why so much pain in your love? (part 5)

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suddenly some1 hugged me frm my back and places his chin on my shoulder…i smiled 🙂 it was him..i turned to him and smiled..he said “i missed u so much” 🙁 .”i missed u too” ..we both hugged each other..he was my one and only brother BUNNY :* my jaan,my strength..who is the only one who understands me in my family,who is the 1 who will fight for my happiness..every1 says that ‘a girl is her dad’s princess..bt in case of me i was my brother’s princess…he is younger than me and he is 18..one year elder to siya..

i asked “when u came?” “just now” he said..i:why dnt u tell that u r coming?
Bunny:if i told that i am coming..u will come to pick me up..i dnt want to trouble u..
i:ok,fine..what abt ur championship?
bunny:i lost it di 🙁
i:its ok dude..nxt tym u will win 🙂

(he was in his boxing school for one weak…he had a championship with his mates..so he stay with his master for practising)

i:i have something for u ( i gave him a box)
he looked at me surprised
bunny:what is this di?
i:check it
he opened the box..it was a titan watch..he asked me to by this when he win the championship..
he looked at me teary eyed :'(
Bunny:i lose the game..then y this??
i: u just lost the game..bt u r always winner for me 🙂
i wiped his tears “nw smile” 🙂
he smiled “thnq so much di,u r best” i said “i know ”
we laughed 😀 siya came to our room…she asked to bunny “did u lose the game?” “yeah dude” bunny said in a sad voice..

“do prayers children” it was mom..i prayed to god that” pls make bunny always win the game”..
bunny prayed that “give my di only happiness god and make her wishes come true”..
what siya prayed…she prayed “god give me good marks in board exam”..

“did u take bath?” i asked..”no” bunny said
i:go and take bath..chee..
he ignored me and called our mom “mom i am hungry..” mom said to us “come on children have dinner”
he was abt to go..bt i stopped him and stared at him..”ok am gng to take bath” he angrily said..”good boy..take ur towel only” i said..(he has his own towel..bt he always use mine..he knw that i dnt like that..thts y he is using mine)
bunny:jo tera hai vo mera hai..
he made a funny face and went to bathroom

i shouted “nw pls my bro dnt use my shampoo too”
he will use my shampoo for sure..it is his daily teasing..always using my thinks..

we r nt same blood..when he was four my parents adopted him..he was our neighbour’s son..his parents died in an accident..everyone left him..i took him my home..i said to my dad “adopt him dad..coz i want him as my li’l bro..”
first my dad refuse coz siya was li’l also..so mom can’t take care of him.i said”i will take care of him dad..pls” . for my sake dad adopt him and my parents and we sisters loved him like he is our own blood..literaly we have same blood group lol :p

bunny came frm bathroom..i gave him an angry look..he said “i told u to by a shampoo for me..bt u didnt so i used urs”
i:whatever..let’s have dinner
bunny:ok di
i:give me ur towel,ur hair is still wet.

i started to dry his hair.just then siya came to my room..

siya:sona,where is ur pencils?i need it..
siya always used to call me by my name..bt bunny always calls me di.
i:it is in my cupboard
“siyu,i told u call her di” bunny started a fighting saying this..
siya:why r u forcing me to call her di?if u want u call. bt i wont
i:bunny siya stop ..siya take wht u want frm here and go and study

siya angrily turned to go..bunny threw the towel on her..she took it and threw it to him..oh god i was stuck in between them..

i shouted “idiots..it is ny towel.dnt dare to play with this..got it ??” i was super angry on both of them..
siya:he started the fight
bunny:haa..coz u called her name
siya:name is for calling
bunny:bt she is elder than u
siya:so what??she calls badi di by her name..then y dnt i??
bunny:i am nt calling them by name..so u shouldnt be

this time dad came lol :p

dad:whats gng on???why r u shouting siya? mind..u r a grl

siya’s face turned red..she stares at bunny..bunny was like oye i won..when i look at him he told sorry to dad..we 3 went to dining table..take our seats..

bunny:mom u again made bitter guard sabzi???u knw na i and di didnt like this .
mom:bt ur dad and siya like this..and u didnt told me that u r coming
i:bunny eat what is in ur plate and thks to god
he nods

we finished our dinner..bunny and siya again started to fighting for remote..bt dad came and take remote and he turn on tv to a news channel :p 😀

i took my phn..there was two msgs…i opened it..


to be continued

precape:chating with jay and nitesh

sorry for short update guys..i am busy with some works

thnx my buddies and thnx silent readers..special thnx to my kamina dost Nitesh for this pic..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Aww..so cute Bro and Sis bonding..Same I too share this relationship with my Elder bro Aam.he too always uses my Towel for cleaning his hair..he always irritates and tease me alot..remote fighting too.lol…
    Amazing Epi di..waiting for next Part..eagerly..pls update soon..take care ?..


  3. Manha

    Ruby too gud dear. Sis bro relationship was superb. Jo tera hain wo mera hain lol. Gud gng. Waiting for next.

  4. Liya

    It lukd lyk a real fyt btw me n my bro:-) bt i luv fytng with him. . . It is so much fun. . Luvd ur epi 2 much. . .

  5. Oh oh so cool yar !! U story has one of d character’s name as d same one of pragna !!BUNNY °★★★

    Hey reaaly yaar I jus love u so pls cntinu !!

    Hey ruby r u a girl or a boy ??
    Dont mind me asking dear !!! Jus for my on curiosity !!

    • Ruby

      duniya me ane ke pahle hi ladki thi and ab b hu 🙂

      u can say anythng as am ur frnd..kabhi kisi bat ka bura nahi manti me..:D

  6. aparna

    While reading this I was remembering my brother
    I miss my bro (he lives in out of state)
    nice relationship

    Waiting for next update. ..

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