why so much pain in your love? (part 4)

OMG!!!! he was proposing me indurectly..

i : this is the frst tym i got a frnd who is fighting frm the beginning
he: u r thinking this is fight?this is lve.this is the frst tym i fell for some1 on fb..
i:oh frst tym on fb..hw many tym in lyf?
he:u r the frst in my lyf..i never let u go
i:lie..even nw u r busy with other grls
i:we will see
he:i knw i dnt get any ansr frm u
i:so u will lv another grl
he:no,i wont leave u
i:angry man when u got angry u cancelled ur rqst..i am sure u will leave..

aftr this he started to talk nicely..he said he wanna see me..i said i dnt want to show me

he:evrythng wont happened according to ur will
i:here,evrythng will occur according to my wish
he:ok dnt talk to me..u r thnkng ur self only
i:u also
he:am i?i am the 1 who waited for u and u ignored me
i:am nt ignoring u..am talking to u only
he:bt u went whn i asked ur pic
i:why should i give?i wont give u
he:i want to see u..u r saying like i will do somthng with ur pic..
i:i can think that..how can i trust som1 so easily?
he:oh…am som1 for u..ok then find som1 who u can trust..am unknwn for u
i:i dnt want any1..am nt saying that u r unknwn..bt i dnt knw anythng abt u
he:if u have interest in knwng then u can knw na
i:bt u never let me talk..whenever u came to chat u start fighting…


the next morning…
i got up frm bed and looked at mirror then smiled at me..i pinned my hair back and went to hall..my hitler dad was reading news paper..i sat opposite to him and started reading news paper..he asked me to do brush..i ignored him and called my mom “what made for brkfst?” “go and take ur food ur self” i raised my eye brow..it was my little sister siya..i made an angry look at her and sai “mind ur own buisiness kid..am talking to my mom”..she said “she is busy with making my lunch box”

i got up frm sofa and brushed my teeth..ate some dosa and started to walk towards my room..”sona,do ur work frst then go to ur room” it was mom.. am the sweeper of my home..aftr dng my wrk..i took a bath..started to complete my incomplete sketch..it took 3 hours of hardworking..it was an old couple’s portrait..i made it with charcoal pencil..

i was tired..i leaned to my bed..bt something is disturbing me..i got up and stand infrnt of the window.i opened it..i can see our paddy fields..cool breeze came and touched my cheek..i smiled..the sun was seting..sun rays fell on my face..nw i can see little little rainbow…wow..

suddenly!!!! yeah…suddenly..some1 hugged me frm my back!!!

guess buddies who will be it??

thnx TU for set my pic as my story pic

ignore typos and grammatical mistakes

lv u buddies..keep reading

Credit to: Ruby


    • Ruby

      thnx liya..yesterday my phn was nt working properly thats y short update…today i will update a long part..

  1. Hai di Nice epi and Narration too..
    I think Some of ur friends who hugged u..i don’t think so Jay will come here..lets c ..pls post soon and a big epi too..waiting for next update..take care ?

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