why so much pain in your love? (part 8)

thnq so much roma and hayathi..this part is a turning point in Sona’s life…

i checked whatsapp and fb..bt he didnt replied..may be he thought that i said i lv u in angry..bt i didnt..i msg him that i didnt said i lv u in angry..when i said it i meant it..pls talk to me jay…bt no rply..i was restless..i msged him 20 times..at last he replied!!!!!!

i didnt rply this time 😉
jay:why u sent long mags when u dnt want to talk?
(lol..whts his prblm)
i:what i have to say it is in that long msg..
jay:we cant be 1 ..coz i cant marry u until i get 30
i:i dnt want to be..bt y u r rude to me
jay:am nt.i want to tell u somethng..aftr that decide do u want to lv me or not
i:ok tell
jay:am nt a gd boy..am bad..am a flirt
i:so what (i knw he is nt bad)
jay:u can’t handle me
i:i can
jay:bt i cant marry u before 30(age)
i:i will wait for u
jay:i cant cm to meet u always
i:once u said u can
jay:nt always na..can u cm here? no na?
i:may be
jay:u cant
i:so u r saying that if i want to be gf then i can bt until u get marry?
jay:if u r my gf when i am 30 then i will marry u
i:wow jay..u said u nvr hurt me..nw u r hurting me..u said u nvr leave me
jay:am nt saying that i will leave u..
i:u forget what u said
jay:no..i remember wht i said
i:may be u dnt..i will give u proof abt wht u said
jay:i dnt want ur proof
i:is mrg is ur prblm?
i:i said i will wait for u
jay:bt u cant handle me na
i:i can..do u realy lv me or nt
jay:haa i lv u
i:then why r u behaving like this?
jay:i told u am a bad person..i cant change for u..neither before marriage nor after mrg
i:ok..u are playing with my feelinga
jay:think wht u want to think
i:hw can u change in a night
jay:night is the reason
i:did u change daily?
i:if u dnt want me then y u asked me whether i lv u or nt
jay:i lv u na thts y i said everythng..if i dnt tell this to u then when u will get to knw abt this u will blame me..

i am sure his behaviour changed after i told abt my dad..he is lying to me..still he is saying he lvs me..nw he is nt that old jay who foght with me love..

it was 12 am..raining outside..i lied down on bed..i was thinking abt jay..why he did this?..i dnt want to disturb my mind..so i played a song frm the movie Roy..lol i played a party song 😀 (sooraj dhooba hai yaaro ;)) hw crazy am 😀


next day morning i called appu..
i:appu i need to talk to u
appu:yeah am coming

whenever i told her i need to talk she always says am cmng..if she needs me then i say am cmng..we understand each other very well

after 2 min she came..she asked abt me..my mom said she is in her room..whole day..didnt help me in kitchen..always making portraits..
appu smiled at her..

bunny:hai appu di hw r u?
appu:oh u r here..am fine dude..whr is ur gift which ur di gave?
bunny show his hand
appu:beautiful..ok nw am gng to ur sisters room..bring something to eat..
bunny:ok appu di

she came and sat near me

i:i met some1 in fb..he proposed me and i accepted him
appu:wht?? when?? u didnt tell anythng..
i:appu i want to tell u nt am afraid that u will scold me
appu:ofcourse i will scold u..i told u after ur break up with ryan nt fell again…bt wht u did?? u repeat the same mistake again..
i:no appu its nt like that..jay is nt like ryan
appu:i want to talk to him
i:he is nt talking to me
appu:this is wht i said…u r brave and strong..bt when the matter is love…u r weak..vry vry weak
i:am srry dear..bt am sure he will come back
appu:just leave it..come give me a hug
i hugged her tightly she hugged me back..i didnt cry…i cant cry lol..there is no tear in my eye 🙂

appu:wht abt ur study?
i:i didnt study
appu:i knw..aftr finishing ur all work..come to my home..we will study together
i:ok buddy
appu:i told bunny to bring some snack..bt where is he?
i calles bunny..he came with an empty bowl..
i& appu asked unitedly : u gadhe(donkey) u eat everythng
bunny: u both were sharing secrets..i couldnt my self..so i finished it
bunny is always like that
appu::ok am gng..by super girl..by bunny
i &bunny:by

just then siya came
siya: hey appu di i need ur help
appu:wht siyu?model qstn papers?
siya:yeah di..my exams are coming
appu:i will tell papa…
siya:thnx di

in evening i went to appu’s home to study…aftr 2 days my exams r cmng and i didnt study anythng…appu helped me a lot…she covered some chapters..it was 9’o clock..dad sent bunny to bring me home..bt amma(appu’s mom) told go aftr having dinner..we said ok..i like amma’s food..she is beautiful like appu..
appu:acha(dad) u knw sonu gave a watch for bunny
achan:oh is it bunny? show me
bunny shows his hand..bt still he is busy with food..
i:bunny look at achan..then eat
bunny:am sry acha..amma made delicious food then hw can i look at u while eating
achan:it ok kid 😀
i:u had dinner frm home
bunny:so wht..
aftr hvng dinner i and bunny said gdnt to them and we came home..

i gave siya some qstn papers wich achan gave me..she got happy amd hugged me..i smiled at her..

mom was on phn..it was my didi..she everyday calls mom..she have 2 childre…naughty and cute..

dad:had dinnet sona?
bunny interept and said yes dad
dad:u too? 😮
bunny: yeah

we 3 start watching tv..i told them to turn on to movie channel..bunny turn on to boxing channel..siya started to fighting…oh god..why u gave this bro and sis to me..coz she dnt like boxing..i and bunny alwaya used to watch..our fight starta bt this tym bunny told watch whatever u want…god nw evrthng is ok..

i chated with nitesh and told abt jay’s changed behaviour..he consoled me..

nxt day
i told nitesh that i miss jay..he told me to sent msg to him
i maged jay”miss u”..he replies “i dnt”

now am nt gng to msg him..i dnt want any pain..so i decided to frgt that..bt i dnt want to move on…

today is diwali..

i wished jay..i knw he dnt wish me back..bt is special day..thts y i wished him.otherways i dnt want to talk to him..my family went to appu’s home to celebrate diwali..we children lighten her home with diya..we played with crackers…robert uncle (he is bunny’s fight master also dad’s frnd) and his family was there..robert uncle’s son Alan is my didi’s frnd.they r clg mates..didi also came frm her in laws home..Alan is a fashion designer..he has his own company…

Alan came to me and appu and started to teasing us
alan:appu and sona u both scared of crackers na
i:no alan..we r nt bt u r
alan:i knw i knw wht u both were dng with crackers

appu made a funny looks and went frm there

alan:sona,my artist..whts ur new project
sona:if u want see my projuct then come to home

alan likes my mom’s biriyani a lot..whenever he came to kerala..he told my mom to make biriyani for him..

precap:leap of one month..
christmas eve

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    I hate this jay yaar actually sona also why this girl fall in love with an unknown person…. even she knows her dad very welll….. he wont accept her love at all… so why this….. girls need to be carefull….. sorry guys i dont want hurt anyone its just my thought…. @RUBY NICE UPDATE DR

  2. Nice epi di..pls don’t make Sona weak..I think its time for move on..Sona don’t send any msgs to Jay..if he doesn’t reply then y should u..he should have a Sense that u r finding time to msg him..
    I agree with Hayu di that pls introduce a new character opposite to Sona in which he understands her first and take care of her..?
    Waiting for next part eagerly..take care ?..

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