Muh Boli Shaadi 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhil showing non veg marks on the sweets boxes and also brings the chef. He asks him to taste and tell. The chef tastes and says egg is in the sweets. Ratan Singh and everyone get shocked. Ashok says this is God’s insult. He tells you are my enemy, but why did you take out your grudge on the people. All the people standing there for puja get angry on Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh asks Ashok to accept that he brought the egg sweets. Ratan Singh angrily asks Mala, where is Anmol? Ashok asks where is Nikhil? Nikhil asks Anmol to stop watching romantic film. Just then they hear their respective father’s call. Nikhil hides Anmol’s sindoor with forehead tika. Anmol pretends to fight with Nikhil. They are taken away by their respective families. Neelam wonders about their fight.

Ashok gets happy and feels proud to insult Ratan Singh. He tells Nikhil that you proved that you are my son. Ashok says he will attack Ratan Singh at the right moment. Nikhil says shall I go and study. Ashok asks him to go. Nikhil goes to balcony and waits for Anmol.

Anmol gets happy and recalls her marriage with Nikhil. She reminisces the marriage. Nidhi comes and asks why you both were fighting like enemies. I got worried about you. Anmol seems to be lost and smiling. Nidhi asks where is your attention and asks her to say. Anmol moves her hairs and shows the sindoor in her maang. Nidhi gets shocked and asks did you get marry? Anmol says yes and it is a secret. Nidhi asks when did you decide it. Anmol says I was thinking why I am not happy even after wearing the costly dress. She says now I am very much happy because of Nikhil. I feel good because of him. Nidhi asks are you crazy? You know about the enmity of the families. Anmol says their families will agree slowly. We will win with love. Nidhi says I can’t believe that you are married now. Anmol laughs. Nidhi says we have to tell about your marriage at home. Anmol says not now, Nikhil is not ready yet. She says it is matter of six months now. We will marry again with our parents’ wish. She says we can’t be far from each other now. Ratan Singh comes and asks what you are saying. Nidhi says Anmol said she can’t live without us. Ratan Singh blesses her. Anmol gets emotional and hugs him. Ratan Singh says I am very proud of both of you. He gives their phone back. Anmol and Nidhi thank him. Anmol gets emotional and asks Nidhi, did I do right.

Nikhil tries calling Anmol. Anmol comes to the balcony, holding her phone. Nikhil calls Anmol. Anmol asks him to talk on phone. She says Nidhi called you jija ji today and laughs. She says sorry as she told Nidhi about their marriage. Nikhil says it is okay and asks her not to get more excited. Anmol says she is very excited. Anmol and Nikhil talk about their families’ fight. Anmol says we have to live dual life now. Nikhil says we have become husband and wife now and asks what you will do after going back to room. Anmol says she will get shy and think about him. Nikhil says he will study. Anmol says my husband is boring. She asks what do you like in food. Nikhil asks are you fine? She says I will call you aap. Nikhil says ok, I will call you Aaji Sunti Ho Bhagwan……..He says we will be like this always and promises her. He says technically today should be our wedding night. Anmol says you remembered this very well. Nikhil asks do you remember. Anmol blushes and says she brought milk for wedding night. She shows the glass. Nikhil says you are my bride and asks her to wear ghunghat. Anmol shyly wears her dupatta and smiles. Nikhil stares her beauty.

Ratan Singh asks are you fine? Anmol says I couldn’t sleep in the night. Ratan Singh says someone came to meet you. Mala asks her to see who is waiting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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