Muh Boli Shaadi 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol getting Nikhil’s message and replies to him. She messages him about the post marriage rituals. The exchange messages. Rinku invites her for pagphera rasam and asks her to come for sure. Ratan Singh asks Mala to give shagun to Rinku as she came for the first time after her marriage. Rinku takes it and leaves. Anmol recalls about the letter and rushes to her room. She calls Nikhil and says she wrote a letter for him yesterday. That letter was with Ashok’s bag. Nikhil says you didn’t tell me anything. You are sending me messages, but didn’t tell me about this. If Bapuji sees this, then sad songs will start ringing. Ashok is going to court for solemnising marriage and asks for his specs. Ashok says he should keep it. Bua ji asks will you keep the ingredients with

you. Akhil says we use same ingredients in every puja.

Ashok says are you making fun of me and scolds him. Bua ji says he said right. Ashok says he said right though. Why should I suffer? I will take tulsi vivaah samagri today. Sahil says Bua ji thinks of his advantage. Akhil brings the bag and specs and gives to Ashok. Nikhil asks Akhil to give him a chance. Akhil takes the dakshina envelope. Ashok opens the envelope and takes out the money. He tells Nikhil that he will read on the way to the court and come out. He couldn’t read it and wears the specs to read the letter. Just then crow’s potty falls on it. Ashok throws the letter and thinks today is a bad day. He gets a call and he leaves. Nikhil takes a sigh of relief.

Ashok asks Akhil to come. Akhil comes out and runs behind Ashok. Nikhil takes the letter and goes inside the house. Seema asks what happened? Nikhil says nothing. I have to study and goes to room. Anmol gets angry and thinks Nikhil got upset with her. Nikhil goes to room and calls Anmol. He says he got the letter and says we are saved from a big disaster. Anmol is still upset and says you got angry on me. Anmol asks how can you talk to me like that. Nikhil says our marriage was not properly done, that’s why I was talking about court marriage. Anmol says she don’t want to opt for court marriage.

Nikhil asks her not to be childish and says our marriage will be a joke, if we don’t register in the court. He says we have to go to court today. Anmol asks whether we didn’t marry and that’s why you are shouting at me. Nikhil says we are not legally married and we need proof for future. Anmol gets angry and cuts the call. Seema and Sahil come there and ask what is the matter? We never saw you fighting with Anmol before and asks about the fight in the temple. Nikhil asks them to go and closes the door. Anmol cries. Nidhi comes and says it happens between the couples. Anmol asks her to keep her lecture by herself. Nidhi tells that Nikhil called her. Anmol says she don’t want to talk. Nidhi smiles. Anmol asks where he was calling me. Nidhi asks why shall I tell that he called you in domestic court at 2 pm. Anmol asks did he say that he will wait for me. Nidhi says let him wait. Anmol says he is my……Nidhi asks her to get ready. They hug each other.

Sushant comes to meet Anmol. Ratan Singh asks Anmol to greet Sushant. Anmol says hi and goes to bring water. Anmol and Nidhi get worried. Nidhi asks her not to worry. Sushant tells that his parents went to Delhi and he is also going tomorrow. Ratan Singh talks to him about business. Sushant asks for his permission to take Anmol for lunch. Anmol is shocked. Neelam thinks he is very straight forward types. Ratan Singh and Mala are shocked too. Sushant understands their no and apologizes. Ratan Singh says before marriage…….He says we can’t send you both alone. If you are okay if Nidhi comes with you both. Sushant agrees. Anmol also agrees and messages Nikhil. Nidhi thinks what is going on her mind. Ratan Singh tells Anmol that he trusts her, but don’t trust the people living in the society. He says you are your papa’s ego. Anmol thanks him.

Anmol and Nikhil get married in court. Ashok comes there and looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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