why so much pain in your love? (part 18)

Alan and Appu took Sona to hospital..nurse give her first aid..doctor checked sona and said “she is ok..her injury is minor..dnt wrry..bt i think she doesnt went unconsious because of her injury..it may depression..
alan:yeah,she takes depression tablets..
doc:taking so much tablets is nt good for health..so help her to get rid off her prblms..u both r her frnds?
appu:yes doctor..
doc:making ur frnd happy is easy for u..right?
appu and alan :yeah..
doc:hmmm..we gave her gluecose drip..when she wake up frm sleep u can take her home..
alan:thnq doctor..

they came sona’s room..she was still sleeping..appu started crying loudly..alan hold her frm her shoulder..
alan:hey appu dnt cry da…doc said she is ok.thn why r u crying??
appu:i cant see her like this..i cant see her in pain :'(
alan:i too cant…bt u dnt cry nw..u also gng weak then hw can i be strong?
alan make appu sits on the chair.he hold her hand.
alan:look at me appu and just stop crying..its nt the solution of her pain..
appu:alan..i knw its jay who did this to sonu..
alan:hw u knw?
appu:she told me before gng to meet jay.he left her aftr gurting her. dnt leave him alan.we have to take revenge for our sonu..
alan:dnt wrry appu am nt gng to leave him..u just take care of our princess..i will be back in an hour..

Alan went to jay’s home..jay’s sister opened the door..alan entered to his home..he shouted “JAYYYY”
jay come with confused face..alan come to him and beat jay hard…jay fell down on the floor..alan grabed his collar and make him stand..alan slapped him hard..he punches in jay’s tummy..jay defence and he punch back alan bt he defened frm his hand(aftr all he is a boxer’s son 😉 ) he beated up jay till he get tired..jay’s maa and di start screaming..bt alan didnt stop..
alan:who the hell r u to hurt ‘my’ sona??
he again beat jay..jay sister was abt to hold his hand bt maa stoped her..maa stopped alan too..
maa asked jay:do u hurt sona?
jay was silent

alan:yes aunty..coz of him she is im hospital
jay’s maa slapped jay and said:i never taught u to hurt any1..i thought that my son is good and he knw hw to respect a woman..bt i was wrong..u dnt knw hw to love some1..bt alan is nt like u..he fought for his frnd..fought for a woman’s respect..
alan:aunty..make understand ur son that…never come to sona’s life..

he went frm there

alan reaches hospital.
(sona’s room)

alan:hey buddy dnt u want to go home?
sona:no 😉
alan:oh..then u stay here..i and appu r going.
alan:no dude..we cant live without a joker 😀
sona:Alannnn…am nt joker is ur would be wife 😐
alan:thts u 😉
sona:i dnt talk to u.. u both go..i will stay here :/
appu was laughing while watching their cute fight..
alan:u cant..they will kick u out 😀
sona made an andry face
they reach home..
alan called som1 to open his flat’s main door..a man came and open the door ..appu and sona gave him a suspence look and they turned their face to alan..alan was signing somthng to that person.when appu and sona looked at him he gave them a weired smile..alan take the man inside and asked him.
alan:whr is teddy?i told u to when u open the door sona should see the teddy bt she saw a monkey instead of teddy..
appu and sona came inside and they sit in the sofa ..

appu:alan who is this?we never saw him here
alan:this is my frnd sidharth….SUDHARTH MENON..
the person interfears”no..its SID..call me sid beauties 🙂

appu and sona laughed 😀
appu:hmm…malayali..bt where were u for this 2 r 3 mnths?
sid:well…i was busy with my cousin’s mrg
sid :alan so this is ur fiancee
he pointes to sona and forwad his hand to sona..
sid:i forgot u have a surprise..i will be back in 2 min
he came with a large teddy

sona:woow….thnq so much sid
sid:tjnx to alan..he said me to bring this
sona smiled at alan
appu:u brought somethng to ur fiancee bt nthng for me
sid:dnt even thnk abt it miss.aparna..who will give a lioness gift..
appu:u….monkey…call me appu
sid:bt u r nt a boy
(appu is also use for boys too)
appu:bt u r looking like a girl..;)

evry1 laughs..
we all on dining…
alan:sid made this whole food
sona:its tasty
sid:thnq ma’m
appu:so..frm today u r our cook mr.sid
sid:and u r my assistant miss.appu
appu:alan…say to ur frnd that go frm here tomorrow..i cant tolerate him
alan:i cant appu..he always stays with me..am srry..if u both will fight always..we dnt need to switch on tv. is it sona?
i and appu went to our flat..we both slept with hugging each other…

precap:nok-jhok between appu and sid
jay’s maa come to meet sona

srry for mistakes..
thnx for ur support buddies 🙂

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Vivi

    Nice 1..really enjoyd it..i think appu & sid will b a pair…gttng excitd 4 nxt part…and sona …jay isn’t right 4 u…sweety…

  2. Fab epi di..so cute.. Prince Alan fighted with Jay for our Princess Sona..i love ❤ that..Lovely and Cute Convo between these Friends..Alan u r such a Good Person taking care of Ur princess Sona so much..
    Sid and Appu fights r enjoying..if they fight like ? this then they will fall in love ❤ for sure..
    Precap looks good..waiting for next part eagerly..Thank u and take care ? di..

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode, loved the fight scene, Alan did really good to beat Jay for his deeds…it wasn’t fair from Jay to behave like this with Sona…Alan is very good person, he truly loves sona and also deserves her…plzzzz make him confess his love to sona…she should know about Alan’s feelings for her. ..Alan’s love and care will take her out from the depression. …lovely story. …eagerly waiting for the next episode. …love you loads and take care

  4. Kirti

    Appu and sona paired will look really cute. Make jay out of her life blo*dy jerk…he needed those thrashing…I think sona should now open her eyes and see the difference btw alan and stupid jay….

  5. aparna

    Nice entry… sid
    Quarling between appu nd sid can temporarily remove sonu pain…
    Waiting for next update

  6. zayn

    Thank god sona accepted alan …….
    I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awsome update .. Keep writting and lots of love

  7. Brity

    Heyy… Ruby… Nice one…
    Ummmm…. Would you please kindly give me the summary of your previous one…. I wasn’t here for 19 days… And there are a lot FF… So it took a lot time to refresh the previous one… If you don’t mind then….

    • Ruby

      thnx a lot guys..

      @brity if u want,i will give u my story links..coz i often forgot evrythng..even my story too 😉

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