Muh Boli Shaadi 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratan Singh asking everyone to sit and tells Ashok that you can’t fight against me. He asks him to make his kids understand and laughs. He asks Panditji to start the puja. Ashok gets angry. Anmol and Nikhil hug each other emotionally. Ashok is angry, but somehow controls his anger. Nidhi wonders where is Anmol and Nikhil. Bua ji asks Ashok to come. Ashok says he will end the drama. Anmol asks Nikhil, can’t you understand my heart. I will always love you. Nikhil asks what is all this. Anmol tells everything. Nikhil says I don’t care for anyone. I can’t see you with anyone else. Anmol asks, but what about your career. I don’t want to be burden on you. Nikhil says you can’t be burden on me. Anmol says Papa wants to ruin your career. Nikhil says nothing is important

to me than you. Anmol says she agreed to marry Sushant for his career. Nikhil asks can you be normal seeing me with someone else. Anmol nods no and says my family won’t trouble you as I agreed to marry Sushant. You can write your exams well. Nikhil says I can’t trust your family. We have to be one. Anmol says we will marry after you clear your exams. Nikhil says if you marry before my exams then I will not come to hold your doli. Anmol asks then what we shall do? Shall we marry? Nikhil says yes. We will marry right here. Anmol asks are you serious? Pooja flower falls from somewhere. Nikhil says even God wishes this. I can’t live in this security and asks will you marry me Anmol Ratan Singh. Anmol gives her hand in Nikhil’s hand.

Nikhil looks at the holy tree and says he promises……..He asks Anmol what to say. Anmol says your father is a pandit and you don’t know. Anmol says we will take 7 promises together. Nikhil says ok. They hold hands and take the pheras around the holy tree. Ratan Singh and Pratap are taking round for tulsi vivaah. Nikhil and Anmol promise each other. Nikhil promises to love her and Anmol promises to keep him healthy. Nikhil promises that he will give time to her always. Pandit ji asks Ratan Singh and Pratap to take tulsi ji forward and lord backwards in the remaining pheras. Nikhil and Anmol take pheras. Mala wonders where is Anmol? Sushant also worries. Bua ji thinks Nikhil and Anmol are not here and gets worried.

Anmol asks God to accept their marriage and says our relation is your responsibility now. Nikhil unties the thread from the holy tea and says it is your mangalsutra. Anmol gets happy. Nikhil says all my wishes have come true. He fills her maang with the sindoor kept on the holy stone. Hum Tum Chori Se…………….plays…….Anmol closes her eyes and is happy. She hugs Nikhil.

Panditji asks everyone to take elders’ blessings. Nidhi gets worried for Anmol. All the youngsters take elders’ blessings. Anmol says let’s go and takes everyone blessings. Nikhil says have you gone mad? We got married against their wish. They will do a drama. Anmol says they will agree. Nikhil says they are enemies and will not agree. Devilal thanks Ratan Singh for the donation. Ratan Singh thanks him. Ashok says he is trying to buy God with his money. Ratan Singh gives something to Pandit ji and says he wants his son in law and daughter to give bhog to God. He looks for Anmol.

Nikhil asks what do you want? I shall live as a ghar jamai. Once I gets a job, we will live together. Anmol says I don’t need anything now. Nikhil says he is very much hungry. Anmol says nothing is here. Ratan Singh asks Nidhi, where is Anmol? Nidhi says Anmol said she will come back soon. Sushant says shall I go and call her. Pandit ji says we have to give bhog to God now. Ratan Singh says he will present bhog along with Sushant. Anmol says we have to be away from each other even after marriage. Nikhil says he needs money to fulfill her responsibility. He says once he clears the exam then he can say proudly that they are husband and wife. Anmol agrees and hugs him. Akhil says time has come to take revenge. Ashok asks Ratan Singh to stop and says this bhog is not good. Ratan Singh asks what is this nonsense. Ashok says your bhog is compromised. It has egg in it. Ratan Singh asks are you mad? Ashok says he can smell egg in it. Ratan Singh says there is no egg in it. Akhil says his father never said wrong and shows the boxes with non veg symbol. They are shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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