Why so much pain in your love? (Part 30)

Sorry for not updating my stories guys..actually am not doing well..here is the 30th part.i am concluding this story. .because I don’t know I will able to post 3 stories in same time. ..am really sorry guys..once I get well I will write a new one..thanks for supporting me buddies. .missing chinnu and mansi 🙂

Appu and sid come more close but they fights like kids. ..one day appu,sid,sona and alan were in sitting beach
Sid:I love u
Appu shocked and blinked her eyes for several times.i and alan looked at each other surprised. ..
Sid:why r u staring.??? I said I love u
Sid closes appu’s mouth
Appu:what did u say?
Sid:I love u
Sid:I didn’t a reason to hate u then I don’t have a reason to love u
Appu:bt I wont love u
Sid:am nt saying u to love me..am just saying I love u
I and alan smiles..
Me:appu accept his love..
Appu:why should I? He is a monkey
Alan:don’t force her princess. ..sid I will find a beautiful girl for u
Sid:thanx bro…I think loving appu is mean wasting my time
Appu started to beat him
Appu:do u want to love another girl??
Sid:yeah…u dnt love me na
Appu:if u love another girl I will kill u
Sid:bt why
Appu:coz I love u damn it!!!!!

Lol finally she confessed. .we 3 laughed at her..she gets shy and hugged me .

Me:hug him not me
Alan grabs appu’s hand and give it to sid and said
Alan:am giving u my sis bro..don’t take care of her ; )
Sid:I will give her all unhappiness in her life 😉
Appu:if u done ur stupid talk can I say 1 thing
Sid:say kanthari
Appu:sid….I will make ur life hell 😀
Saying this she ran sid ran after her.i and alan was laughing. Alan holds my hand.we walked on beach side.

After one month Alan and sona’s wedding day:

Everyone in church.appu and sid still fighting. Amma scolds appu. Sid laughs at her..sona and alan was standing infront of priest. Sona is lookin like a princess and alan looking like her prince..their mrg done.they kisses each other..

Appu:wow..today is my bestie’s first night 😀
Sid:lol…they r just married now and u r talking abt first night..I think u r eager for our first night
Appu hits him…

Bunny hugs sona “lv u di will miss u” “me too bunny”…she gave him a gift box.bunny opens it.it was a pair of boxing gloves. He hugged her tight “di u r best in this world”
Alan:what abt me buddy?
Bunny:u too jiju

Alan and sona’s room:
Alan was caressing sona’s hair.she was lying beside him.
Sona:alan. .
Sona:I love u
Alan:I love u too princess

They kissed passionately. ..



If u guys want me to continue this just comment…will update other stories tooo…

Aliya,liya,roma,tanya,mansi,chinnu,aparna,hayathi,kirti,kriti,brity,zayn,vivi,nive,nia…thnq so much guys..if I forget anyone’s name pls forgive me guys..my memory is not too sharp..

Nitesh kamine I am missing u badly 🙁 tu to enjoy kar raha hoga na coz am nt disturbing u 😉

Credit to: Ruby


  1. manha

    Take care of ur health. This story is superb. First i wanted to congratulate as u got a person who is alike alan. I couldn’t comment earlier. Sorry for that. Marriage over. Appu n sid so sweet . I hope u will continue when u get fine. Till then take care.

  2. Kirti

    Ruby I love this pls continue…sona alan god they are just perfect..and alan is really cute….pls pls continue this story when you will get fine…love you and take care…

  3. Tanya

    Hey Di ,,,,How r u now???..
    u know, 1st l was hesitating to read this Stry bcoz of the title (l afraid to read any tragic stry coz it makes me distraught )…but my fear was wrong coz
    “‘U started it with Pain but end up with immeasurable Love”’…

    ##hpe u’ll continue but as well l know lt’s difficult to continue many ff at a time…take load that much u can take…..l’ll be busy 4 couple of weeks …
    Wanna c u fine nd wanna enjoy ur exquisite stories after my come-back…Get well Soon,,,Luv U Loads….Take care 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Ruby

      Now i feel better dr.Will miss u dr..lv u..take care cutie.i thought to write this story as a tragetic 1 then I thought to change the track to a happy story

  4. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, it’s superb episode, loved it very much. ..plzzzz take care of your health sweetie. …the end was really nice…but just little curious what happened to jay? Love you loads and very very tight warm hug. .. 🙂 ♡ ☆

  5. Roma

    It’s me again, just wanted to tell you, plzzzz continue this story dear, I love it sooo much. Take care sweetie. ..I’ll miss you, get well soooooooon. Love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.