why so much pain in your love? (part 6)

there was two msgs 1 frm nitesh and another 1 frm jay

jay’s was a rply for my last msg

jay:am nt fighting..dont u lv me?
i:love is nt a joke jay
jay:dnt teach me
i:then whom will i teach
jay:teach ur self

nitesh:had lunch?
i:yeah,i am talking with jay
nitesh:oye hoye :p
i:nt talking…fighting
nitesh:fighting frm beginning
i:he dnt need topic to fight with me..whenever comes he starts..
nitesh:u r enjoying na?
i:yeah πŸ™‚

i:i am getting angry
jay:then kill ur self
i:can i kill me????
i:fake love,fake frndshp
jay:my love is true..u r liar..stay busy with others..
i: am nt ur wife..i cant talk with u only.am talking to nitesh
jay:ok then…when u get free talk to me..

i was trying to calm him down

i:can i knw abt u?
jay:talk with nitesh..will talk later
i:i want to talk to u
jay:no,talk with him first..i dnt like disturbance in between us
i:if i talk to u only,then ok?
jay:no,u chat with every1.once u done talk with me
i:pls talk to me jay
jay:aree am nt saying wrong..i dnt like any1 come between us..
i:no one will come..can we talk?
i:hw r u
jay:u want say this?
i:am nt saying..am asking..i dnt have the right to ask u?
jay:u have full right on me
i:tell abt u
jay:can we talk in whatsap
i:ok.bt in 1 condition..u never call me..
i:give me ur number
he gave his number..
after 2 min
jay:whr r u in whtsap?
i:wait for 2 min
jay:we will talk tomorrow..my battery is low..gdnt πŸ™‚

nitesh:hw is jay?
when nitesh asked abt jay..i was blushed lol πŸ™‚
i:why r u asking to me?ask him
nitesh:he never talk to me..wht r i dng
i:reading a story
nitesh:read abt me ok
i:who wrote abt u
nitesh:u write one
i:there was an idiot monkey…ur story end..
nitesh:u can write hw his tail came..hw used to jump on trees
i:better is u write..i dnt knw more abt monkey..
nitesh:ok gdnt πŸ™‚ if i stay more u will fall for me..
i:dnt make me laugh πŸ˜€
nitesh:i wish we were met in clg..i need a frnd like u πŸ™‚
i:am thinking abt that..thn i can beat u daily :p
nitesh:birla :p
he went to sleep..and i too

bunny came to my room..
i:didnt i sleep till nw?
bunny:no di
he placed his head on my lap
bunny:i missed this 1 so much di
i smiled at him
i:try to sleep πŸ™‚
bunny:di sing a song
it was his habit frm childhood..always took his head on my lap and ask me to sing a song..he knw that i cant sing..bt he likes my singing..i sang a song..hell fell asleep and i too..
it was around 3 pm..i was in a siting position..bunny was sleeping.i took his head frm my lap and placed it in pillow..and i lied besied him…

“bunny,sona…wake up” it was mom..i looked at her with sleepy eyes…”i told u bunny,u r nt a kid nw..sleep in ur bed nt beside ur di” mom angrily said..
i:he is always kid for me..if siya can sleep beside me..why cant he?
mom:coz he is a boy
i:bt he is my brother nt an unknwn person
mom:i cant fight with u..it is 8:30..ur dad will scold me if u didnt get up
i said in a low voice “he is nt my dad” :/
bunny: :)gdmng mom..u r looking so beautiful today
mom:shut up bunny..go n fresh n up
bunny:ok mom..
mom went to kitchen..i sit on bed and opened chat box..rplied to jay’s msg..coz i couldnt find him in whtsap..crap phn this is
i rplied “whr r u in whtsap? i couldnt find u”..i went offline..

hey di go and brush ur teeth…badbu 😐 it was bunny
i got up and went to bathroom…aftr all my wrk done..i opened jay’s msg
jay:give ur number
i gave my number and said “nw happy?”
jay:i dnt want..u keep ur self
i:nw whts ur prblm,why r u angry?
he didnt rply..i again sent msg
i:if i didnt rply am chating with other boys..nw wht will i think?
jay:keep ur number ur self..u gave it in angry
i:i didnt gave it in angry..i came here for u 1000 times bt u have no respect for me..think wht u wnt to think
jay:oh,look u r still angry
i:u also
jay:what i said nw?
i:ok fine.had brkfst
i:then have
jay:without u???
i:dnt show too much love on me..i will fall for u
jay:i am waiting for that :p

ou convo ended…i started to watch tv..bunny were went to drop siya in school…nw i can watch tv peacefully πŸ˜‰ lol..fighting for remote is a major prblm in our home..i was watching ‘twilight saga:new moon’.i dnt knw hw much tum i watched this..whenever it comes on tv i used to watch it..bt siya dnt like me to watch this..she asks hw can som1 watch a movie number of times…i said i like it..

bunny came and sit beside me…he got injuries…
i asked in a scary voice wht happened?
bunny:some1is troubling siya so i beated him
bunny:her schoolmate
i:bunny i told u dnt fight with any1 if u got injuries it is hurting me..u can complaint to principal
bunny:he wont do anythng di..just give suspend letter for that boy

i cleaned his wound…
i:hmmmm…bt u knw bunny..u did well πŸ˜€ ..u r a true brther
he gets happy

i send msg to jay in whatsapp
i:ur mom
jay:my mom is nt using whtsap
i:coz she has..she got in comma aftr knwing abt ur deeds…dnt u knw me?
jay:i knw u..u r daughter of don
i:no,hitler is my dad
jay:then u also don
i:so what
jay:dnt didnt show her pic
i:hitler didnt show him
jay:frst don
i:no frst hitler
jay:whts ur age
i:whts urs thats mine
jay: aaila..
jay:u r 22 am 21..hw can we will be a jody?
i:who told u to make jody of ours
jay:bt i want u as my pair
i:bt i dnt want
jay:u dnt celebrate ur brthday for a year..then our age will be same
i:i nvr celebrate my brthday..bt in ur profile ur brthd year is 92
jay:it is 93
i:mine also 93 then hw can u younger than me
jay:then we r same age
i:whts ur real name?
jay:my real name is JAY SINGHANIA
I:then whts ur fake name? :p
(lol i was teasing him bt he got angry)
jay:i have no fake name
i:i was joking bt u got angry..if u get angry aftr ur mrg u will divorce ur wife πŸ˜€
jay:will u b my gf?
jay:will u be my wife?
i laughed..again he got angry
jay:am talking seriously and u r laughing
i:u asked serious think in laughing
jay:ok…will u be my gf?
i:no,some1 betrayed..so i cant trust in lv
jay:it is some1 na..nt me
i:i dnt want to become fool again
jay:every1 is nt lyk same..dnt u trust me?
i:we r different in everythng
jay:wht different
jay:it doesnt matter to me..if i want to come there..i can come
i:i dnt want to put u in trouble..and am nt rich and beautiful
jay:i didnt see ur beauty..if u r nt rich it doesnt matter to me..i can take ur expence
i:dnt be filmy
jay:am talking right..nt filmy
i sent him my pic
jay:u r looking gd
blush :*
i:nw hitler’s turn
jay:u will afraid
i: u r nt real hitler so i didnt
jay sent his pic..he is cute
i:handsm hitler
i went offline for 2 mins
jay:my don r u sleeping?
i:no gng to take bath
i:didnt u take?
jay:i took bath in mrng..bt u chee
i:shall i go?
i:i hv tutorial class(am taking drawing tutorial for my neighbour kid)
jay:take a leave
i:i cant,my student is here
jay:then give him leave
i:i cant,am gng
jay:my ansr?
i:i will give aftr 1 hour
jay:if u went without answering,i wont talk to u
i:i cant say either yes or no
jay:say yes
i:am afraid to say yes
jay:dnt be afraid..dnt u trust me?
i:i have trust in u..bt nt in my fate
jay:just say yes,if u dnt i wnt let u go.
i:then i will say no :p
jay:ok by (he got angry lol)
i:if i say yes..wht will happen
i blushed
jay:i need an ansr
i:why so hurry?i will tell tomorrow
jay:i need an ansr today

i said by and went offline…

precape:Sona confess her love to Jay

thnx a lot chinnu,mansi,aliya,hayathi,kirti,roma and evryone (sry if i frgt any1 name)
take care swties..special thnx to my kamina dost nitesh…


Credit to: Ruby


  1. Roma

    Awwww lovely episode. …loved that line, u don’t celebrate your birthday for one year then we will be same age, ha ha ha…soooooooo cute…keep it up Ruby….I’m loving it. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. So cute convo between Friends..I liked it..Bro and Sis relationship too..so cute..Overall whole epi was Cute and Good..
    Oh no on seeing ur comment above I am worried yaar..what is gonna happen..pls update soon..Take care ? di and Stay happy ?..

    • Ruby

      thnx liyakutty…part 7 is published…i told u that some part of the story is frm real life..the real part is completed..now this story is depends on my imagination

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