why so much pain in your love? (part 29)

appu and sid were in train.they both sits in window side seat.after some time 2 boys comes.one boy sit beside appu other one beside sid.appu feels uncomfortable. .sid notices this..
sid to a boy:u can sit here bro
boy:am ok here
Sid:I know that. bt am nt ok here bro
boy:why bro? u want to sit with this hot girl?
sid:shut up u b****dy ..dnt dare to say like that
bro:bro why r u angry at me? is this is ur sis or mom?
Sid:she is my girl friend..u got it?
boy:sorry man..u…u sit here with ur gf. am srry…
boy to appu:sorry sis..
appu was shocked to see sid like this. sid sit beside appu..appu pinched him.
sid:aaaah .what r u dng
appu:what did u say to him
sid:can’t u here??
appu:I heard thts y am asking
sid:u were feeling uncomfortable. .so
appu:is it necessary to tell them that am ur gf
Sid:u didn’t see hw he said sorry to u.
their fight continues….
me:alan..pack ur stuffs.appu and sid r coming
Alan:why will I pack my stuffs? am nt gng anywhere
me:really. ..u have to go mr.Alan Fernandez
Alan:I won’t go miss.Sona Rosario
me:we will see πŸ˜‰
Alan:yep..nw get ready my princess. .otherwise they both ll eat us.

I got ready and we went off for railway station. .train arrived. .appu and sid get down frm train.appu hugged us..we hugged her back..sid pushed her away frm us and he hugged us and said my bro and bhabhi is missing me not u kanthari. .she hit him and we 4 hugged. .

we for had dinner frm restaurant. .when we reached home appu and sid were so tired..
appu:I will go and change my clothes
sid:okey..I will put ur baggage in ur room
they both went to room..me and alan sat on sofa.we r talking abt appu and sid’s changed behavior. .after 15 they didn’t come to hall.I and alan went to check them…lol πŸ˜€ they both r sleeping on bed.they didn’t change their clothes. .I and Alan laghed a lot..we both slept on sofa…

haiii buddies hw r u all????
I have a habit of wishing everyone on their birthday..so let me know ur birthday buddies. .

mine is MAY 20

u all wished me to get a Alan in my life…finally I found someone who exactly like Alan. .:)

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Anisha

    l was waiting 4 ur stry, at last u post dear..thank u very much…just loved it…
    (my birthday is on 19 march)

  2. Kirti

    Oh ruby congrts happy for u…..was waiting for ur update….loved it but y so small pls give little long update……

    (My birthday 13december)

  3. Thank u so much di for updating…This Appu and Sid r so cute when they fight..i just love their fights…Alan and Sona r Superb pair..
    Same pinch di..I too have dat habit of Wishing everyone on their birthday..My Birthday is on 16th SEPT..
    Love u loads..thank u for finding time for us and Take care ?..

  4. Liya

    Hey dr. . . Thank u for ur updt. . .was missing ur stry so badly. Hey, 1 doubt , . .did jay’s role endd in sona’s lif? Nt seen for long. . .I lyk to c sid n appu fytng ,mor dan to c dem in lov. . . Dey r damn cute wen fytng . . .

    Me too do the same aftr returning home frm travl. . . I wil lose my sleep, if i gt a shower. . .am so lazy. . .ha ha. . . πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ And my b’day is on Dec 29, xactly 1 month frm 2day. . . Dnt forgt to wish me , othrwis i wont read ur stories. . . πŸ˜› πŸ˜› n updt nxt part soon. . .

    • Ruby

      hahaha. ..blackmailing Liyu..I like it :D..I will wish u for sure dr..jay’s role end dr..bt I will bring him in climax with lots of changes

  5. Vivi

    Hey rub’s…congratzz……
    Finally u got ur prince charming…so cHwEet…..
    2day’s epi was really good..prayng appu n sid wll soon fall in luv…
    My b’day is on january 19
    update soon…

  6. Tanya

    Oh really Ruby di ,,,U finally found ur Prince charming, Ha????
    Congrats ,,,,,when r u going to give us TREAT huh???? πŸ™‚

    l like ur stories ”why so…” &”fragrance of love” especially l do luv d last one…..and u know l’ve become ur fan when l read ur reply to >> Acchu ( Virgin Mother -1),,l really didn’t get her but still u gave her thnx 4 commenting!!!! LoL πŸ˜€ …u r really sweet heart, really sona nd mehr is urs reflection…

    May God sprinkle ”UR & urs Prince Charming’s” life with lots of blessings & always keep u both together with loads of love nd happiness……………
    or yeah my B’day is on march 19,,,(same pinch Anisha)

    • Ruby

      thank u so much Tanya. ur comment means a lot to me. will wish u on ur birthday dr πŸ™‚
      keep reading and give feedback too..actually am a angry person. but nowadays I didn’t get angry on them who can’t understand my words or who discourages me..so many peoples tried to pull me down..they thought they r discouraging me…the truth is they r encouraging me more πŸ˜€

  7. Heyyy.. I am mostly a silent reader… Its amazing story.. Keep writing like this and wish u a happy day….
    My birthday is on 16th april???

  8. I am a silent reader of your story ruby ,I really like this ,wish you for a best future .My bday is on 4dec ,guess I am turning 18 ,this year

  9. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, atlast you updated this story. …waiting for it from long time. ..loving sid n appu and also sona n alan…eagerly waiting for the next episode. …

    Congrats sweetie for getting your Alan in your life….very happy for you…
    My bday is may 29, won’t tell you my age but looks like I’m the eldest one in this ff planet…

    Love you loads and very tight hug

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.