why so much pain in your love? (part 9)

thnq so much for liking my story buddies..lv u every1

one month passed…
it was christmas eve..

i,appu,bunny,siya ans felix(alan’s bro and siya’s frnd) we 5 started to make nativity scene..siya and felix placed virgin mary,joseph,3 wise men,angels,shepherds and their sheeps and the star of the bethlehem…bunny abt to place infant jesus in the manager,i stopped him..
i:bunny nt nw,at 12’o clock
bunny:that time we will be in church
appu:i will place it in 12’o clock dnt wrry guys..
i:thnx appu,dnt u cm with us to church?
appu:i will come aftr placing jesus..

just then alan came

alan:guys come to our home and make a nativity scene there too
i:sure alan..guys lets go
bunny:alan cheta(bro) did u by the clay models of jesus and mary?

we all went to alan’s home and made nativity scene..

we dropped appu in her home..me,siya and bunny went to get ready…at night me and my family went to church..we do prayers..placed jesus in the manager at 12’o clock..we sang carols and marches to home to home..santa claus gave gift to every1..appu joined us..we all danced together..

today is christmas..mom made cake…wow..my family and robert uncle’s family went church together..our 3 families(mine,appu’s and alan’s)had lunch in alan’s home..we greet each other “MERRY CHRISTMAS”..every1 elders gave gift to us…we all enjoyed a lot..i didnt remember jay today…in the night every1 came to our home and we had dinner together..
frst elders had…coz we were busy with crackers and lights..alan refused to had dinner with elders.he had with us..
our seating arrangement is like appu and bunny sat opposite,siya and felix sat beside chairs and they started abt their study..two studious people spoiling our enjoyment!!!!!!
i and alan sat beside
alan:whts ur next plan
i:dnt knw
alan:can u joint with me?i mean in my company
i:bt u r running a fashion designing company nt a news channel
alan:am talking abt ur designing
i:bt i dnt knw abt designing
alan:yeah i dnt knw thts y u made this beautiful dress
he pointed to my dress..i wore a blue leggings with a white long top which i made my self..oh god hw he knw?
alan:appu told me
i:r u reading my mind?
alan:yeah i can read everyones mind
i:very funny..eee
he laughed
appu:whts gng buddies
alan:am offering a job to ur frnd
i:yeah as a designer
appu:thts grt. thnx alan
alan:hey,hello am offering job to sona nt to u
appu:if she say thnx or i its is same
alan:if i propose her then u will say yes?

we all laughed at her..aftr that she realised wht she said
appu:no i mean she will say yes
we again laughed..
every1 went to their respective home..

days passed..it was sana’s wedding day..me,appu and vinu went to her wedding.sana’s family forced her to marry her relative irfan..she dnt want to marry bt they didnt hear her..she hugged me and appu and cried. we consoled her..i said whtevr happens happens for a reason. dnt wrry..everythng will be ok..she nods..we take selfies..
i and appu came back to home in appu’s scooty.

i upload sana’s wedding pics on fb..i dnt knw jay noticed it or not..i badly miss him..

our exams are over…it was bunny’s birthday..

appu stayed here to celebrate birthday..felix came at 11:45 pm..we all arranged evrythng without knwing dad and mom..
bunny was sleeping..we all sang happy birthday song in unity..bunny got angry coz his sleep get spoiled..we disturbed him..
bunny:u have all ur own brthday na i will spoil all of ur sleeping..

we laughed and invite him to cut the cake..he cut the cake..he made me eat and i made him to eat..he gave to siya appu and felix…we all enjoyed..felix went to his home..and we four(me appu bunny siya)slept in a bed hugged each other..

precape:sona got a letter from “Liara fashions”

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Manha

    Looks like a rollercoaster ride. Diwali, christmas, frnd marriage, bunny birthday. Everything was too gud. Whr is jay? She is going to be designer nw. Whoa. Waiting for next part.

    • Ruby

      jay will be in next part manha..actually i thought to shorten my story thats y all celebrations in one..sorry guys

  2. Wow di Amazing epi..Full of Celebrations Christmas ?,Marriage ?,Birthday ?..woh..So sweet ?..i like ? it..I liked the line EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON but actually Sometimes I badly want to know what’s that reason and y it happened..
    Bunny’s birthday ? too cute and funny.he was distributed because they celebrated his bday at 12 ..hehehe..lol..he loves to sleep..
    Alan inviting Sona for her company,.Cool..Is he the new Hero?..
    Overall Amazing epi..But I missed ur friend Convo I mean Nitesh’s..
    Waiting for ur next part eagerly..take care ?

  3. Roma

    Cute episode, lots of fun with family and friends. ..loved it … sona will be designer now… liked Alan’s convo…funny…eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy

  4. NiTesh

    Wow great..!! great episode.. she is now designer.. may god bless her.. it will be wow moment if Alan propose to her in actualy. ??
    But surprised to watch that she missed jay.. but here she didn’t mention about nitesh.. ?
    Kamini kuch 2h izzat rakh meri naam(name) ki.. ?

    • Ruby

      tu mujhse bat mat kar..tu account q deactivate kiya???uss awara to tata birla kah diya or tu b uski tarah ban gaya hai bilkul..

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