Muh Boli Shaadi 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol coming to Nikhil’s room through the balcony. Nikhil looks at her ghunghat and kisses her hand. A song Kabhi Jo Badal Barse plays………………. Nikhil takes off her ghunghat and looks at her adorably. Anmol gets shy. He tries to kiss her, while she moves away. He pulls her closer and kisses on her head. They hug each other lovingly. It was just Anmol’s imagination. She drops the glass of milk on the ground and gets tensed. Nikhil says you are shying today. You proposed me boldly and now looking shyly. Anmol says because I became Anmol Nikhil Tiwari. Nikhil asks her to take off her ghunghat. Anmol shows her face and smiles looking at him. Nikhil stares her lovingly. Nikhil calls her Mrs. Anmol Nikhil Tiwari and says he have to sleep now. He says he has to get

up at 4 am and study. Anmol says she will wake him up and promises. Nikhil says I love you. Anmol says I love you too.

Anmol couldn’t sleep and thinks it is 1 am now. She can’t take risk and wonders what to do to keep herself awake till 4 am. She looks at the red thread which tied her as mangalsultra. She looks at her maang and fills it with sindoor. She smiles happily.

She wears bindi and looks at herself. She passes her time by reading books and then falls asleep at 3 am. She then wakes up and drinks water. She looks at the clock. Alarm rings at 4 am. Anmol calls Nikhil to wake him up. Nikhil picks the call. Anmol says I love you……..Nikhil says hmmm. Anmol says it repeatedly. She says I thought to wake you up romantically. Nikhil says I love you Mrs. Anmol Tiwari. He says he likes to hear her more. Anmol says she woke up just now. Nikhil says you are mad, and couldn’t have slept. Anmol asks him to study. Nikhil says you wants to tell me something important. Anmol says she forgot it. She worries how to spend 6 months. Nikhil says it will pass. Anmol tells him good morning. Nikhil says I love you. Anmol smiles and disconnects the call. She tries to sleep peacefully and happily. She messages Nikhil and says she will send him good morning daily. Nikhil gets her message and reply. Anmol takes a selfie and sends to Nikhil. Nikhil laughs seeing it and kisses her pic. Anmol sees the clock and says it is 9 am now and goes hurriedly.

Pratap tells Anmol, you woke up so late. Anmol says she didn’t hear the alarm bell. Pratap asks is everything alright. Anmol says slowly she got married. Pratap asks what you are saying? Anmol says nothing. Ratan Singh greets Anmol. Anmol says she didn’t get sleep in the night. Ratan Singh tells that someone is waiting for her. Anmol gets happy seeing Rinku and happily hugs her. Rinku says I didn’t know that you sleeps till late. Neelam gets irked. Anmol talks to her and asks about her jiju. Rinku says she came for pagphera ritual. Ratan Singh asks them to talk and leaves. Anmol asks her about married life. Rinku says she was nervous before, but now they have come closer. She speaks about the marriage rituals. Rinku says she couldn’t find the ring during ring finding ceremony. Anmol asks whether theses rituals bring husband and wife closer. Rinku says yes. Nidhi says I will make sweets for my mum. Anmol gets worried and thinks she didn’t make any sweets for Nikhil. Rinku asks are you dreaming about Sushant. Mala says they have just met. Neelam thinks to find out about Anmol’s behavior.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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