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Muh Boli Shaadi 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashok asking Anmol’s father to bring his daughter. Anmol father says nothing has happened. He says you are talking about Ratan Singh’s daughter. Ashok says they are arrogant gundas. Ratan Singh wife asks him not to argue. Ashok asks him to call Anmol. Anmol and Nidhi look at the girl and identify her. The girl calls Ashok as Nana ji and says she met Nikhil mama. She says this girl threw trash bin on my friend’s car. Anmol gets happy knowing Nikhil is that girl’s mama. Ashok asks the police to arrest Anmol. Ratan Singh asks Pratap to pay them. Pratap asks how much money? Ashok says 20000. Ratan asks him to throw money on Ashok’s face.

Anmol gets happy and tells Nidhi that Nikhil is her mama. Nidhi says she understood it before. Ratan Singh comes

and asks Anmol, why did you do it. Anmol says she went to market and then….Ratan Singh asks her to say the reason. Anmol gets thinking. Her mum says she did it for you. Ashok insulted you that day, so she did this to take revenge. Ratan Singh gets happy and thanks him. Nidhi asks why did you throw the trash on her car. Anmol says she got anger and her mind stop working. Nidhi says you got jealous and wonders why? She starts thinking and says she was really jealous. She thinks she is forgetting something. She prays to God to help her.

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She sees Nikhil’s shirt in her window and recalls him. She smiles thinking about their meetings. She laughs and says she found out why she was jealous. She opines that she is in love and smiles. Bua ji sees her hugging Nikhil shirt and calls thief. She accuses her for stealing their clothes. Anmol tries to throw the shirt to her balcony, but it falls downstairs. Bua ji scolds her.

Anmol rushes downstairs and makes Nidhi’s mum busy to divert her attention as Bua ji is yelling at her. She asks her aunt to show the saree. Her aunt says what happened to you. Anmol says everything happens for the first time and goes to bring something to eat. Nidhi asks who is shouting like a loudspeaker. Anmol says nothing. Buaji tells Nikhil that her sixth sense worked and she reached there else……it would have done. Nikhil’s niece asks what would have happened? Bua ji says theft. Nikhil asks her to let him study as exams are going on. Bua ji asks him to be ready and alert like a soldier. She says neighbors are goons, I caught their theft. Nidhi asks Anmol, how do you know that shirt was of Nikhil’s. Anmol says he wore the same shirt when he saved me.

She says she didn’t know why that shirt came towards her. She asks do you think I have stolen his shirt. Nikhil tells Bua ji that there is a misunderstanding. He says why she will steal a shirt. Bua ji says she knows well. She can read people’s mind. She badmouths about them. Anmol tells Nidhi that everything backfired. She thinks Buaji might have told everything to Nikhil and wonders what he might be thinking about her. She says she has to clear Nikhil’s misunderstanding. Nidhi asks why it is affecting you. Anmol says it makes a difference for her. Nidhi asks why? Anmol says you said that I was jealous seeing Seema with Nikhil.

Anmol syas I got the answers now. I was jealous seeing Nikhil with some other girl. I says she gets shy thinking about him. Nidhi asks her to put break on her heart. Anmol says she is in love. Nidhi is surprised. Anmol smiles. She says yes, I am in love. She says he needs to know me, so that’s why I want to make my image better infront of him. I want to tell him about me. Nidhi asks her to think twice. Anmol says her condition is like the first person stepping on the moon. She says she has to apologize to him. I have to apologize to him. Anmol rushes towards him. Nikhil tells Bua ji that he is leaving.

Anmol comes to meet Nikhil. Nikhil is trying to start is scooter and asks why did she come. She says she came to apologize him and tries to explain. He says he is getting late and he does not have any misunderstanding regarding her. She saysshe is not the type of girl he thinks and tells she is Anmol and eats nonveg sometimes, but since he is pandit, she will stop eating nonveg. He says why should he bother if she eats nonveg or not. She says she knows to prepare continental and says she comes first in class. He asks why is she giving her character certificate and says she is very friendly. He says he knows how friendly she is after she threw gargabe on his niece and says she stays next to his house but not his neighbour and asks her not to interfere in his life. She tries to speak, but he leaves in his scooter. She says she forgot apologizing him.

Precap: Ashok vandalizes Ratan’s garden. Ratan says Ashok that he spoilt his 2 lakhs worth plants, but he can buy more, what about him, he will have to take loan. Ashok sees tea on his book and scolds Anmol.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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