why so much pain in your love?(part 12)

my phn was ringing..it was jay!!!
idnt want to talk to him..thn y he is calling me?i cut the call..he again called me..appu told me to recieve the call..i picked his call
jay:hw can u cm here
i:wht u mean
jay:ur dad is vry strict..hw he gave permission?
i:its none of ur buisiness
jay:dnt over react sona
i:am i?? u r the one who over reacted before six mnth..u said by for ‘ever’..nw y r u calling me
jay:coz i lv u damn it..
i:i dnt believe u
jay:believe me or not it depends on u bt the reality is i still lv u
i:bt i dnt..i have moved on
jay:u r lying..u cant
i:y cant i? i can..
jay:i said no
i:i said yes
jay:ok we will see
i:i dnt want to see anythng…by..dnt try to call me nw
jay:by bt i will call when i want
i cut the call and threw my phn on the bed..
appu:cool down baby..
i:hw can i??he is a jerk
appu:frgt it and sleep


am avoiding him coz he has to knw that hw much hurts when our lvd ones avoids us.. i still lv that old jay.. bt this new jay is hurting me..he even didnt tell sorry!!!

jay tried to talk to me bt i avoided him..whenever he see me with alan he gets angry… ilvd that lol :p
one day alan asked me y u and jay always do fights? i said i dnt knw..he was surprised..he looked at appu.. appu told evrythng abt jay…alan got angry and asked me hw can u trust a stranger? i remained silent..i avoid eye contact with him..
alan:do u realy lv him?
i noded yes
alan:wht abt him?
i:he too
appu:no alan he dnt..if he lvs her hw can he hurt her?
alan:appu is right sona..
i:i dnt knw…i just dnt knw whts happening with me..i dnt knw why am trusting him..i dnt knw why am trusting him….
i cried…appu and alan look at each other..i was crying loudly…appu hugged me. i hugged her and cried…appu and alan didnt tell anythng. they let me cry..i was like fainting.. appu held me “alan….sona” alan rushed to me…i was unconsious…
(alan lifted sona in his hand and made her lie on bed..he called doctr.)
doc:i think she is depressed .is any serious prblm is there?
alan:nthng like that..she was disturbed.
doc:hmmm..she is anaemic too..u have to take care of her..dnt let her stay alone.
alan:ok doctr..
doc:ok by
alan to appu:look appu,nw we have to cheer her up..dnt tell anythng which distract her
appu:sure alan. i will take leave frm my channel
alan:good..always be with her and swith off her phn..lock her phn in cupboard..
i got consious .appu hugged me and said u naughty girl..i smiled at her.
alan:sona u have a surprise
i:wht surprise
alan:mandoose(idiot) if i tell whts it then hw can it will be surprise
we all laugh .
appu:today our cook is alan
alan:hey appu..am boss of laira fashions.co…i will cook for u???
appu:yes boss.u r boss in yr company nt here
alan went to kitchen..i told appu come lets help alan…bt appu said u just sit and watch tv..i will help him. i nodes yes …
appu and alan lvng me each day more and more.. .:)


wht is she thinks??she knw that i lv her..i avoid her coz i dnt want to hurt her..if i get close to her and aftr that we get seperated she cant handle her self then..thts y i avoid u sona..only coz ur father..i thought we nvr meet…am sorry baby…just talk to me yaar(he was dialing sona’s number)..oh crap.. its switched off….

appu and alan make me eat so much food…my stomach was full!!!!!
alan:eat well..u have anaemia
i:yeah i knw that
appu and alan in unity “what!!!!”
appu:u knw that u r anaemic?? u r vry bad sona vry bad
i:am srry my doll..its nt a big thing
alan:dnt act like kids. its a big think..lack of blood is nt a li’l thing
alan:nw eat vry well and take rest…u r nt cmng to office for some days..
i:bt my works?
alan:maira handle it
i:alan. ..bt my incomplete works
alan:u cmplt it frm home
i:ok thnx
appu: am here for ur company dr
i:so u wilk take leave?
appu:yeah. i cant leave u in this state..

i smiled and hugged her..we 3 were watching tv..i stand up and walked to my room..alan and appu asked me am i ok or nt..i said yes to them..i stepped 2 3steps bt i feel dizzy. i was abt to fall bt alan hold me.. he held my shoulder and helpes me to walk.appu looked us and i smiled..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Roma

    Thanks for Jay’s little pov. Alan is very good and supportive. Loved there is no hidden talks in between alan, sona and appu…sona and appu bond is very cute…loving this story, keep it up buddyyy…lots of love

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.