Muh Boli Shaadi 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol getting worried about engagement with Sushant. She watches a couple kissing on the TV and says she needs to prepare for exam. Nidhi asks what are you saying? Anmol says actually. Madan comes there and says I brought a news for you. He says he saw a plot for her gym. Anmol gets happy and hugs him. Madan asks her to see and decide. Anmol and Nidhi hug him happily. Bua ji tries to get up to pick the tomatoes. Nikhil picks it. Bua ji says when your wife will come…….Seema says she won’t do anything. Nikhil says my wife will do all the work and says you can rest then. He tells Bua ji says so many stories. Seema asks her to tell. Bua ji refuses. Nikhil pretends to be angry. Bua ji agrees to say. Seema asks did you go on a date with Nana ji. Bua ji says younger people

go on a date and tells about her era. She laughs and says they took 1 month to hold each other hands. She tells her love story. Seema asks did Nana kiss you. Bua ji says it wasn’t there in our era. Seema says today’s era is modern.

Anmol thinks she is today’s modern girl and tells herself not to be scared as she can do it. She gets a phone call from Nikhil. He asks did you decide about the kiss. Anmol says we are married now, so there is life ahead for kiss. Nikhil says we have striken a deal after Muh Dikhayi. Anmol asks him to reach at a certain place. Nikhil says I won’t force you if you are not comfortable. Anmol says you are my husband now and not boyfriend. I am comfortable and asks him to relax. She goes to meet him. Nikhil holds her and tries to kiss her. Anmol stops him and says I needs to say something important. Nikhil asks her not to make an excuse. Anmol tells about Ratan Singh wanting to fix her engagement. Nikhil gets angry and says engagement with a baffoon. Anmol says her papa said that they will shift to farm house after the engagement. She says she have to pretend to be happy at home. She cries. Nikhil consoles her.

Nikhil says when you are Mrs. Nikhil Tiwari then how can you marry someone else. He assures her that no one can separate them. He kisses on her hand and forhead. Anmol smiles and kisses on his hand. Hum Tum Chori Se…………..plays………Nikhil gets nervous. Anmol says you are also nervous. Nikhil says yes. Anmol says she knows that guys are very forward. Nikhil says he won’t do anything without their consent and it will be their mutual decision. He says we will kiss when I gets married to you infront of all. Anmol hugs him. They hear police car horn and get tensed. Nikhil asks where did you park your car. Anmol says there.The Inspector comes there with constables, and says we shall name this place as love bird’s park. Nikhil says we are not boyfriend and girl friend, but married couple. She is my wife. The Inspector says are you thinking us stupid.

Anmol says she didn’t get time to wear mangalsutra today. The Inspector says you might have eloped from home. Nikhil refuses. The Inspector asks for a proof. Anmol says they don’t have. Nikhil says our marriage is not registered yet, but I have court slip. He tries searching it in his pocket, but couldn’t get it. He says it is in his scooter and goes to bring it. The Inspector asks Anmol to prove that she is his wife and asks about her husband’s name. Anmol says Nikhil Tiwari. He asks about his father in law’s name. Anmol says Pandit. The Inspector says you didn’t know his name. Anmol says I knows, but we don’t take his name. The Inspector asks him to tell about Nikhil’s sister and brother. Nikhil gets the marriage registration slip and shows the Inspector.

Kathori tells Neelam that Anmol went to meet Nikhil today. She turns and sees Ratan Singh standing. Ratan Singh is shocked hearing that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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