why so much pain in your love? (part 3)

here is the third part of my story..

then next day i made 2 pencil sketches..i am not giving up so easily..i can taught drawing my self..what is the need to go to an art school..i will prove what i am..after working on my portrait i opened fb..there was two messages.one is from jay and other one from our group “we r idiots”..it was nitesh’s gm msg..i opened jay’s msg..he asked “kaha ho jungli billi?(where are u wild cat?) i said “died”.
he:”then go and die,by”
i:”why r u angry at me? mystery man”
he:”u r making mystery”

omg what is his prblm??why he being angry at me?i dnt knw what is going in his mind..may be he him self dnt knw…

he gave his number.and said he want to talk to me..i ignored his msg…bt still i lke his fighting and shouting at me i dnt knw why…he waited for my reply bt i didnt..then he send “dnt talk to me”
i said ” i can’t talk to u in phone”
i:”you dnt knw abt my dad..he is don” ๐Ÿ˜‰
he:”will u talk infront of ur dad?”
i:”if my dad got to knw he will kill me”
he said “dnt make bahana”

lol he unfrnded me and again sent rqst..i thought i will acpt aftr 1 day ๐Ÿ˜‰ and he left grp too..
i asked “u unfrnded me?”he said that i did it because of u ,u r in oline and not rplying”..i got angry and i said by to him.he said the same to him..them he said”attitude girl”

i asked him abt why u left grp..he rplied “whats the faida of that?u r not talking
I:i am talking..
He:not with me na?
I:ok,then talk me here
He:no,u have no time to talk with me, ur dad is don and he never allow u to talk to any1
I:why are u angry at me jay??? (i was angry when i asked this)
He:i am waiting for u full day on fb and u dnt have time.
I:if u r in online then why didnt u msg me?
He:why should i?u r busy with others..
I:shut up jay,dnt talk bakhwas thinks..
He:Yeah i am the only one who talks bakhwas..
i:i think i was nt in a good terms with u in previous life
He:i am nt in a mood of laughing
I:tell what i have to do
He:u knw
(he is talking abt he want to talk to me..bt i act like i didnt get him..lol again am acting ๐Ÿ˜‰ :p)
I:whatever u want to tell,tell me in the right sense
He:I am saying in right sense bt u r the 1 takes it in wrong sense..

oh god the first time i got a frnd who is always fight with me…but i dnt why i like him..i dnt knw why i want to talk to him…i dnt what is going in mind..


to be continued

precap:fight is stil going on

thnq so much for liking my story guys…keep reading and give me ur feedbacks in comment..
if any1 have any prblm with my story..let me knw guys..

lv u sweeties..

pls ignore typos and grammatical mistakes

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Real life story..oh Amazing..Continue di..It looks Nice..The fighting scene too..
    Actually my bestie Raziya do this if I ask her r u there she always reply me no I am dead…?
    Waiting for next part..eagerly..to know their fights..Pls continue and update soon ur next part..
    Di is the person who commented above Is the Same NiTesh in ur story?..just asked..
    Waiting for next part..take care ?..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.