why so much pain in your love? (part 7)


i have 3 friends..sana,vinay(vinu) and aparna(appu)…they always supports me coz they knw wht i am..
appu is my childhood frnd..she is a free bird..she is very close to her dad.they r like bst frnds..her home is 3house far frm my home..our families are also vry close..
sana and vinu r my clg frnds..their families r just like my family..no one supports them in their family..we 3 r journalism students..bt sana is our junior.vinu is working..when he got a job he drop out clg..our exams r cmng so it was study leave..

appu called me in the morning
appu:gd mng sona
i:gd mng jhansi ki rani
appu:listen..i have a plan
i:what plan
appu:can we go for a lunch?
i:wht vinu nd sana said?is they r ready?
appu:yep dr
i:i will ask dad
appu:if he didnt then call me..i will make him to say yes
i:i knw kamini
appu:by…go n get ready
i:dad can i go for a lunch with my frnds?
dad:ur mom is making lunch for u
i:i promised to appu
dad:u promised nt i..call her here and have lunch with her
i:dad sana and vinu also join us
dad:i said no
dad’s phn was ringing…he took the phn..it was appu..she ask permission to go for lunch..dad said yes ….wow finally am gng with my frnss..

we 4 met in mall..i and appu came frm her scooty..we did a little shopping…dnt misunderstand us…we r nt crazy in dresses and accessories..we r crazy for books..sana is also an artist..so we both buy some drawing tools too..

i am dn with my frnds..i dint tell them abt jay..coz am confused..

i sent a hai msg to him..
i:do u have any job?
i:then how can u take my expences lol :p
jay:my dad is a billionair..bt i will do job mxt mnth
i:whtever i havnt do anythng with ur life
jay:u have to do with my life
i:i dnt want to do..why r u loving me?
jay:nw i have to tell a reason for this?
i:do u want me as ur gf only?
jay:if u want u can become my wife
blush :*
i:i dnt want to become anythng
jay:do u lv me or not?
i:i like u
jay:just say yes or no
i:my heart is saying yes bt my mind is saying no
jay:listen to ur heart
i:heart makes all prblms
jay:bt nt this tym.tell me whts ur ansr?
jay:what yes
i wrote a short story in my rply and sent it to jay(lol i was confessing my love.may be he didnt get)
jay:u wrote our story?then become a writer
i:what will u become?racer like my jay? :p
jay:oh thats ur jay
i:yeah my hero
jay:i thought am ur hero (angry )
i:wht u think aftr reading that it is som1 else?
jay:i knw it is me.u made me ur hero?
i:wht u thnk?
jay:u say..why u sent ‘yes’?do u love me or not?
jay:wht?go…dnt talk to me(angry)
he went offline
i replied that if u will be happy because of hearing my yes..haa I LOVE U…
aftr that i told evrythng abt my dad’s behaviour…and i slept..


precap:Jay avoids Sona

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    Ha ha ha nice love story jay be such mein sana se pyaar kar rahe heina aur ea zoot tha… clear my doubht dr

  2. Hayathi

    Hey ruby why what happend story was too gud… plzzzz dont stop like this dr…. is there any plm tell me

    • Ruby

      no dr koi prblm nahi hai..real me ye dono ek dusare se pyaar nhi krte..dikhawa kar rahe the..to am confused that ki me story ko kaise age badau…puri story mene soch rakhi hai..bt likh nahi paa rahi hu 🙁

      and nitesh b mujhse naraz hai..kamine ne apni id deactivate kar di :'(

      • Hayathi

        Hi ruby dr i can understand that but u can turn ur story like hate to love yeah story acha story bun sakthi hein aur ha story tho achi hein dr like sana and bunny bonding but just think about it ok…..

  3. Ruby

    thnx for supporting me hayathi and roma..i will continue dears…am thinking abt making a new story..whats ur openion guys?

    • Hayathi

      Oh another story ok best of luck dr….. rubyif u want to do anything what u like more….. example writing…. so dont stop it in middle keep continue if it will get success or not thats secondaryy so be happy and keep smile always okkk…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.