Muh Boli Shaadi 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol thinking about Ratan Singh’s words. Nidhi comes and says she is worried for her and asks her to say what is in her mind. Anmol says she is scared to lose Nikhil for the first time. Don’t know what to do. She hugs Nidhi and cries. Nikhil looks in the balcony and thinks where are you Anmol. I didn’t see your face since morning. I asked you to go, but now I am yearning to see your face. We will meet in some hours and will take out the solution. I promise we will find out the solution. Anmol gets ready and prays God to help her meet Nikhil. She opens the door and sees Pratap with someone. He asks her to call mummy, papa and make tea, snacks etc. Anmol comes to kitchen. Neelam asks her. Anmol tells that some guests have come. Neelam asks Chakori to take water.


Singh talks to the guest about the project. He asks Chakori to go inside. Chakor comes inside and tells Neelam that manager of Agarwal company came. Anmol recalls it is Nikhil’s company. Ratan Singh asks the manager about Nikhil. He gets silent seeing Anmol bringing tea. Mala gets worried. The manager says Nikhil is the same guy whose father asked your daughter for his son. Anmol speaks against Nikhil’s father and says they are not mad to have relation with middle class people. She asks am I right, papa? Ratan Singh says yes. The manager says if you tell, then I will teach him a lesson. Ratan Singh says leave him, why we shall spoil our shoes to smash the insects. Anmol gets relieved and says why to waste our time. The manager leaves. Anmol thanks Ratan Singh for explaining her so well. Nidhi is shocked. Anmol says I was hurting myself. Ratan Singh says I knew that you will take the right decision being my daughter. Neelam says she doesn’t understand Anmol’s plan.

Nikhil waits for Anmol at the tea shop and gets restless. Kaka asks what happened? Nikhil tells him that Anmol didn’t come and is not picking the call either. Kaka tells him that girl’s father gets concerned for his respect. Anmol tears the papers of her diary. Main Tenu Samjhawa……..plays………..Nidhi asks what are you doing? Anmol says love has get down from her head and asks what to do with these papers. Mala says she is happy that you made the future. Neelam says Anmol got angry with Ratan Singh’s threat. Chakori tells Neelam to work some more to ruin Ratan Singh’s respect.

Madan sees pandits going from Ashok’s house. Ashok asks Akhil to throw the havan ashes around the house to keep off Ratan Singh bad eye from him. Nikhil comes home and thinks why she didn’t come. He comes to his house and calls Anmol. Seema asks are you calling her. Nikhil says I don’t know. May be her family sent her somewhere. Seema says she is here. I saw her opening the door when Pratap came with someone. Nikhil wonders why she is not meeting him. Anmol and Nidhi pretend to laugh when Chakori talks her nonsense. Anmol sees Ratan Singh and Pratap looking at her and acts as happy.

They dance. Pratap tells that he feels Anmol has something in mind and acting. Ratan Singh says we don’t need to worry as I know her weakness. Seema asks until when you will stand here. Nikhil says he won’t move until he sees Anmol. He refuses to eat until he sees Anmol. Seema asks him to think about Anmol and eat the food. Nikhil asks her to go. Seema says ok and leaves.

Nikhil waits for Anmol and hopes she is fine. Nikhil hears Ratan Singh asking Anmol to dry his shirt. Anmol says ok and comes to balcony. She puts the clothes and is leaving. Nikhil calls her and asks how are you? Why didn’t you meet me. I was worried about you. Anmol asks him not to worry about her from now on. Nikhil asks what? Anmol asks him to forget their love, thinking it as her childish act. Nikhil asks did anyone ask you to say this. Anmol says we need to be practical now, our path is different, don’t try to meet or call me. Ratan Singh and Pratap smile. Nikhil is shocked.

Nikhil throws tea on his book intentionally and says I will fail as no one is there to care for me. Anmol looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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