Muh Boli Shaadi 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol and Nikhil getting romantic after the muh dikhayi ceremony. She tries to go, Nikhil tells about the ritual after Muh Dikhayi. Anmol gets shy and wonders about the ritual. Nikhil says you might know everything. Nikhil tries to get closer, but Anmol asks him to have patience. Nikhil says I married you twice and shall get a kiss atleast. Anmol says okay, we will fulfill this ritual tomorrow. Nikhil says you looks bindaas, but getting shy. Anmol says she isn’t shy. Nikhil asks her to fulfill the rasam. Anmol says tomorrow. Nikhil holds his hand and asks her to get ready for tomorrow. Anmol hears the foot steps voice and rushes to her balcony. She immediately covers herself with blanket. Neelam asks what are you doing here. I thought you are resting here. Nidhi comes and

says they are searching for Anmol’s earring here. Nikhil is listening to them. Neelam asks them to take a torch. Nidhi says they couldn’t find the earring. Anmol takes out her earring and drops it on the floor. She then pretends to get it. Neelam says why did you come secretly. Anmol says she got it and says this pair will be together always. Nikhil smiles.

Nikhil comes to Anmol’s room and kisses on her forehead. Anmol wakes up and asks what are you doing here. Nikhil keeps his hand on her mouth and moves his finger on her hairs. Hum Tum Chori Se………………..Nikhil tries to kiss her. Anmol says not now and pushes him. Neelam falls on the ground. Anmol wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. Neelam says Anmol pushed her. Anmol says sorry and says she was……………in sleep and got scared. Kathori asks what you were doing near Anmol. Neelam says I came to asks her about her health. Nidhi asks her to go down. Anmol gets shy. Kathori asks Neelam about her pain. Neelam scolds her and says she have to twist her finger to make an enquiry. Kathori asks what you will do. Neelam says breakfast.

Nikhil asks himself not to take any tension as many times he used to do first time. He reminds himself that he is a man and says you can do this. You can kiss Anmol. He wonders what to do. He prays to God and asks him to do some magic. He tries to search the net, but couldn’t get it. He thinks to know from his friend and calls him. He hesitantly asks him about his first kiss. His friend says I became a popat when I went there. Nikhil gets tensed. His friend says my wife taunts me even now and asks why you are asking me. Nikhil says just like that and ends the call. He looks in the mirror and is nervous. He thinks Anmol will laugh on him if he do any mistake and thinks to do something special.

Neelam says she hopes to see Anmol and Sushant marry soon. Anmol and Nidhi come and say good morning. Ratan Singh asks them to have food. He asks don’t you think that so much time had passed. Anmol thinks he is talking about gym and tells to Nidhi. Ratan singh asks what are you saying. Anmol says she is absolutely ready. Ratan Singh says ok, then he will talk to Sushant’s dad. Everyone get happy except Anmol, Nidhi and Madan. Anmol coughs. Neelam gives her water and asks what you have thought? Ratan Singh says once Anmol gets married, then we will shift to farmhouse. Neelam asks why? Ratan Singh says he doesn’t want Ashok or his son to do anything in Anmol’s marriage. Anmol prays to the God to show the way.

Precap: Anmol kisses Nikhil’s hand and hugs him. She sees police van and gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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