth 1 lakhs rupees. He invites him for having tea. Ashok’s younger son brings lamps there. Anmol serves tea to Nikhil from the balcony. Nikhil doesn’t look at her. She makes another tea for him. Nikhil thinks she is strange girl. He calls aloud for Seema and Bua ji. Anmol makes another tea for him and thinks to make ginger tea for him. She makes snacks too. She serves tea with dosas and prays to God to help him study.

Anmol climbs the balcony and goes towards his balcony. Nikhil ignores her. All the lamps eat the plants. Bua ji comes and says she is tired. She serves him tea. Nikhil drinks it. Anmol is angry as he didn’t drink her tea. Ratan Singh gets shocked seeing sheeps there. He calls aloud for Ashok. He scolds the driver. He says sheeps were not here when I went to have a cup of tea. Ashok taunts Ratan Singh. Nikhil tries to calm him. Ratan Singh says you thought you made my loss, but it won’t affect me. He says if you serves 4-5 tea then you will have to get loan. He says if you beg, we will give you. Ashok gets angry. Nikhil takes him inside. Anmol gets tensed. Ratan Singh says he won’t leave him. Nikhil comes back and sees his book spoiled with spilled tea. He blames Anmol for that and scolds her.

In the morning, Anmol goes to a book shop and describes the book. The shopkeeper gives her paper and pen. She makes a picture and asks for it. He says it is cost accounting book, but he doesn’t have it. He asks her to other shop. She comes to the library. The librarian asks her to search the book.

She searches for the book in the library. She sees Nikhil there and hides. Nikhil searches for the book. Anmol tries to leave from there. Nikhil hears her sneezing and looks for her. She hides. She again sneezes. Nikhil follows her. Anmol hides.

Anmol tells Nikhil that she loves him very much. Nikhil is stunned. Anmol smiles as she says I love you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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