Muh Boli Shaadi 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the Inspector agreeing to accept that they are married. He says you both don’t know about each other. He asks them not to roam in such isolated places. Nikhil and Anmol leave from the place. Nikhil asks how did you bring the car? Anmol says everyone was busy so I came silently. She gets worried. Nikhil says he will drop her to the car and tries starting the scooter. Anmol asks him to sell it. Nikhil says he has many memories attached with it and asks the scooter to start. Anmol asks him to hurry up. Nikhil starts the scooter. They leave.

Ashok says he is paying for the trick played during Tulsi Vihaan. He says no one is calling him for puja. Bua ji asks him to mingle with people and gets work. Ashok gets irked. Bua ji says she is talking to Akhil and goes inside.

They argue. Ashok asks Akhil about Mishra ji. Nikhil comes home and informs Anmol that no one is here. She comes in her car and looks at Nikhil. Pratap comes and asks what are you doing here? Anmol says nothing. Pratap says did he trouble you. Anmol says I didn’t even notice him. Ashok says who will make me learn computer? Nikhil comes and says he will teach him. Ashok gets happy and says values are precious. Nikhil asks him to sit and he will teach him.

Pratap tells that he wants to teach a lesson to Nikhil. Anmol says you are right. Neelam looks at them. Pratap says he wants to make Nikhil rest on bed with broken bones. Anmol thinks Pratap is behind her husband and tells Pratap to compromise with his scooter. Pratap goes and unscrews the tyres. Anmol signs her. She thinks she has to inform Nikhil and calls him. Ashok is holding Nikhil’s phone and gives call to him. Nikhil disconnects the call. Anmol calls again. Ashok picks the call. Anmol disconnects the call and thinks to message Nikhil. Ashok tells that your friend didn’t say anything. Bua ji asks Nikhil to drop her at the temple. Ashok taunts her. Nikhil says okay and goes to drop her. Anmol tries to call Nikhil, but he doesn’t hear her. Bua ji asks him to start the scooter. Nikhil leaves on his scooter with Bua ji. Anmol gets tensed. She sees Bua ji coming back with sprain in her legs. Nikhil asks her to sit. Anmol feels bad. Ashok comes outside and asks when did you come back. Nikhil says its breaks failed. Nikhil says I will take you to doctor. Bua ji says Ashok needs to see the doctor. Anmol gets upset.

Anmol tells Nidhi that she has to take care of her hubby and gets upset. Nidhi teases her and asks what did you do? Anmol tells that Police came there and enquire with them. Nidhi asks what did you say? Anmol says she doesn’t know Pandit’s name, so make excuses. Anmol and Nidhi laugh. Kathori hears them.

Bua ji thinks why she is hurt. Ashok says she has an excuse not to cook food. Bua ji taunts him. Ashok says who will make food now. Bua ji says Seema is not in the house. Ashok says then who can cook food. Akhil and Sahil run inside. Nikhil asks Ashok not to worry as he will make food.

Kathori informs Neelam that Anmol went to meet Nikhil today. Neelam is shocked and looks at Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh shouts Anmol. Anmol comes. Ratan Singh asks where did you go today. Anmol says she went to see the site today and asks what is the matter. Ratan Singh tells Kathori, did you hear her. Kathori says yes, but…..Ratan Singh says he was quiet, but not anymore. He dismiss her from the work and asks her to leave. He asks Neelam to leave as well. Neelam looks shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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